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Best Christian Based Daycare in Shelby County…

My granddaughter has had the pleasure of attending School for Amazing Kids, Pelham for the past three years. I am very pleased with this facility. School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is absolutely wonderful and a very educational child care center! The children are taught many age appropriate skills and behaviors. The teachers are patient and work very hard with each child’s learning. Each day is filled with many different learning skills such as social, behavioral, physical, and educational.

I am very thankful that my grandchild attends here.Chloe receives a very well rounded education and in doing so it is preparing her for kindergarten. The teachers and staff are amazing as they work with the children each and every day in all areas. I feel all the children that attend School for Amazing Kids, Pelham receive a well balanced breakfast, lunch and snacks everyday. The atmosphere is very nurturing, safe and fun for all children.

— Kathy W.
We have been nothing but pleased.…

Our child has attended School for Amazing Kids, Helena since she was 4 months old. We have been nothing but pleased. Obviously we were very nervous at the start, butSchool for Amazing Kids, Helena has made the transition for my wife starting back to work perfect. The teachers have been so caring and will even let text us text them throughout the day to see how she is doing.

— Matt J.
He LOVES his teacher AND his new friends…

I would absolutely recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera to any parent! I am a single, working mommy of three boys. My life is a whirlwind of church, work, sports, and – of course – the never-ending list of household tasks. After unsuccessfully trying a few other centers, I was disheartened that I couldn’t find a center that my youngest would love to attend… School for Amazing Kids has hands-down become that center!! Cason (who used to cry every morning for an hour at other centers) eagerly waits by the door at our house for ME to get ready to leave in the morning. He LOVES his teacher AND his new friends. I also ADORE the paintings and crafts that he brings home. He has mastered his colors and enthusiastically talks the entire way home about the things that he has done that day! I love School for Amazing Kids, Calera, and I feel confident that you will too!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Mom
We Chose this Facility for Many Reasons…

My husband and I LOVE the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham! We chose this facility for many reasons: affordability, safety and security, caring staff, cleanliness, and most importantly, the Christian environment. However, as soon as our daughter started coming to this daycare we soon realized the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham surpassed our expectations.

The staff is extremely friendly and genuinely cares about us. From the time we enter the front doors people are greeting our daughter by calling her name, waving to her, and loving on her. I can’t even remember all the staff’s names, but they make it a priority to make my child feel special. And for that I am ever grateful. I’ve never struggled with leaving her there because I know she is in GREAT hands. In fact, she has never cried when we’ve dropped her off and she started going there at 10 months old. She absolutely loves her friends and the staff. Thank you for all you do.

— Alisha C.
“Very well prepared going to Kindergarten, and that is utmost importance to me being a mother and teacher”…

— Lindsay Rigdon
I am amazed at the work each of you do, daily.…

As my girls are winding down their school year in Mrs. Kim’s k4 class, I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere thank you’s! From the first moment we walked through the doors of School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly for a tour, we have been welcomed with open arms, hugs, “good morning’s”, and so much more. School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly has been a blessing for my girls. As a stay at home mom up until they were almost 5, I had my doubts about daycare. Very quickly, did I place those doubts aside. My tears were felt and comforted as I dropped them off for their first day. Your staff hugged me as if I was family. I am amazed at the work each of you do, daily. Thank you for the blessings you’ve given us over the last year. As we prepare for kindergarten, I am at ease knowing that School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly has prepared them for what’s to come, mentally, physically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this school year a success. Looking forward to the graduation ceremony. I will have extra tissues in case other parents need them! Ha!

— Rachel W.
The social skills they pick up from school are unbelievable.…

I would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera to anyone! They are awesome. The level of care and learning is unreal at this school. Both of my daughters have attendedSchool for Amazing Kids. When my 10 year old was 3 we had to find a daycare that equaled up to the care she received from her grandparents for 3 years. After searching and meeting we found School for Amazing Kids, Calera and everything to do with them stood out to us. They treat each kid for their own needs not as a whole but really focus on each one of them.School for Amazing Kids has been apart of my family for 7 years now and this year is bitter sweet cause its my youngest last year. Through all the years both of my girls have gotten up in the morning and wanted to go to school.

‘The stuff both of them have learned over the years is very impressive. They come home and talk about and go over all the stuff they have learned that day in school. They don’t only teach your children book smarts but manners and how you are expected to act in public. The social skills they pick up from school are unbelievable. They get that from the other kids but a lot from their teachers. The staff everyone of them are so nice and let you know that they care for your kids and you can feel it as soon as you walk in. If you come to daycare with a frown on your face I promise you will leave with a smile knowing and seeing how your kid is taken care of and how much fun they are having .

— Robert B.
Love to see my girls happy to come to school each day!…

Love to see my girls happy to come to school each day!

— Felicia Clopton
I Never Cease to be Amazed…

I was a stay home mom with my daughter and went back to work this year. I researched long and hard in choosing a childcare center for her. From the moment I visited School for Amazing Kids, Helena for the first time, I was impressed. The staff was so friendly from day one, making me feel as though they would love my child and be more for my child than just “daycare”. The thematic units help prepare her for kindergarten, the centers and learning through play have been excellent for her and the social and behavioral skills she has learned to prepare for kindergarten – and life – have been precious and invaluable.

I never cease to be amazed at the many ways Tina, Ashley, Ms. Sunny, Mr. Ryan and Ms. Jessica go over and above to make her days happy ones. The many extras my child receives, such as special outside community programs, computer lessons, and handwriting skills are all things that make School for Amazing Kids, Helena top notch. The Christian principles instilled in my child, the prayers and Biblical concepts she has learned are also helping shape her character and the positive approach to behavior is excellent.

As I leave her in the hands of my friends at the School for Amazing Kids each day, I feel sure that she will be well-cared for and happy. I also know that she is learning and growing and happy – which has made my days of going back to work MUCH happier ones.

— Charnita S.
We are in any case super pleased!…

5 stars for SFAK Calera is not enough! Its hard not to consider the teachers part of your family considering all they have done and still do for our son Joshua. From his first steps to his soon to have graduation party, he did it all at SFAK in Calera. Our son is growing up to be a wonderful child with great values thanks to what he learns at SFAK Calera. He is social, helpful, he knows how to write and read, perfectly ready for that new big milestone called Kindergarten.  As much good that I can tell about this daycare you need to find out for yourself. I know that making the right decision to where to take your child to ‘ mold’ him/her is not easy. We are in any case super pleased! I also want to add that besides learning and playing they always have things going on like movie day, festivals, Santa visit, he plays soccer or you can have your child take dance, they have fish tanks and learn how to grow flowers and stuff, very cool!

— A Yelp review