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Thanks You a Million Times Over…

My first born son has been at School for Amazing Kids, Helena since he was two and my youngest son has been attending since twelve weeks. I am thrilled with the education they are getting. When my oldest son visits with other neighborhood children of the same age, his intelligence really shows. My son is now four and can write his name and his younger brothers name independently and count well past twenty, and there are many other skills he has acquired or fine tuned. His speech is clearer and his vocabulary is expanding every day.

The teaching staff is phenomenal at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. They are very patient and focused on the children and strive to make these children successful. Each time we turn in homework there is a handwritten note describing how well my son is doing. It makes a mother’s heart feel great!

I trust the staff at this center because they have repeatedly shown how dedicated they are to my children and to my comfort leaving my kids in their care. Each day I call to check on my children while I am at work, and each day I get an upbeat answer with a detailed report on how each of my children are doing. I never am made to feel bothersome or silly for calling so frequently. Mrs. Tina (the director) is a gem. Anytime I have a question or concern, I get a direct and informative answer from someone who understands what it’s like being a Mom. Her dedication to her job and sincerity can be seen throughout the staff she has employed as well.

Anytime I drop off or pick up my children, the teachers are always prepared to answer any questions I have about my children that day. Each time we attend an event held at the center, the staff is always friendly and happy to be there. I know my children are excelling because of the rich environment they are provided with to learn.

My youngest son is in the infant room, and he is doing very well. I get a detailed analysis each day as to how his eating schedule went, his potty times, and his disposition for the day! This is a fantastic tool for me to use, and it allows me to have a tangible reference when evaluating my child’s development. This team is reliable and very nurturing to all the children in their care.

I love that this center focuses on family and encourages strong family values. They offer Parents Night Out to encourage my husband and I to get away for a bit and go on a date night. Also, we have attended an Art Show to display our children’s accomplishments in the classroom as well as a Fall Festival. Each of these events really shows me that this center’s main focus is family!! That’s exactly what I wanted when looking to place my children in child care. I am just a working Mom who loves her kids and doesn’t have the ability to stay home in this economy, and I wanted to share my admiration for your facility with you as a thank you for everything you do.

Thank you a million times over for all of your hard work and dedication to my children and my family, and please keep up the good work!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Mom
They make my daughter feel special and loved…

I have thoroughly enjoyed my daughter attendingSchool for Amazing Kids, Weatherly. She has been attending since she was 9 weeks old and has navigated from the Infant room through the 2-year-old Toddler room. She has yet to have a teacher that I didn’t like. She is always excited to go to “school” and every teacher (even those who haven’t had her in class yet), knows her by name. The staff is very friendly and welcoming, and most of all, they make my daughter feel special and loved. I could not ask for more when it comes to their provision – from food to curriculum, to additional classes like dance or gymnastics. Their location is easy to get to from the interstate and their hours work great with a busy, working mom’s schedule. We couldn’t imagine our daughter attending anywhere else.

— Brittney Long
Your passionate visionary character is infectious!…
Good Morning Katie!
I hope your day is proving to be a productive and promising one.  I just wanted to take time to say how grateful I am to you and your commitment to care for little ones with such excellence. Your passionate visionary character is infectious! How can anyone not be the same when they are around you?!
The afternoon Kristen and I came to visit your center, God gave me an impactful verse to focus on that day: Psalm 27:13 – “I would have lost heart if I had not believed that I would see the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living.”  I truly believed God would provide for my daughter and her family, that He would make a way for my grandchildren to be card for with excellence.  You and your center are indeed, “the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living” – our future generations and a true answer to my prayers.
I wish you well in all your endeavors for Christ, as you pursue your vision and goals for the center. If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to call on me.
— Ruth Laurent
School for Amazing Kids, Calera Educates the Children Well…

School for Amazing Kids, Calera Child Care educates the children well. I can see this from my child constantly singing letter songs and I see that it’s fun for her because she plays teacher with her stuffed animals. Y’all do a great job teaching and making it fun for the kids.

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
I Get a Smiling Face when I Walk In…

I love the fact that I get a smiling face when I walk in when I go to the class room it’s a smiling face and I’m told to have a good day. When I pick my child up I’m still greeted with smiling faces. I know my child loves School for Amazing Kids, Helena and looks forward to going every morning.

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
When looking at different daycare’s, School for Amazing Kids, Helena stood out.…

We have been happy with our experience at School for Amazing Kids, Helena.  The facility is always clean, the staff is always nice and we never worry about our son. When looking at different daycare’s, School for Amazing Kids, Helena, stood out. They go above the typical offerings of daycare with parents night out, fall carnivals, breakfast with grandparents, parent/child valentines dance and many other events for the entire family.

— C.S
It is great to have a trusted place for your kids!…

After recently moving to Pelham, AL. we went looking for a great daycare for our one year old and three year old. There last daycare was good but we felt like it was missing structure and educational activities, although there were some great teachers. We visited School for Amazing Kids, Helena and Pelham, both of which are owned and run by the same people. Both of the schools were very good but we liked the atmosphere at Helena a little better. It had also come recommended by some trusted friends in the area. We couldn’t be happier the teachers and staff are great! Both of our kids are really enjoying it and our three year old tells about all the things her learns and does. What we like is that there is structure with lots of enriching activities! What’s better is the kids like what they are doing because the teachers work hard to make it fun and educational for them. The curriculum that they use is designed to help prepare them for Pre-K and Kindergarten. From what we have heard the schools near here find the kids from Helena are very well prepared. It is great to have a trusted place for your kids!

— Kyle Lubsen
We Love School for Amazing Kids, Helena…

We love School for Amazing Kids, Helena. It feels like family. You can’t ask for more for your children.

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
Best Facility in Town!…

Every time we walk in the doors of the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham, we are always met with a staff full of love and smiles! It is very relieving for a parent to know that their child is in a safe and loving environment while away from you, and the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham never fails to provide that! Not only is the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham safe and clean, it’s affordable for any family on a budget and provides an excellent learning curriculum that is second to none. I would not want my child in any other facility besides the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Pelham Mom
My son and I love this school!…

My son and I love this school! Our son has only been here since the school year started and I highly recommend this school. The attending staff and kids have made our son feel welcomed since day one. This is one thing that has minimized the amount of new kid/school anxiety. He has developed so many skills and learned so much since we enrolled him. We love school for Amazing Kids, Helena.

— Laporschea