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It is obvious that the teachers truly care about our children.…
We have two children currently attending School for Amazing Kids, Helena and couldn’t be happier. Both children love going to school and coming home to share what they have learned each day. They are anxious to share anything that happens over the week with their teachers. It is obvious that the teachers truly care about our children.


— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Parent
We could not be more pleased…

When we were house hunting earlier this year, one of our criteria was the proximity to your facility. When the parents want to keep their child at your school enough to buy a house in close proximity, you should know you have a good center. We could not be more pleased and thank you so much for the care you provide.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly Mom
We Could Not Ask for a Better Staff…

Just keep up the good work. We could not ask for a better staff to handle our precious child(ren). All I ask is to be greeted as I have been with the smiles and personable attitude.

The administration always seems happy and on top of it all, and that seems to trickle down to the staff. I have never seen a negative behavior from any of the staff at this center. That makes leaving my child in your hands much easier.

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
The staff is amazing……

My daughter loves going here. The staff is amazing and they are always polite and friendly.

— David G.
The entire staff is friendly…

Great School!  The staff at SFAK Helena are the best!  I have a 2 year old and 5 year old that attend.  The entire staff is friendly and greet each child by name. My kids love the staff so much that they never complain about having to go there, and even sometimes ask to go there on weekends.  The amount the kids learn is impressive.  I am positive my children will be more than ready for kindergarten and have learned much more than even the pre-k classes at the elementary school can teach.  It’s such a relief to not have to worry about if my children are safe and in good hands.

— Carla M.
As a educator, it’s very important to me……

Our family loves School for Amazing Kids, Helena! We are thankful to have a child care center so close to our home that provides a loving environment for learning through play! As a educator, it’s very important to me that a child care center have a sensory- rich, developmentally appropriate curriculum. Our family searched LONG and HARD for a child care center that fits this description in our area. We were so thankful when we discovered the School for Amazing Kids family!

The staff and administrators at SFAK are kind and professional, always dealing with families like they are REAL people instead of “ another client.” Our daughter is happy and well-adjusted! We are thankful for a sweet school that feels like a family!

— Lauren McKenzie
The staff in the infants room is fantastic!…

My wife and I love The School for Amazing kids. We just had our first child this year and we knew going back to work would be tough. He started at 10 weeks old and has done fantastic in their care. He is 6 months old now. We couldn’t ask for better people to be watching our newborn. I feel very safe leaving my son their each day because I know he is in good hands. I like knowing they have a camera system installed throughout the building and that no one can check in or out with out providing a finger print.
Their hours each day are long enough to give us time after work to get there and pick him up. They keep track of when he eats and sleep. It’s like getting a report each day about his day. The staff in the infants room is fantastic! They stick to the feeding schedule we requested and will do anything we ask.

— Ben
I appreciate your attention to detail and doing things “right.”…

We LOVE School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly.  I appreciate your attention to detail and doing things “right.”  I also appreciate that you and LaToya genuinely want to ensure that our children are well taken care of and loved well while we are away.  We love Mrs. Yvonne.  She gives attention to detail in MB’s day like none other.  MB is always happy and well-loved in her care.  I am always amazed that MB is ready to go right when I get there in the afternoons because Yvonne knows our routine like the back of her hand.  She coordinates MB’s day in a way that helps our family enjoy our evenings together.  This is such a blessing.  Even more, she loves our FAMILY well.  Just this week, she took it upon herself to go above and BEYOND the call of duty to love MB (and our family) well through a simple act of kindness.  You would be hard-pressed to find a teacher who cares for babies–and their parents–in a more detail-oriented, compassionate way than Mrs. Yvonne.  We love Kendriya.  I would be in a MESS if she weren’t S******’s teacher.  She is the reason S****** has “turned a corner” and begun having a more positive attitude about returning to school this week.  He asks when Ms. Kendriya will be there and looks forward to playing with her.  Kendriya says that Yvonne spoils MB, but if the truth is told, she spoils S****** in a way that makes him feel special and loved.  Helping a three year old manage a routine, learn new steps in a routine (like potty training!!!), engage a curriculum of new concepts and ideas–all while having fun!–is no small task.  Kendriya does it with finesse.  Our family wants you to know that we appreciate all of you for loving us well.  

— Lauren on 10/21/2015
They take such good care of your children……

My daughter has been attending School for Amazing Kids, Helena for almost 2 years. We have been so pleased with the staff here at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. From the moment you walk on they will remember your name and they take such good care of your children, they genuinely love the children. I have been pleased with the curriculum and learning activities they provide for the children, and they have fun water days during the summer, which my daughter always looked forward too. She has learned so much and I have seen her imagination expand with wonder. The teachers hug your children and give you peace in knowing that they are in good hands, thank you to all the staff at School for Amazing Kids, Helena.

— Lacey L.
They had a great time at school and they can’t wait to go back tomorrow.…

In our family we have a dinner time tradition. We sit around the table eating our meal and talking about the day. We ask each child how their day was and what did they do. The kids actually ask us if we’ve had a good day now. The children always have something pleasant to say about their teachers, a friend in school, and some activity they did that day. The thing I love most is that the overall theme of each day’s discussion is that they had a great time at school and they can’t wait to go back tomorrow. It reassures me that they enjoy where they are and I can feel confident that while I’m at work the ones I love the most are having a good day.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Pelham Mom