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I love the progress reports we receive…
My family loves School for Amazing Kids, Calera! I have 2 boys that attend School for Amazing Kids, one in 3K and one who is about to leave 4K and start 5K. My husband and I love the fact that they are not just watching our boys during the day, but are really teaching them and preparing them for 5K. I love the progress reports we receive from the teachers to let us know how our boys are progressing in what they have learned. The staff really does an excellent job of teaching them and making it fun at the same time. I would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera to anyone looking for a wonderful preschool for their children.


— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Mom
Thanks You a Million Times Over…

My first born son has been at School for Amazing Kids, Helena since he was two and my youngest son has been attending since twelve weeks. I am thrilled with the education they are getting. When my oldest son visits with other neighborhood children of the same age, his intelligence really shows. My son is now four and can write his name and his younger brothers name independently and count well past twenty, and there are many other skills he has acquired or fine tuned. His speech is clearer and his vocabulary is expanding every day.

The teaching staff is phenomenal at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. They are very patient and focused on the children and strive to make these children successful. Each time we turn in homework there is a handwritten note describing how well my son is doing. It makes a mother’s heart feel great!

I trust the staff at this center because they have repeatedly shown how dedicated they are to my children and to my comfort leaving my kids in their care. Each day I call to check on my children while I am at work, and each day I get an upbeat answer with a detailed report on how each of my children are doing. I never am made to feel bothersome or silly for calling so frequently. Mrs. Tina (the director) is a gem. Anytime I have a question or concern, I get a direct and informative answer from someone who understands what it’s like being a Mom. Her dedication to her job and sincerity can be seen throughout the staff she has employed as well.

Anytime I drop off or pick up my children, the teachers are always prepared to answer any questions I have about my children that day. Each time we attend an event held at the center, the staff is always friendly and happy to be there. I know my children are excelling because of the rich environment they are provided with to learn.

My youngest son is in the infant room, and he is doing very well. I get a detailed analysis each day as to how his eating schedule went, his potty times, and his disposition for the day! This is a fantastic tool for me to use, and it allows me to have a tangible reference when evaluating my child’s development. This team is reliable and very nurturing to all the children in their care.

I love that this center focuses on family and encourages strong family values. They offer Parents Night Out to encourage my husband and I to get away for a bit and go on a date night. Also, we have attended an Art Show to display our children’s accomplishments in the classroom as well as a Fall Festival. Each of these events really shows me that this center’s main focus is family!! That’s exactly what I wanted when looking to place my children in child care. I am just a working Mom who loves her kids and doesn’t have the ability to stay home in this economy, and I wanted to share my admiration for your facility with you as a thank you for everything you do.

Thank you a million times over for all of your hard work and dedication to my children and my family, and please keep up the good work!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Mom
We LOVE SFAK, Helena!!!…

We LOVE SFAK, Helena!!! My daughter is 5 years old and my son is 2 years old. SFAK, Helena is the only childcare facility that they have ever attended, and is more than enough to prepare them for “big kids school.” I am amazed at how quickly my daughter has picked up the curriculum from her Pre-K class. She comes home spelling words out to me, doing simple addition, and even reading. Consistency Matters! What I love most about SFAK, Helena is that mot of the teachers are long standing. The same wonderful teachers that have loved and taught my daughter are now teaching my son. The facility is not new, but they do a great job keeping it clean and sanitary, and have made aesthetic improvements over the years. The infant room is a little small, but as soon as those little ones need more room to roam, they have a secondary infant room with plenty of space for them to be mobile. My kids are stimulated daily and get plenty of exercise. There is a lot that can be said about the staff at SFAK, Helena. I feel like they know our little family so well and genuinely care for our kids. My son has allergies and his needs and my concerns are always really easy to communicate to them. They, in return, are also very good at communicating my children’s progress or needs. As good as our experience of having our kids at SFAK for the past 5 years has been, I do not hesitate to recommend this school ton anyone looking for quality care and education for their little ones.

— Mrs. H
I know when I am at work I know my child is safe and well taken care of.…

I love everything about School for Amazing Kids, Helena! As a new mom I was so terrified to send my son to daycare and have someone else care for him that I did not know, butSchool for Amazing Kids, Helena staff made me comfortable. They are so nice and caring! Elijah loves all his teachers and the teachers loves him and you can tell they care so much for each child! The directors are so easy to talk to! I know when I am at work I know my child is safe and well taken care of.

