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Our girls have been in the best hands…

We cannot say thank you enough to everyone at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly and everything they have done for our family over the past 5 years! We are sad to leave, but confident knowing our girls have been in the BEST hands and ready for what the future holds. Thank you School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly!

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— Patrick and Katie Kellogg
My Boys Have Enjoyed Going to School Each Day…

I have to say that knowing that my boys have enjoyed going to “school” each day makes it much easier for me.School for Amazing Kids, Helena has been a great place for them to go on a day to day basis. They have become well known around the daycare with teachers that are not even theirs. It makes me feel confident, as a mother, knowing they have so many looking out for and teaching them.

I would like to particularly thank Mrs. Sharon and Miss Nicole for dealing with my little one as he transitioned through his tough times as an infant. You two are the BEST, and Colsen still LOVES you both! Now, he gets to give Miss Jamie a run for her money! Chase is just friends with everyone, and he loves everyone there, and they LOVE him too! I appreciate all that everyone does for us and our boys! AND the DATE NIGHTS are the BOMB!

Thanks to Ms. Tina and Mr. Case and everyone there.

— Jennifer H.
The teachers and staff are wonderful…

We love you, SFAK, Helena! My daughter is 5 and my son is 2, and SFAK, Helena is the only daycare they have ever attended. We have never felt the need to search for better care or education anywhere else! The teachers and staff are wonderful and loved by our whole family. I have been AMAZED consistently over the past 5 years by how much my daughter has learned, and by the beautiful person she has become. I attribute a lot of this to the teachers she has spent SO much time with. I am confident that she will do well in Kindergarten next year. One of my favorite things about SFAK is the long standing teachers. The teachers that have taught and cared for my daughter are now teaching my son. I am pleased with my son’s care and am optimistic about his future at SFAK. My kids are stimulated daily and get plenty of exercise. The school also continues to offer fun activities for the kids all year long (In Tune Kids music appreciation, Happy Feet Soccer, water play and Kona ice during the summer, Fall Festival, pictures with Santa, holiday class parties, in school field trips for Pre-K.) Not to mention, Parents Night Out! If I were to have another child, I would not hesitate to enroll them at SFAK, Helena.

— Megan
They show genuine concern for my kids.…

We absolutely love it at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. They show genuine concern for my kids. Both of my kids are excited to go to school each day and I can see that they are learning and having fun too. After we moved to Helena, my then 4 and 2 yr old transitioned very easily. Another parent of a special needs child recommended School for Amazing Kids, Helena and it has been a great decision for us.

— Haley G.
School for Amazing Kids, Calera Educates the Children Well…

School for Amazing Kids, Calera Child Care educates the children well. I can see this from my child constantly singing letter songs and I see that it’s fun for her because she plays teacher with her stuffed animals. Y’all do a great job teaching and making it fun for the kids.

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
Anna Leigh has learned so much and she loves her teachers…

We just love School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly!! Anna Leigh has learned so much and she loves her “teachers. I wouldn’t’ dream of going anywhere else.

— Kristi
Overall, the daycare gets an A in my book!…

My son has been attending School for Amazing Kids, Pelham for 2 years now and we absolutely love it. The moment we entered the door, we knew this was the place for us. The staff were friendly and made us feel very welcome.

I don’t have anything negative to say about the daycare; however, the only critique I would give is giving the parents a passcode to enter the classroom areas. When I first had my son, the company I worked for offered transition care for the first 6 months of me returning to work and the facility’s entrance was also secured with a passcode. The only people provided with a passcode were the staff and parents. It was really convenient as if I wanted to stop by and check on my son, I could enter the classroom at any time. I find it to be sometimes a major inconvenience when we have to wait up front for the door to be answered. There are times when I ring the doorbell and it’s not heard so I end up waiting until a staff member walks into the lobby. This can be a little irritating when caught in the hustle of bustle of trying to get to work in the mornings. I don’t understand why parents aren’t allowed the passcode to enter. Additionally, my son’s former transitional care facility would change the passcode every few months and would distribute the new passcode to the parents.

Lastly, I think it’ll be cool to receive a monthly or quarterly newsletter of “What’s Happening” with the school. Including a calendar would also be helpful. This not only would cut down on resources, but it’ll help us stay informed of school news and/or events much easier. For the most part, I throw paper away. If we received an email of events, upcoming parties, etc. It definitely would streamline communication and keep us better informed of happenings at Pelham.

Overall, the daycare gets an A in my book!

— Millicent L.
The staff is amazing and truly love the kids…

I have had 2 kids at School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly. They love going and I recommend this day care to everyone, every chance I get. The staff is amazing and truly love the kids they are with everyday! They push them to grow and become independent, but also love and spoil them! I love that our teachers do age appropriate activities and crafts that I use to decorate my house during what ever season! This daycare provides so much more for families other then great child care. They provide a Santa and take Santa pictures during the day, fall and spring pictures, parents night out, and a fall festival. Being at School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly has been an amazing experience. My kids believe and know that they are Amazing Kids, because this daycare makes them believe that! I love the confidence that this school is helping my children build!

— Jessica
What a year we had, one of the very best!…

What a year we had, one of the very best!

I remember Bailey peeking through your door on the first day of class, she was so nervous. When she finally went in, she was immediately overwhelmed when all of the kids rushed up to her. You were holding her when I left, both of you had on pink.

As I sat in my car that morning, I bowed my head and prayed for a good day and good year for her. She has come so far. Bailey has confidence today that she never had before your class… How grateful am I that Bailey got to experience preschool with you! I know that you love her, but you still push her. I know that you get tired of listening to little voices, but you still heard her. I know that you get weak, but you still carried her. These are the reasons that she is ready for kindergarten.

The ABC’s, the 123s, and songs to sing are pretty fantastic too, but it’s the little things that shape the heart of a five year old. I thank you for dishing out the yellow days, it made her a kinder friend. I’m not ready for all of this to end, but she is. She’s ready to go to kindergarten, to play softball with the big girls, and to have her very own lunch account number. Bailey is ready for all the things that she sees Jake doing, who am I to hold her back.

I will let go of her little hand this fall, she’ll get on the bus and she will thrive! I know this because she is ready, because she comes from The School for Amazing Kids!

Much Love,

Jennifer Holderfield

— Jennifer H.
The staff are like a second family to us.…

School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is truly the best place for my children to learn and grow. We have been attending this daycare for 2 years now and my children are learning so much and love going to school. The staff at School for Amazing Kids, Pelham do an amazing job of teaching and loving my children every day. The staff is like a second family to us. My twins talk about their teachers at home making me a very happy mom! Above being the greatest people and daycare; School for Amazing Kids, Pelham also is open until 6:30 pm which helps a working mom. They also offer a parents night out every month at no additional cost. This daycare is amazing. 

— Melisa Jordan