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Never in the past 6 years have we worried…

Many of our little babes have gone thru the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly.  Our last 2 there are in the twos and 4K. They both have bad asthma.  As parents we worry anyway when we are away from our children, but never in the past 6 years have we worried about the love and care our kids get while they’re in your hands.  It takes parents, village, God and the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly.  My deepest appreciation to all of you.

— Tricia C.
Great is One of the Best Words I Could Use for this Center…

Great is one of the best words I could use for this center. We have been taking my grandson here since he was 2, he is now 5. Based on Christian beliefs, he has grown so much & learned so much just while playing. He is now in the PreK program & tells me everyday how much he loves it.

— Debbie Gorby
I am amazed at the work each of you do, daily.…

As my girls are winding down their school year in Mrs. Kim’s k4 class, I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere thank you’s! From the first moment we walked through the doors of School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly for a tour, we have been welcomed with open arms, hugs, “good morning’s”, and so much more. School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly has been a blessing for my girls. As a stay at home mom up until they were almost 5, I had my doubts about daycare. Very quickly, did I place those doubts aside. My tears were felt and comforted as I dropped them off for their first day. Your staff hugged me as if I was family. I am amazed at the work each of you do, daily. Thank you for the blessings you’ve given us over the last year. As we prepare for kindergarten, I am at ease knowing that School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly has prepared them for what’s to come, mentally, physically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this school year a success. Looking forward to the graduation ceremony. I will have extra tissues in case other parents need them! Ha!

— Rachel W.
I never worry about my son’s being in good hands……

This location is well worth the price, and experience! I know my children are taken care of, learning, and growing surrounded by other children! I am more than satisfied with this facility! I love this center. The staff is very professional and caring. I never worry about my son’s being in good hands, because I know they always are. Everyone is engaged in making sure the children are learning, and it is evidenced by what they send home and display. The director is hands-on and approachable. I never feel like we are just a number here. If you are looking for a place to care for your child, and love them like their own, School for Amazing Kids, Calera is the place to be.

— Stephanie R.
Everyone We Have Encountered There Seems to Love What They Do…

“This is by far the best daycare we have ever been enrolled in.”

“Everyone we have encountered there seems to love what they do. That is great!”

“I feel School for Amazing Kids, Calera truly cares for my children and my children love being part of the family.”

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
School for Amazing Kids, Calera Was (and is) the Perfect Place. I Just Love It.…

When I first started looking for care for [my son], my requirements were simple. I wanted him to be in a class with low teacher-child ratio, and I wanted the environment to be a positive one. School for Amazing Kids, Calera was (and is) the perfect place. I just love it. The teachers are gentle and caring with the children, I like the teacher-child ratio, and I love the positive environment!

School for Amazing Kids is also very clean. Floors are spotless, windows are clean, just the whole atmosphere is wonderful! It’s clear that the teachers are proud of where they work. [My son] loves coming to school. He runs down the hallway screaming for his teacher… He talks about playing puzzles and going to the gym. I am really happy [my son] is at the School for Amazing Kids, Calera.

I would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera to anyone who is looking for a GREAT child care center.

— Shirley L.
My Little Boy has Loved it Since Day One…

After many years at another daycare in the area…I had to change daycare due to the location of my job. I never thought I could find a place a place to compare. School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly has been a great place and my little boy has loved it since day #1. All the teachers I have interacted with love the kids and it shows… A great safe fun environment.

— Lori Dotson Davis
We Have Made Friends with the Other Parents…

“I started looking for a place for my daughter before she was even born. I was a first time Mom and apprehensive leaving her with just anyone. I had placed her in a facility near my work when she was six weeks old, but they would only keep her there until she was 9 months old. I was very nervous about finding a place that would give her the kind of care she was used to getting.

I looked at several other places and then I remembered School for Amazing Kids, Calera. I went to School for Amazing Kids to see what the place was like. I was welcomed with open arms and given a tour. I liked what I saw. The routine for my daughter was the same she was used to and I was pleased with the ratio of teacher to child. My daughter is now 2. She has loved all of her teachers and has made many friends.

My husband and I love the fact that since we live so close to the daycare, that some of her friends she has now will be ones she goes to school with when she starts Kindergarten. We, as parents, have made new friends with the other children’s parents. It makes for a great support group. The teachers are very informative on how my daughter’s day went, whether she was good or bad. They are also working with her on potty training. Brad and Courtney say hello and goodbye to every parent and child daily. They are great about answering questions and doing it in a timely manner. I love the faculty.

I am glad that we chose School for Amazing Kids, Calera and I wouldn’t want her to be anywhere else. Thanks again to the wonderful staff for treating my daughter as if she were one of their own, hugs and kisses included.

— Peggy H.
He lets go of me when I drop him off and runs to his teachers…

We loveSchool for Amazing Kids, Helena! The teachers and directors are extremely observant with the children. My 2-year old’s teacher would point out any little bump or scratch as soon as I walked in the door to pick him up. He’s a rough, tough boy so I would expect these minor scrapes but not one mark was unnoticed by his teacher. As particular as my child is, he loves every teacher he’s had. I can tell by the way he lets go of me when I drop him off and runs to his teachers. We are so pleased that each staff member pays such close attention to him and keeps us informed.

— David D. on 7/18/2014
You Will Not Find a Comparable Center in this Area…

WE LOVE School for Amazing Kids, Calera!!!! After trying 3 different centers and also using a home day care, we finally found the perfect one. Not only do they teach my children to pray at every meal, they also learn Bible verses with letters. We’ve also made so many friends with the staff because of their low turnover. Both children attend and we all love it. Great communication, great tools, great teachers. My oldest has learned so much. They even have a “parents night out” which EVERYONE NEEDS at some point. You will not find a comparable center in this area.

— Melissa Miller Ianniello