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I feel like my kids are in a good place…

We have two children at School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly and I couldn’t be any happier with our choice. The staff is warm and friendly and I feel like my kids are in a good place when we drop them off in the morning. They provide us with daily information on how the children are doing as well as progress reports throughout the year. The facilities are always maintained and clean. They also provide additional extracurricular activities for the kids at various times through the year. Most importantly our kids genuinely love being there. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for child care.

— Happy Parents of 2, Online Review
There is structure and stability at School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly, fantastic teachers and staff and a warm, loving atmosphere.…

We just started at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly this summer with my two boys; first time in daycare for my infant and a switch for my oldest. We have been thoroughly impressed and completely happy. Making a switch for my child is a big deal and he transitioned so smoothly. He loves his new school, his friends and teachers. My infant is all smiles every day when I drop him off. There’s structure and stability atSchool for Amazing Kids, Weatherly, fantastic teachers and staff and a warm, loving atmosphere. I wish we had come sooner!

— Melanie Shivers
The teachers are so nurturing…

My husband and I absolutely love School for Amazing Kids, Pelham. Our son was 7 months old when he started at the daycare. Needless to say, we were nervous because his grandmother kept him for us during the day while we worked. Little did we know, our precious bundle of joy warmed right up to his teachers as well as his fellow classmates. Since attending School for Amazing Kids, Pelham, our baby has become so independent. It is hard to keep up with him! The teachers are so nurturing which made the transition for our son easy. We highly recommend this great daycare to new parents. You will not be disappointed.

Google Review 6/2/2015

— A School for Amazing Kids, Pelham Mom
The Entire Staff Radiates Excitement…

If you are looking for a special place for your children, a place that fully exceeds all of your expectations then look no further! The School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is more than just a daycare. There are so many wonderful things about SP it’s hard to know where to begin! I love knowing my child is being cared for, loved and encouraged in all aspects of his development.

The entire staff radiates excitement, which is so refreshing. In an environment where everyone is always smiling, you just know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they love and care about each and every single child there. They invest so much of themselves and it shows! I truly feel blessed to have found such a wonderful place for my child! Thank you all at SP for the wonderful job you do every day, it means more to me and my family than you know!

— Brooke R.
We love all the extras……

My 4 year old twins have been at School for Amazing Kids, Pelham for 2 years now. I can’t think of one thing that was negative at this school. The staff is great and my kids love them and are loved by them. It is amazing at the things they have already learned at 3. We love all the extras that are a part of this daycare as well. They have a parents night out once a month. We love that we get to go on a date without having to pay a babysitter. They have classes like ballet as well as programs for music and sports. They have fun things like a Sweetheart Banquet, PJ day, water day, fall festivals and the Kona ice truck in the summer. The learning that happens there is amazing. At 3 years old my twins knew which was right and left, how to spell several colors and their name. They were able to write letters and much more. Wouldn’t change anything about or experience at this daycare.

— A YP review
I just wish there were more than 5 stars to rate them.…

My two little precious boys get to go to School for Amazing Kids. They have been going here for about 10 months and they really love it. They have also learned SO much and developed academically that my husband and I are so pleased that we picked this place. We looked at a few other places in the area and knew that this one was going to be the best fit and I am glad we did.

This school is such a blessing to our family. It is very convenient and accessible especially for my work commute. The cost and value is very excellent in comparison to any of the other ones we looked at. The staff is incredible including Mr. Jonathan, Mrs. Brittany and our son’s teachers Ms Angela and Ms Teresa. I definitely recommend you take your kids there. I just wish there were more than 5 stars to rate them.

— The Taylors
Clean, clean, clean!…

Clean, clean, clean! When my husband and I were originally searching for a daycare, we noticed that each infant room reeked! As we walked in the infant room, a teacher was changing a diaper with gloves on and there was no smell. As silly as that sounds, it was a relief for us. We knew that this daycare took care of their rooms and children. My infant is as messy as an infant should be when first discovering food. However, if he makes a mess with his clothes the teacher makes sure to change him so he stays clean. I appreciate the attention to detail and the cleanliness of the center. I feel like my children are very well taken care of.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Mom
School for Amazing Kids, Helena is a great school for children to attend.…

School for Amazing Kids, Helena is a great school for children to attend. They have a great staff. My daughter loves her school. Everyday we pass by her school, she speaks to it and then she starts naming her teacher. My daughter also knows how to count, use the potty and say her ABC’s because of the School for Amazing Kids, Helena. If your child is not at this school then you’re missing out. Thank you School for Amazing Kids.

— Chasen Powell
A Testimonial from Emma’s Dad…

Emma’s Dad talks about his experience at School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly.

— Maurice Mercer
Woohoo! As good as it gets!…

So for me to get to Helena is the perfect match for family. I have two girls that attend the school, they are 3 and 8 months. I love the nurturing clean environment that the school provides. They have so many fun activities that I love my daughter gets to experience. We have only lived in Helena for 6 months and finding this school was an answer to prayers. It is scary moving to a place you don’t know anyone and having to leave your children somewhere. I never question the care and love they are getting at SFAK, I would recommend this school to anyone.

— A Yelp review