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School for Amazing Kids, Helena was the best by far…

I visited several day cares when we were making our decision, andSchool for Amazing Kids, Helena was the best by far. We have never regretted our decision! Our son was 18 months old when he started, so it was a difficult transition for both of us, but the teachers really made him feel comfortable. He is now 2 and knows his teachers and friends by name and is excited to go every day! He already knows his ABC’s and can count to 13. He knows colors, shapes, and letters. They have water play during the summer once a week that he absolutely adores. 

When it came time to put my second son in daycare at 12 weeks old, it was an easy decision to send him to School for Amazing Kids, Helena. They accommodated him on short notice when my other arrangements fell through. He was not doing well with his bottle, but they worked with him happily and lovingly. He now loved going to daycare every day and recognizes his teachers’ faces. 

They really get to know each child and their unique personalities and needs, and nurture and care for each one with love and respect. I would not put my children anywhere else!

— Brittany M.
They genuinely care for your child…

Having two working parents, it’s important for your children to be in a safe place with people who love them like you would. This school does just that. I feel so secure knowing that when I drop my kids off in the morning, that the teachers will not only love them, but also are truly invested in their lives. We’ve had teachers come to birthday parties and be involved with our kids outside of the school setting. They genuinely care for your child if they are out and will make sure that they are okay. The school even called me one day when I was running later than usual just to make sure we were all okay. My two year old can count to 10 in Spanish and English, say his alphabet, knows most of his colors, and we’re working on his numbers and letters by sight. My 4 (almost 5-year-old) is beyond prepared for Kindergarten and we’re working on starting to read. My 1-year-old just loves her teachers. The one downside is the meals. They are great, but if you’re looking for a super healthy, all organic breakfast, lunch and snack, this is not your school. I wish they had a little healthier meals, but it’s a small price to pay for such wonderful care. We have been very happy and will continue to be with this school as long as possible.

— Mrs. Blackmon
The BEST place ever…

I am always so impressed with the staff of School for Amazing Kids, Helena. When I leave I know that my child is being well taken care of. She talks about her teachers all of the time and has made such lasting friendships. They are a great christian company who truly values the well being of children and their learning process!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena mom
We could not be more pleased…

When we were house hunting earlier this year, one of our criteria was the proximity to your facility. When the parents want to keep their child at your school enough to buy a house in close proximity, you should know you have a good center. We could not be more pleased and thank you so much for the care you provide.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly Mom
The social skills he learns at School for Amazing Kids, Helena are incredible…

My 2-year-old has learned so much at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. I’m constantly surprised at the new things he’s learned from daycare. He’s growing so fast and picking up on all of the essential building blocks of education. I was even taken aback by his knowledge of all the other kids names. He is now outspoken and loves to have conversations with me. His brother is too young to play with him right now but the social skills he learns at School for Amazing Kids, Helena are incredible. He still may have a hard time sharing but is learning more everyday from his teachers and friends!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Mom
Love to see my girls happy to come to school each day!…

Love to see my girls happy to come to school each day!

— Felicia Clopton
They make your kids feel “amazing”…

I have been with School for Amazing Kids for 5 years. I have had 2 kids go through this sweet school. The staff is wonderful and they make your kids feel “amazing!” My kids love going to school every morning and the teachers seem to love going to work every morning! The smiles and laughs you hear as you walk through the building is so sweet and you truly feel like family when you walk through the door! We have enjoyed the relationships we have made with the staff, and other parents of kids in our kids classes! Everyone is so sweet!

— Mrs. Cummings
The teachers are very attentive…

The hours that the daycare provides are amazing!  The location is very convenient as it is right off the interstate!  In addition to daily care, they also provide a few extras, such as activities for the kids and date nights for the parents. The infant classes do a lot of art activities and I look forward to all the activities the daycare provides that my child can participate in as they get older.
One aspect my husband and I really enjoy is getting our child’s daily classroom sheet.  It includes all of the bottles/food, diaper changes, and naps from throughout the day.  It really helps us know what to expect once we get home.  The teachers are very attentive and notice immediately if our child seems like they aren’t feeling well or didn’t sleep well.  It’s great having our child surrounded by people that really care about him!

— The Ledbetters
The Girls Love the School…

It is such a wonderful feeling leaving our girls with such wonderful, caring teachers. The girls love the school and it definitely makes going to work easier on my husband and I.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Mom
I Love the Fact that You Provide Hot Breakfasts…

“I love the fact that you provide hot breakfasts. What a relief on the parent trying to make it out the door.”

“My child loves the place! The teachers, kids, everybody!”

“Everything you do is great.”

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey