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They treat each child special…

This was going to be my daughter’s 3rd daycare and having had two horrible experiences i was very hard on them at first. The staff and directors alike eased my mind, the directors are very hands on. Every time i call they have answers to my many questions. The teachers are very nice and friendly they encourage parents to volunteer and they treat each child special and build confidence and self esteem.

— Tony L.
We are blessed to have our kids in a place they love.…

We have 2 boys in School for Amazing Kids, Pelham. As anyone that has ever paid childcare can imagine, its not the cheapest thing in the world. Its one of those things that you have to have though. The staff at School for Amazing Kids, Pelham understands this and makes every effort to ease the hit of that monthly expense. They have several different discounts available. From multiple children discounts, to city employee discounts. There is a one week vacation allotted, so that if you take a vacation, you wont have to pay for daycare that week when the kids aren’t there. In today’s economy, every little bit helps. We are blessed to have our kids in a place they love, while at the same time, being a place that is competitive in cost. Food is included in the tuition as well !!

— Chip and Mary Brantley
School for Amazing Kids, Calera was a blessing!!…

My family moved to Calera in October 2014.  I had my son in a daycare in Hoover before the move. I had planned on keeping him enrolled there since it was convenient to my work.  However, that school decided to close its doors without any notice on November 11, 2014.   Anytime you have to search for a new child care center it is nerve racking, especially when you had no time to prepare.  I, like many parents went by the school only to find a signs showing the center was closed and multiple signs from other child care center offering waived enrolling fees.  This is where School for Amazing Kids, Calera became a part of our lives.

I first contacted School for Amazing Kids in November 2014 to see if they have any opening for my son’s age group.  Thank God they did!!   With the help of Mrs. LaToya I had my son enrolled with no issue.  She was very thorough with the enrollment process and the school tour.  At first sight you can typically tell if a child care center is good.  This center is always spotless, it does NOT have that nasty daycare smell (some of you know what that means).  They have an excellent security system as well as a daily check in/out system.  I LOVE the fact that they will not accept any cash payment!  Hands down, they have an excellent directing staff.

Now, let’s talk about the teachers.  I think the teachers at this center are wonderful.  They each have classroom schedules and they follow them.  Since my son has been enrolled, I have seen great improvement in his learning.  He is doing great with his color, number and even potty training.  Each holiday and birthday the classrooms have a party.  They also have a spotlight each week for the students.  I am very pleased with this center and would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera to anyone looking for good, quality care along with a clean center.

— Stevie K.
I never worry about my son’s being in good hands……

This location is well worth the price, and experience! I know my children are taken care of, learning, and growing surrounded by other children! I am more than satisfied with this facility! I love this center. The staff is very professional and caring. I never worry about my son’s being in good hands, because I know they always are. Everyone is engaged in making sure the children are learning, and it is evidenced by what they send home and display. The director is hands-on and approachable. I never feel like we are just a number here. If you are looking for a place to care for your child, and love them like their own, School for Amazing Kids, Calera is the place to be.

— Stephanie R.
I am pleased with the care and learning that my daughter receives…
I have to honestly say that I am pleased with the care and learning that my daughter receives from School for Amazing Kids, Helena. The staff and directors are great to deal with and the cleanliness is outstanding. I would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Helena as a great place for your children.
— Eric L. on 7/17/2014
We couldn’t be more pleased with the loving atmosphere.…

A heaven sent for our family! When you drop off or are picking up you are always greeted with a smile and familiar face. Which is a major plus! Our son has been attending School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly for 7 months and in such a short time he has matured in so many ways. The biggest of which is he is FINALLY potty trained. We couldn’t be more pleased with the loving atmosphere.

— Meagan C.
The activities are diverse and educational…

We have two children that attend the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly and have been there a year and a half. We have really enjoyed our experience. Some of the things we like the most are that it’s always clean and smells good, the activities are diverse and educational and there is a low turnover in staff.

— Sabrina Wren on 7/11/14
All of their practices made us feel comfortable…

When we were looking for a daycare, School for Amazing Kids in Calera made the process easy. They gave us a tour and showed us everything. They were very open about their policies, security, and health regulations. They answered all of our questions and gave us information we didn’t even know we would want!  All of their practices made us feel comfortable leaving our 3 month old in their care. They have procedures in place, and they do follow them, that help ensure the safety and happiness of our child.

— Benjamin
This School is such a great place for children…
This School is such a great place for children, my son loves this place! The facility is very clean and maintained, the teachers are amazing, and the school hours are very convenient for any working parent. Every staff member takes time to get to know every student as well as their parent, we always feel welcomed when dropping off or picking up my son. My little boys favorite part of the day is check out. He gets to tell everyone at the front what color he is on for the day and gets a simple reward of a gummy bear that means the world to him. I feel that School For Amazing Kids is the best daycare in Helena. We will continue to attend this daycare and I highly recommend this place to everyone with young children.
— Kristin M
Everyone We Have Encountered There Seems to Love What They Do…

“This is by far the best daycare we have ever been enrolled in.”

“Everyone we have encountered there seems to love what they do. That is great!”

“I feel School for Amazing Kids, Calera truly cares for my children and my children love being part of the family.”

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey