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Facebook review for School for Amazing Kids, Calera – 4 star out of 5…

The only reason they don’t get a 5 star rating from me is because of their prices. They are extremely expensive being that I have 2 kids going here. You’re looking at around $350/wk for 2 kids… But you get what you pay for. The teachers and the atmosphere are both wonderful. Teachers aren’t passive at all. They aren’t there just for a check. They challenge your child’s intellect no matter their age. If you can afford it, you don’t want your kid going to any other child care facility than SFAK!

— J.D Ruffin
Everyone We Have Encountered There Seems to Love What They Do…

“This is by far the best daycare we have ever been enrolled in.”

“Everyone we have encountered there seems to love what they do. That is great!”

“I feel School for Amazing Kids, Calera truly cares for my children and my children love being part of the family.”

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
My kid’s love all their teachers……

We love School for Amazing Kids, Pelham.  We have 4 year old twins that love to go there.  They even ask if they can go on Saturday and Sunday.  I hear co-workers that talk about issues with their daycare, and I haven’t had to deal with any of that. They have great extras, too.  I love the free parent’s night out once a month.  My kid’s love all their teachers and I have never heard them say a negative thing about a single teacher. My kids love the water day in the summer and Kona Ice. School for Amazing Kids, Pelham was the best decision I ever made.

— A Yelp review
It’s Like Family…

I just want to express how much my children love School for Amazing Kids, Helena. T** will be beginning kindergarten soon and that makes me happy and sad. Happy for T**, but I am saddened to know that he will be leaving such a wonderful group of teachers. All the teachers are so personal with each child that I think this will make a difference as many of the kids begin school this year.

We have been blessed to meet such wonderful teachers & parents thru-out the years at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. It’s like family! Keep up the good work! J** will be there 2 more years. Thank you for all you do.

— Tina W.
WE love this school and what they stand for!…
I don’t know what I would have done without this daycare center. I was sure that we would never find a daycare that we really loved, but this one is amazing. The staff is phenomenal. The rooms are clean and the kids have lots to do without just working on worksheets. This center is a strong believer in play=learning. They do a lot of handwriting in the 4K class, but they make it fun! They space out the day so it’s not just sit in a chair all day working on sheets. They make lots of art and do lots of centers. We get quarterly reports even as early as the infant classrooms. They offer a lot of extra-curricular activities if you so choose, but the general perks they offer are great. WE love this school and what they stand for!
— Mr. B
The way that they teach the children excites them…

My son has been at SFAK for almost 4 years. He just started their Pre-K program this August. I cannot believe the things that my child knows. Every day he comes home it seems like he’s telling me something new! The way that they teach the children excites them and makes them want to learn! My son loves going to school every day! I honestly think that my 4 year old is ready for kindergarten right now. SFAK has a great way of teaching the children and it’s not just their Pre-K program. My child knew the Pledge of Allegiance before he was 3! He was counting to ten in Spanish when he was 3. The education is just one of the many reasons I love SFAK Helena.

— Shannon O.
I love the school and the teachers. they are amazing…

I know every day that my daughter is taken care of and is learning so much!

— Tracy Langlois
I can honestly say this place is fantastic……

I have a 2-year-old and a 1-year-old who both attend School for Amazing Kids, Pelham. As a mother of 5 kids, I have had lots of experience with several daycare facilities. I can honestly say this place is fantastic. I’ve never felt so much warmth and caring from the day care staff. I would highly recommend School for Amazing Kids, Pelham to any mom or dad that is looking for that special place that will take good care of their kids while they are at work.

— Kathleen W.
It means a lot to know that your little ones are being engaged as well.…

I love how School for Amazing Kids, Calera offer various school events for the children and even parents with Parent’s Night Out. They offer a Sweetheart Ball, pictures with the Easter bunny, visit from Santa, Book Fair, Halloween Trick or Treat, Muffins for Mom on Mother’s day, Donuts with Dad on Father’s Day, Goodies with Grandparents for Grandparent’s Day, and even a graduation ceremony for the ones who are about to transition into Kindergarten which I can’t wait for since they have little caps and gowns and everything. My daughter is only 9 months, so she doesn’t really get to participate in all of the different things they offer, but she has a lot to look forward to. I have even seen where a ballet instructor comes to teach ballet during school hours. I have even seen when they had a space bounce in the play area for the older kids.

Although my daughter may not be able to participate in a lot of the school events right now, I love how they are always doing art crafts in her class. She always brings home the cutest little pictures that were designed by the teacher but created by her. It means a lot to know that your little ones are being engaged as well.

— R. Underwood
You Will Not Find a Comparable Center in this Area…

WE LOVE School for Amazing Kids, Calera!!!! After trying 3 different centers and also using a home day care, we finally found the perfect one. Not only do they teach my children to pray at every meal, they also learn Bible verses with letters. We’ve also made so many friends with the staff because of their low turnover. Both children attend and we all love it. Great communication, great tools, great teachers. My oldest has learned so much. They even have a “parents night out” which EVERYONE NEEDS at some point. You will not find a comparable center in this area.

— Melissa Miller Ianniello