— Christina
After looking at all daycare options we chose the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly…

Before our son was born, we were in search of the right daycare for him, after looking at all daycare options we chose the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly.  Three years later we are happy with our decision.  Our son has now been at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly for 2 ½ years and we credit them with his growth and development. We know he is being prepared for his future educational experiences in a caring environment and we appreciate Madeleine, Amanda, and all the staff at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly that impact Brody’s life everyday.

— Mandy and Barry
I never worried about my kids……

Tina, Dana, and Staff,

Today is my family’s last day at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. I am so grateful for all of the love that Jake and Bailey received here at this little school. I am going to miss you all so much, after all these years here you have become our family. I want you to know that I never worried about my kids while they were here, I always knew that they would be taken care of. I never worried about them falling behind, acting a fool, or being a bad friend because I knew someone would let me know. My babies have grown up here, they are both school age now (that seems soooo crazy) we will never forget all the love that we felt here at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. Both Jake and Bailey loved parents night out, they got to see different teachers and old friends, both of my kids loved water days in the summer, and both of my kids loved getting gummy bears at the end of a good day. I have handmade Christmas ornaments, handprints, and poems to keep as preschool souvenirs but more than that, I have precious memories of their first friends, their first accomplishments, and their first graduation. Thanks just doesn’t seem like enough, but like all families that’s really all we want is to feel appreciated. I know that I didn’t say it enough, but thank you, I would not have wanted to take this journey with anyone else but you. We will always love our School for Amazing Kids, Helena friends, and consider it our honor to have been a part of your family.

Much Love and Gratitude

— Vance H.
We love his teachers!…

Our son has been here for about 3 months and so far everything is great! We love his teachers! They all care about him so much and take time to work with him every day. Ms. Cindy, Ms. Rosie, Ms. D, and Ms. Destiny make leaving him every day easier because we know he will be taken care of and loved on. Everyday when I pick him up these ladies are full of sweet compliments and stories about his day. They are great at listening and giving advice about teething, sleeping through the night, crawling, and starting solid foods!
I gave this a 4 star rating instead of 5 because I have noticed some of the staff are unprofessional. Fortunately they are not any of the ladies working in our son’s room but they still represent the daycare.

— Kace
I appreciate your attention to detail and doing things “right.”…

We LOVE School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly.  I appreciate your attention to detail and doing things “right.”  I also appreciate that you and LaToya genuinely want to ensure that our children are well taken care of and loved well while we are away.  We love Mrs. Yvonne.  She gives attention to detail in MB’s day like none other.  MB is always happy and well-loved in her care.  I am always amazed that MB is ready to go right when I get there in the afternoons because Yvonne knows our routine like the back of her hand.  She coordinates MB’s day in a way that helps our family enjoy our evenings together.  This is such a blessing.  Even more, she loves our FAMILY well.  Just this week, she took it upon herself to go above and BEYOND the call of duty to love MB (and our family) well through a simple act of kindness.  You would be hard-pressed to find a teacher who cares for babies–and their parents–in a more detail-oriented, compassionate way than Mrs. Yvonne.  We love Kendriya.  I would be in a MESS if she weren’t S******’s teacher.  She is the reason S****** has “turned a corner” and begun having a more positive attitude about returning to school this week.  He asks when Ms. Kendriya will be there and looks forward to playing with her.  Kendriya says that Yvonne spoils MB, but if the truth is told, she spoils S****** in a way that makes him feel special and loved.  Helping a three year old manage a routine, learn new steps in a routine (like potty training!!!), engage a curriculum of new concepts and ideas–all while having fun!–is no small task.  Kendriya does it with finesse.  Our family wants you to know that we appreciate all of you for loving us well.  

— Lauren on 10/21/2015
Great is One of the Best Words I Could Use for this Center…

Great is one of the best words I could use for this center. We have been taking my grandson here since he was 2, he is now 5. Based on Christian beliefs, he has grown so much & learned so much just while playing. He is now in the PreK program & tells me everyday how much he loves it.

— Debbie Gorby
We could not be more pleased…

When we were house hunting earlier this year, one of our criteria was the proximity to your facility. When the parents want to keep their child at your school enough to buy a house in close proximity, you should know you have a good center. We could not be more pleased and thank you so much for the care you provide.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly Mom