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I Never have to Worry when I Leave in the Mornings…

My oldest, B**, has been coming to SP since she was 18 months old and she is now four! Her little sister, M**, has been there only a short time and I cannot tell you how happy and comforted I am in knowing that they are in such good hands! You guys do such a great job with my children. I feel like I never have to worry when I leave in the mornings because there is always at least one teacher who will scoop up my child and give her some one on one attention.

They have learned so much and we sing all of the songs they learn at school in the car and in our daily routines! My children are very precious to me and are my number one priority and I am so grateful to have a place where I know they are happy and safe and are learning so much! Thank you guys for all that you do for our children!

— Tory C.
We are in any case super pleased!…

5 stars for SFAK Calera is not enough! Its hard not to consider the teachers part of your family considering all they have done and still do for our son Joshua. From his first steps to his soon to have graduation party, he did it all at SFAK in Calera. Our son is growing up to be a wonderful child with great values thanks to what he learns at SFAK Calera. He is social, helpful, he knows how to write and read, perfectly ready for that new big milestone called Kindergarten.  As much good that I can tell about this daycare you need to find out for yourself. I know that making the right decision to where to take your child to ‘ mold’ him/her is not easy. We are in any case super pleased! I also want to add that besides learning and playing they always have things going on like movie day, festivals, Santa visit, he plays soccer or you can have your child take dance, they have fish tanks and learn how to grow flowers and stuff, very cool!

— A Yelp review
My daughter’s teacher is incredible…

We absolutely love Amazing Kids – Weatherly! My daughter’s teacher is incredible and has been such a blessing to us. She goes above and beyond to make the day special for the students. You can tell her job means more than just a paycheck. When we first started, our daughter would of course cry when we would drop of her and they would let me call as much as I needed to make sure she was ok. Of course, I would only call once because she was already laughing and learning within 5 minutes of me walking out of the school! My daughter tells her teacher she loves her every day when we leave.

We’ve had some bad experiences at previous schools, and were being very picky about the next school we were going to attend and from the time we walked in, we knew this is where we wanted to send our Little one. They work hard to make sure everyone feels comfortable and accepted and they genuinely love the students. I can’t say enough about this school and what it means to us. There is nothing like the peace of mind of knowing your child is safe, loved, and being cared for while you are not with them. We are so thankful!

— Mrs. Miller
We Go to Work Without Worries…

“We love School for Amazing Kids, Pelham. We go to work without any worries, knowing that she will be in great hands. Love the way they learn a bit of everything from math, letters and even faith. Thank you School for Amazing Kids!”

“I love the fact that you make your jobs all about the kids.”

“The staff we have come to know at School for Amazing Kids, Pelham are all very nurturing & attentive. We feel they genuinely care about our child.”

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
I love the progress reports we receive…
My family loves School for Amazing Kids, Calera! I have 2 boys that attend School for Amazing Kids, one in 3K and one who is about to leave 4K and start 5K. My husband and I love the fact that they are not just watching our boys during the day, but are really teaching them and preparing them for 5K. I love the progress reports we receive from the teachers to let us know how our boys are progressing in what they have learned. The staff really does an excellent job of teaching them and making it fun at the same time. I would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera to anyone looking for a wonderful preschool for their children.


— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Mom
He looks forward to seeing his teachers and friends…

School for Amazing Kids, Helen has truly been a blessing for me and my child. Being his first real child care I was a bit nervous for him. The staff and all the teachers there have made it so comfortable and such an easy transition for my little one! I couldn’t be more impressed. He now enjoys going to school and he’s learning so much! He looks forward to seeing his teachers and friends, also getting his gummy at the end of the day. School for Amazing Kids, Helena has went above and beyond as a school in my eyes. I would recommend everyone come check them out if your looking.

— Katie
School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly is the only place I have ever trusted…

Hello, We are a family of 12 and many of our children have and are attending School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly. We have known them for over 7 years. I myself worked at the School for Amazing Kids for 2 years while finishing my degree. If you have always wished for a place for your child, where they are loved as you love them, where they are nurtured; emotionally, physically, and academically, I can truly say School for Amazing Kids is the only place I have ever trusted. When we leave our children in the morning, we never worry about them because we know that the staff is more like our family than just a school.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly Mom
I Never Once Worried…

I never once worried about Dylan’s safety or the care he was receiving. All of you are exceptional, and I know Dylan has learned so much in the time he has been at School for Amazing Kids, Calera. He loves it here, and I know he will miss his friends and teachers. Thank you again for all you do.

— Luke, Meredith, & Dylan Jones
Calera Sweetheart Ball 2016…
You can tell the staff truly love what they are doing…
My family has been going to School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly for a couple years now, and we love it. We’ve been to other daycare centers in the area and this isn’t just a daycare, nor is it a babysitter during the day. My kids are really learning and they are having fun doing it. They provide a lot of extra options if you so choose to partake and it is well-priced. I firmly believe my children’s education and K prep shouldn’t be sacrificed at the cost of some daycare centers. You get a lot for your money at this school, and they give their kids and parent a lot of perks. We get quarterly progress reports for reach child along with daily sheets for two of my three kids attending. They really love going to school and telling me about their day when they come home. I love seeing their artwork they bring home, and they love making it. You can tell the staff truly love what they are doing and really love the children they are caring for.
— Kelly B.