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I feel like my kids are in a good place…

We have two children at School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly and I couldn’t be any happier with our choice. The staff is warm and friendly and I feel like my kids are in a good place when we drop them off in the morning. They provide us with daily information on how the children are doing as well as progress reports throughout the year. The facilities are always maintained and clean. They also provide additional extracurricular activities for the kids at various times through the year. Most importantly our kids genuinely love being there. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for child care.

— Happy Parents of 2, Online Review
My son really enjoys the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly……

My son really enjoys the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly. He has been gong there sense he was 8 weeks old.. The staff is friendly, nice and helpful. People always comment on how well behaved and smart are son is, I know the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly has helped us with that. During the Snow of 2014 they went above and beyond to be there for children and parents. Would recommend them to a friend.

— Jason P.
We Have Never Regretted the Decision…

About a year and a half ago, my oldest son Ta** broke his leg and was confined to a wheelchair. The daycare that he was attending at the time told me that they could not accommodate his needs. I immediately called School for Amazing Kids, Helena and Cindy did not hesitate for one second. Fortunately, there was an opening for both of my children. We have never regretted the decision to move our children to the School for Amazing Kids.

I was a little worried about the “Learn at Play” curriculum because the daycare that my children came from had a more structured learning environment. I quickly discovered there was no reason to worry; children really do learn while they are doing fun activities. Ta** was more than ready for kindergarten last fall and is now more than ready to begin 1st grade. Tu** is in the Tropics and talks about Ms. Michelle non-stop, but he can’t wait to be in the Ocean with Ms. Angela. Thank you School for Amazing Kids, Helena for taking great care of my boys!

— Shaun Knight
Attune to your child’s specific needs…

What I love about School for Amazing Kids, Calera is the communication and family feel. The daily notes tell about the day but also include a note specific to your child. The staff has been consistent since we have been there and they are great!! Very warm, welcoming and attune to your child’s specific needs. I also love the additional opportunities and enriching activities they offer like Field Day and the monthly Parents Night Out.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Parent
I see evidence daily that she is well taken care of…

My family has been nothing but happy with the care our daughter has received at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. I see evidence daily that she is well taken care of and loved by the entire staff. Staff members that don’t have daily contact with her know her name and speak to her when we pass them in the hall or office. I have seen her learning development grow by leaps and bounds since she started at School for Amazing Kids, Helena a year ago. She loves her teachers and is happy to go to school every day. The toddler program is run like a kindergarten class and I closely compare it to my older daughter’s kindergarten experience.

— Heidi Ramey
You can tell the staff truly love what they are doing…
My family has been going to School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly for a couple years now, and we love it. We’ve been to other daycare centers in the area and this isn’t just a daycare, nor is it a babysitter during the day. My kids are really learning and they are having fun doing it. They provide a lot of extra options if you so choose to partake and it is well-priced. I firmly believe my children’s education and K prep shouldn’t be sacrificed at the cost of some daycare centers. You get a lot for your money at this school, and they give their kids and parent a lot of perks. We get quarterly progress reports for reach child along with daily sheets for two of my three kids attending. They really love going to school and telling me about their day when they come home. I love seeing their artwork they bring home, and they love making it. You can tell the staff truly love what they are doing and really love the children they are caring for.
— Kelly B.
The staff genuinely cares about our children…

We are very pleased with this center. The staff genuinely cares about our children. During the ice/snow storm in January of 2014, the weather and traffic made it impossible for us to reach our children. The staff made me and my husband feel at ease by giving us updates when we called to check in. They took excellent care of my kids, fed them, changed them and gave them a nice place to sleep. I can only imagine what was going through the kid’s minds when their routine was thrown off but my two year old seemed completely happy when we were finally able to reach him. A big thanks to the center for making my family feel at ease.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Parent
I am Blessed to Call the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham Family my Dear Friends…

Thank you so very much. My daughter has enjoyed being a part of the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham family. Her development has flourished not only from interacting with other children and the phenomenal staff and management at your facility but her gross motor skills through the extracurricular activities such as dance, gymnastics and play ball. Handwriting without tears has set her ahead of other children her age. Her fine motor skill development has been tested to be above average.

I can not thank everyone enough, and would welcome to be used as a reference in case it should be needed. What I discovered, though, is that the friendliness, the facility and curriculum the children go through, speak for themselves. Thank you again, Michel for your professionalism, and I am blessed to call the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham family my dear friends.

— Gerhard G.
I know he will be completely ready for kindergarten…

I enrolled my son at  School for Amazing Kids, Pelham when he turned one and he is now in pre-K. I have loved his teachers in all his classrooms and the directors. They are always willing to talk through any issues and I know they truly love working with children. They have a great security system, with the fingerprint ID and a sign-in/out sheet. They are also very organized and the cost is reasonable. I also love the learning activities! I am amazed at how much my son has learned. I know he will be completely ready for kindergarten. School for Amazing Kids, Pelham offers lots of extra activities too, like snowcone truck in the summer or designating days as Superhero day or pajama day (my son’s favorites). This keeps the kids looking forward to each day. And I love the artwork they make for moms and dads, and activities like Star Student each week, a different child. Their classmates get to learn about each other that way. I know that I made the right choice putting my child in daycare/pre-K because my son’s social skills are amazing. Everywhere we go, to a park or whatever, he makes friends. I thank School for Amazing Kids, Pelham for that.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Pelham parent
Keeping the entire family in mind is the secret of why School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly stands out from other daycares…

Since Nov 1998, when my first child was 8 weeks old, I’ve pulled into the parking lot, faithfully, 5 days a week. Quite often I’ve been asked why…why am I so loyal to School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly?

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— Camille H.