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They are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about their role as a teacher/instructor.…

School for Amazing Kids, Helena is great! I think their staff, cleanliness of the facility, affordable prices, and DHR guidelines are major factors that allowed our choice to be so easy. Since touring their facility at 16 weeks pregnant to sending our baby for her first day of daycare at 4 months old, they have been the best. They are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about their role as a teacher/instructor. School for Amazing Kids, Helena’s tuition is affordable for our family. I feel like they offer the same, if not more than other childcare options at a higher price. The DHR requirements may seem like a lot of paperwork at the time, but I appreciate all they do in order to make sure our child is safe and well taken care of. We love School for Amazing Kids, Helena, and we look forward to many years of our babe growing and learning with them.

— Jon
My son has truly prospered…

Even with developmental delays, my son has truly prospered, both educationally and socially, at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. All of his teachers have been great. They always keep us informed of how he is doing in class, upcoming curriculum, etc. They have frequent events/activities for the entire family to attend such as parent’s night out, fall festival, Valentine’s dance, etc. My son especially loves the weekly water play and Kona Ice days in the summer as well as his time in music class with Mr. Brad (In Tune Kids). I would highly recommend School for Amazing Kids, Helena to anyone searching for childcare.

— Brianna Creel
The staff is amazing……

My daughter loves going here. The staff is amazing and they are always polite and friendly.

— David G.
It is amazing how smart and advanced my daughter is…

My child does not cry going to daycare. At our previous daycare it was a struggle to leave her because she would always cry and want to stay with me. Now that we have transferred to School for Amazing Kids, Calera she loves going. I get my hug and kiss before we make it to her classroom and she is off to play with her friends. It is so comforting and heartwarming knowing she is so happy there. I hate I can’t be with her throughout the day but I know she is in excellent hands at the School for Amazing Kids and she is receiving a great education. I know it’s just a daycare and she is only three but she is excelling and doing more things in her classroom then I figured she would do in the next three years. It is amazing how smart and advanced my daughter is just from what she has learned at the School for Amazing Kids, Calera.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Mom
My wife and I never have to worry about our children’s well-being……

This daycare has been a wonderful place for my two children to attend. The teachers and staff are kind and really treat my children like family. My two year old son is happy to go to school every day because the staff makes learning enjoyable. He is always surprising us with his learning. He learned his days of the week, months of the year, and counting up to twenty already. He loves to sing and comes home singing songs he has learned at school. My daughter is five months old and is happy as she can be at school. She loves to interact with the other babies throughout the day. My wife and I never have to worry about our children’s well-being while we are at work. School for Amazing Kids, Helena is like a family away from home. It’s also very affordable. My wife and I are both teachers. They offer a teacher and multi-child discount which is really helpful.

— David M.
When my son recently joined our family, there was no question where he would go.…

Our first child started with School for Amazing Kids, Calera when she was 9 months old.  I was a new mom and was not excited about leaving my child with strangers for 10 hours a day.  In addition, my family is not religious, and I’m an atheist, so I was trying to find a secular daycare in my area was next to impossible.  We looked at multiple facilities and ultimately settled on School for Amazing Kids, Calera. 

While I’m not keen about the religious instruction (biblical stories and praying at meals), the facility is always clean and the teachers are well mannered, and trained in early childhood development.   The facilities are kept up-to-date with new equipment and decor.  The directors are always happy to listen to my latest worry or concern about my daughter, her behavior, or the latest news of the day.  Parents are allowed to visit for meals and their adoption of a “parent’s night out” is a treat my husband and I look forward to each month.

My daughter is now 3 and the teachers understand when to introduce structured discipline.  My husband and I have started using the same techniques at home so that my daughter can have consistency and a better understanding of what’s right and wrong.  When my son recently joined our family, there was no question where he would go.

We have had incidents in the past of biting, falls, sickness, etc. and the staff were always prompt in notifying me and informing me of any additional needs they have.  I am completely at ease with my kids being in their care and know that they love them as much as I do.

I would like to see more teachers in the classrooms, but they are following DHR guidelines for adult/child ratios.  However, I understand what that would mean for tuition rates.

My daughter is well cared for, well mannered, well educated, and well socialized (as a 3 year old can be).  And for that, I’m willing to put up with some minor annoyances about religion from time to time.

— Brooke O.
We Love School for Amazing Kids, Helena!…

Our kids have been attending for the past two years and love it. They are learning so much while in a clean and nurturing environment. We have been very pleased with the instruction they are receiving as well as the life skills they are learning.

— Jenni Shackelford
From the first time I had to leave my babies to work I have felt comfortable…

The School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly is a great place for my kids to be each day! We have been there through two kids and six years and I can honestly say that we have never had a problem or concern with the School for Amazing Kids. From the first time I had to leave my babies to work I have felt comfortable with the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly and couldn’t think of a better place to have them during the day if they can’t be with me. The teachers work so hard to help the kids. Some of the best teachers that we started with have unfortunately left for school, family, etc but the teachers that have come in are great. They fit right in with my daughter who is currently there. The way I measure a school is if my child is happy to go each morning and if she is happy when I pick her up…..this happens every day. Thanks School for Amazing Kids!!! 

— A School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly Mom
My children thoroughly love this school!…

My children thoroughly love this school! Whether it’s the love and attention they get from their teachers, the creative ways they’re taught to learn, or the fun activities like Splash Day or Dr. Seuss Week, everything has been a hit. My daughter has attended for almost 6 years and has never once complained about having to go to school. In fact, she was ecstatic when her little brother was old enough to start attending. From the time we walk into the door and through every hallway, the directors and teachers know me and my children by name! We never feel like a number to them, we always feel like family.

— Mrs. Long
The kids are well above their peers to begin Kindergarten.…

The School for Amazing Kids, Helena should rightfully be named the Amazing School for Kids! I have experienced child care and early childhood education, internationally; I have enrolled my kids collectively in Montessori and other highly rated private programs. I can relay without reservation; the experience I have with SFAK, Helena, is the best by far. This can be measured on a day to day basis. The lesson plans are well thought out and put together for parents review; evaluations done on the Pre-K students, in my opinion, are stellar. The kids are well above their peers to begin Kindergarten. I see this first hand and hear about it from several educators. Parents, do not overlook the SFAK, Helena, for child care and early educational development of your children, you will be glad you did.

— Mr. D. Long-Team Long