References for Amazing Kids

They genuinely care for your child…

Having two working parents, it’s important for your children to be in a safe place with people who love them like you would. This school does just that. I feel so secure knowing that when I drop my kids off in the morning, that the teachers will not only love them, but also are truly invested in their lives. We’ve had teachers come to birthday parties and be involved with our kids outside of the school setting. They genuinely care for your child if they are out and will make sure that they are okay. The school even called me one day when I was running later than usual just to make sure we were all okay. My two year old can count to 10 in Spanish and English, say his alphabet, knows most of his colors, and we’re working on his numbers and letters by sight. My 4 (almost 5-year-old) is beyond prepared for Kindergarten and we’re working on starting to read. My 1-year-old just loves her teachers. The one downside is the meals. They are great, but if you’re looking for a super healthy, all organic breakfast, lunch and snack, this is not your school. I wish they had a little healthier meals, but it’s a small price to pay for such wonderful care. We have been very happy and will continue to be with this school as long as possible.

— Mrs. Blackmon
Top 5 Reasons why we LOVE School for Amazing Kids, Calera…

5. Everyone always has a smile on their face:)
4. The rooms, tables, floors, toys, high chairs, cribs, etc. are always clean!
3. Parents’ Night Out. Need I say more?
2. My husband and I go to work every day not worrying about our son! (Missing him, but not worrying.)
1. They know, love, and care for my son like he was family!

— Liz
Not only are we impressed, but our daughter truly looks forward to going each day.…
We evaluated several options in the area and ultimately chose School for Amazing Kids, Helena based on a combination of the staff’s professionalism, the curriculum, and the facility. We have not regretted our decision once as we have been all around very pleased. Not only are we impressed, but our daughter truly looks forward to going each day.
— A parent
We LOVE this school and the staff!…

We LOVE this school and the staff! Both of my children have attended this school since the day I had to return to work after my maternity leave with each of them. My daughter is 5 years old and my son is 2 years old. This school has such a low turn over rate that the same sweet teachers that taught my daughter are now teaching my son. They both love their teachers, and don’t miss me or my husband too much during the day while we both have to be at work. I can’t ask for anything more than my children’s happiness while we are apart. Both of them learn so much more than I could ever imagine being able to teach them myself. I am confident
that my daughter is ready for kindergarten next year! They have activities for children any chance they get (water play during the summer, Fall festival at Halloween, pictures with Santa at Christmas, visits from the Easter Bunny, class parties for the holidays, In Tune Kids with Mr. Brad).

— A Google review
This daycare is PHENOMINAL!!!…

This daycare is PHENOMENAL!!!  They take each and every child in as their own! The teachers love and get to know the children in all of the classes!! Tina Logan is the director and Dana Noe is the co-director they both greet me with a smile every day! They make courtesy calls to the parents if they suspect that anything is wrong with your child or if they just think they need to hear mommy/ daddy say “I love you!” I think it is awesome that the staff gets to know the children on a personal level so that they are able to tell if the child is acting out of the ordinary. The staff is awesome they treat my child like she is their own. She loves her teachers and is so excited to see them every day.  She loves to go outside and they even celebrated her birthday in her classroom. One moment I can remember that made heart melt, and assured me that I was in the right place was when her teachers and classmates all signed a birthday card for her. They took the initiative to sign a card and get it to her before we left for vacation. It was in that moment that I knew that School for Amazing Kids, Helena was the place for us!

— Sydni
I am Thrilled that My Son is at this Center…

The administrative staff is very friendly and helpful. I am always greeted with friendly faces. The teachers in my son’s room are great! My son always comes home talking about how much he likes his school (especially Mr Ryan), and that is how I know things are going well.

If my child is happy, I am thrilled! I appreciate the crafts my son is involved in, and I love the computer class offered to my son. He is learning alot and having fun doing it! I am thrilled that my son is at this center!

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
The love and care that my children receive…

My children have been going to School for Amazing Kids, Helena Child Care about 6 months and they absolutely love it! School for Amazing Kids is a great place for children to go. The love and care that my children receive along with other children from all the teachers are GREAT! When I drop my children off of the mornings to go to work, I do not have to worry throughout the day about my children whether they are ok or not. Every teacher that works at the School for Amazing Kids take very good care of my children and they treat them as their own children. All the activities that are done at the School for Amazing Kids make it a very eventful, fun and affordable place. I know my oldest child loves the activities that he does and also loves his teacher very much as well as my youngest. I wouldn’t take my children elsewhere!

— Jesika S. on 7/18/2014
I Recommend You to All My Friends…

O** LOVES coming to school playing outside, learning songs and writing. You guys are awesome and I hate that I didn’t find you sooner. I recommend School for Amazing Kids, Pelham to all of my friends. I keep her at your center even though I have a wonderful center onsite at my office….this speaks a lot!! I love School for Amazing Kids, Pelham.

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
Your passionate visionary character is infectious!…
Good Morning Katie!
I hope your day is proving to be a productive and promising one.  I just wanted to take time to say how grateful I am to you and your commitment to care for little ones with such excellence. Your passionate visionary character is infectious! How can anyone not be the same when they are around you?!
The afternoon Kristen and I came to visit your center, God gave me an impactful verse to focus on that day: Psalm 27:13 – “I would have lost heart if I had not believed that I would see the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living.”  I truly believed God would provide for my daughter and her family, that He would make a way for my grandchildren to be card for with excellence.  You and your center are indeed, “the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living” – our future generations and a true answer to my prayers.
I wish you well in all your endeavors for Christ, as you pursue your vision and goals for the center. If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to call on me.
— Ruth Laurent
The Staff Genuinely Cares about the Kids…

We love School for Amazing Kids, Pelham and have our son here because the staff genuinely cares about the kids. They work with us to help D** grow in a Christian based fun atmosphere!

— Ryan and Ginger