References for Amazing Kids

School for Amazing Kids, Helena has been a blessing for my family…

School for Amazing Kids, Helena has been a blessing for my family. My son wasn’t talking a lot when he started attending. Within a few weeks, his vocabulary had grown tremendously. He was even using sign language. The staff is wonderful and he adores his teachers and all his friends. I would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Helena to anyone who asked!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Mom
She can’t wait to see her friends and her teachers.…

It’s a family centered day care. My daughter loves going there every day. She gets out of the car running every morning. She can’t wait to see her friends and her teachers. We get stop at just about every classroom door on the way in and out in the evenings so she can get a hug from all of her old teachers. She’s been there since she was 7 wks old and this May she’ll graduate and start big school. It’s going to be hard for mommy but I know she’s been prepared and is ready.

— Mr. Rigdon
I wouldn’t take my children anywhere else…

If you are looking for a Christian Based Daycare, with an excellent curriculum, top notch directors, and kind and caring teachers….look no further because School for Amazing Kids, Helena Child Care is it. We have had a child in this facility for 7 1/2 years now ( We have three) and I wouldn’t take my children anywhere else!

— Tyffanie E.
The teachers really care about your child and your family…

After having worked here during college, this was my first choice. The teachers really care about your child and your family! We just love the teachers and couldn’t be happier at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly!

— Jessica Cummings
School for Amazing Kids, Calera Was (and is) the Perfect Place. I Just Love It.…

When I first started looking for care for [my son], my requirements were simple. I wanted him to be in a class with low teacher-child ratio, and I wanted the environment to be a positive one. School for Amazing Kids, Calera was (and is) the perfect place. I just love it. The teachers are gentle and caring with the children, I like the teacher-child ratio, and I love the positive environment!

School for Amazing Kids is also very clean. Floors are spotless, windows are clean, just the whole atmosphere is wonderful! It’s clear that the teachers are proud of where they work. [My son] loves coming to school. He runs down the hallway screaming for his teacher… He talks about playing puzzles and going to the gym. I am really happy [my son] is at the School for Amazing Kids, Calera.

I would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera to anyone who is looking for a GREAT child care center.

— Shirley L.
The Date Night You Offered the Parents Last Month was Such a Nice Surprise…

I can’t tell you how much we’ve enjoyed having S** and J** attend the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham. The date night that you offered the parents last month was such a nice surprise and having coffee and a snack each morning is such a nice touch. You guys really are customer driven and children focused. I will be sending Michel a reference letter, but just wanted to you guys to know what all of this meant to Grant and me.

Have you all ever considered opening another business to serve the Riverchase/Hoover area? That area could really use a child care center like the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham. We are actually moving to Hoover and we can’t find anywhere to place the kids that is as reputable or affordable as S.P., so we will continue to drive to Pelham everyday.

— Danielle T.
Amazing Child Care Center…

I am a grandmother of two children who attend School for Amazing Kids, Pelham. It is wonderful and educational child care center! The children are taught many age appropriate skills and behaviors. The teachers are patient and work very hard with each child’s learning. The day is interspersed with many different skills-social, behavioral, physical, as well as educational. I am very thankful that my grandchildren attend there. The receive a WELL-ROUNDED education for their age in preparing them for kindergarten and school/ The teachers and staff are amazing as they work with the children all day in every area. The children receive a well-balanced breakfast, snacks, and lunch every day. The atmosphere is very nurturing and safe and fun.

— Linda W.
The staff is amazing and truly love the kids…

I have had 2 kids at School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly. They love going and I recommend this day care to everyone, every chance I get. The staff is amazing and truly love the kids they are with everyday! They push them to grow and become independent, but also love and spoil them! I love that our teachers do age appropriate activities and crafts that I use to decorate my house during what ever season! This daycare provides so much more for families other then great child care. They provide a Santa and take Santa pictures during the day, fall and spring pictures, parents night out, and a fall festival. Being at School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly has been an amazing experience. My kids believe and know that they are Amazing Kids, because this daycare makes them believe that! I love the confidence that this school is helping my children build!

— Jessica
I am 100% satisfied with this daycare…
My experience at this daycare has been the most positive experience. This daycare is always very clean and smells very fresh. I feel the the student to teacher ratio is great, classes aren’t overly packed and each child gets the attention the need from a teacher. The play ground is always well maintained and all play equipment is in good working conditions. The breakfast and lunch at this daycare are always health and well balanced. I love the fact that all teachers and staff have had a very thorough back ground check and extensive training in order to teach at this daycare. My son has been at this school for a year now and he has learned so much in his time here. He has also learned to be on a routine because of the way the his teacher has the students day planned out. I highly recommend this daycare/school to any parent that wants their child to be in a daycare that is set up like a school. I am 100% satisfied with this daycare could not ask for a better place for my son.
— K.M.
The security at the center is top notch…

I appreciate this center so much. The directors and teachers make it a point to know the children and their parents on a personal level. This brings so much security for the children. When I call the director knows who I am before I even tell her. They even know my children’s grandparents! For security purposes, this is awesome because they know if someone comes in to pick up my children that do not normally come in, it will raise a red flag. The security at the center is top notch. Fingerprinting for access is great so that everyone stays safe. The staff also makes certain to keep other children’s information private. My child had an incident with another child and never once was the other child’s name mentioned. I appreciate the security and privacy that this center offers.

— Monica Donegan