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A Testimonial from Emma’s Dad…

Emma’s Dad talks about his experience at School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly.

— Maurice Mercer
School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly makes everything easier for parents…

School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly makes everything easier for parents and cleaner for the babies. All bottles are labeled and have their own spots in the refrigerators. So there is no confusion what bottles belong to who. They also have boxes for each child to store extra clothing, pacifiers, or whatever. Nothing is required except diapers and pre-made bottles. Each child has their own bed and each bed is cleaned daily. They have communication forms that parents fill out each morning. This form lets the teachers know how the child slept, what time they need to eat again, and the time of the last diaper change. The form is also filled out by the caregivers throughout the day. At the end of the day, we get the form back and it lets us know how our child was cared for.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly Parent
“That’s where I want to go!”…

Our daughter is currently in 4k at the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham and she loves it! She has attended there for 2 years. We knew from the moment that we walked in that this was the place for us. Our daughter even said, “That’s where I want to go!” as were leaving the parking lot after our first visit. The teachers and staff are always loving and genuinely care for our child. It is evident that they love their jobs and want the best for each individual child. My daughter is sad because she is starting kindergarten next month and has to leave. I highly recommend School for Amazing Kids, Pelham for those that are looking for a structured yet loving and family-like atmosphere.

— Adrian T.
We couldn’t be more pleased with the loving atmosphere.…

A heaven sent for our family! When you drop off or are picking up you are always greeted with a smile and familiar face. Which is a major plus! Our son has been attending School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly for 7 months and in such a short time he has matured in so many ways. The biggest of which is he is FINALLY potty trained. We couldn’t be more pleased with the loving atmosphere.

— Meagan C.
He gets excited when he knows that it’s a “school day”…

We have loved our experience at School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly. I like that the employees are genuine and seem to love what they do. There is always a fun activity that our 3-year-old has to look forward to and he gets excited when he knows that it’s a “school day.”

— A School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly Parent
I love that he gets excited to be there…

My 2-year-old son loves School for Amazing Kids, Helena. Every morning we pull up he is ready to run in the door. When we walk in we are greeted by friendly faces. I love that he gets excited to be there, it makes me feel so much better that he is happy. I like how clean the facility is and how caring the every member of the staff is. They make sure no child is left out. My son loves the playground and all the games they play.

— Samantha
Our girls thrive under that kind of environment and unconditional love…

We have two daughters that have attended School for Amazing Kids, Calera since my return to work from maternity leave at 12 weeks old.  It has been very interesting for us to watch the differences in development from one child to the next and how the center interacts and handles each child.  They have both had the fortune to share certain teachers as they age, however the youngest has developed quite a special attachment to one of her teachers particularly.  This young lady has shown the utmost attention to the needs and development of our child, and they have formed a precious bond.  All the children in this classroom seem to benefit from the gentleness and love that is given by all of these teachers as they are all very attached to each, which is very emblematic of the care they receive.  I know with certainty that my daughter would not be so comfortable and excited to see her teacher(s), should she not be treated with the same type of care she receives from family.

I do not have any doubts that these ladies treat my children with the same concern and love that they would treat their own children and it has been such a blessing to watch our girls thrive under that kind of environment and unconditional love when it cannot be given by us.  The trust and safety of the facility and staff has made it definitively easier to return to work, especially when leaving an infant and we are very grateful!

— Stephanie C
Her academic process has far exceeded my expectations……

My experience at School for Amazing Kids, Helena has been nothing but positive. My daughter has attended this faculty for a year now. She loves to come to school every day and always leaves with a smile on her face and can’t wait to tell me what she did that day. Last week, I came for her birthday party and expected that she would want to come home with me afterwards since it was later in the day. She asked me to leave her there so she could play with her friends some more! Her academic process has far exceeded my expectations since she arrived at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. The staff are all extremely friendly and helpful and know my child by name (even those that don’t interact with her on a daily basis). Our family feels very blessed to be a member of the School for Amazing Kids, Helena family!

— Heidi R.
I highly recommend this school to anyone in need of good childcare.…

As a first time parent I can remember how nervous I was to find good child care. Nothing seemed like a bigger commitment and no question seemed to small to ask. I mean after all, these people would be watching my child for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week – officially spending more time with my child in a week than I would. That’s a massive amount of influence over my most valuable and precious assets.  Well let me put your mind at ease. This school exceeds every need and concern you could possibly have. They’ve been at it for years and are more than capable of exceeding your expectations. Their daily, rigorous cleaning schedule will rival anything else in town. The friendliness of the directors and teaches to parents and children alike is unmatched. Teachers who have never even had your child in their class will be calling them by name!  Want creativity? Got it! They are constantly making artwork or doing creative projects with your children. Concerned about education standards? No worries! At all ages they are not only encouraged to learn but their day is structured around age appropriate introductions to all subject matters. By the end of 4K they’re ready to sound out words as they read, write all letters and even small words, recognition of basic math principles, and much more – leaving them well prepared to enter kindergarten!  Their food for breakfast, lunch, and snack is tasty, nutritious, and full of variety. They have daily routines so that children find comfort in what to expect, yet they still find ways to introduce fun activities like Dance, Playball, Splash Day, Dr. Seuss Week, and many more.  I highly recommend this school to anyone in need of good childcare. My best suggestion is just to check them out and see for yourself. It only took one visit for me to feel completely confident in them.

— A happy parent.
I never worried about my kids……

Tina, Dana, and Staff,

Today is my family’s last day at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. I am so grateful for all of the love that Jake and Bailey received here at this little school. I am going to miss you all so much, after all these years here you have become our family. I want you to know that I never worried about my kids while they were here, I always knew that they would be taken care of. I never worried about them falling behind, acting a fool, or being a bad friend because I knew someone would let me know. My babies have grown up here, they are both school age now (that seems soooo crazy) we will never forget all the love that we felt here at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. Both Jake and Bailey loved parents night out, they got to see different teachers and old friends, both of my kids loved water days in the summer, and both of my kids loved getting gummy bears at the end of a good day. I have handmade Christmas ornaments, handprints, and poems to keep as preschool souvenirs but more than that, I have precious memories of their first friends, their first accomplishments, and their first graduation. Thanks just doesn’t seem like enough, but like all families that’s really all we want is to feel appreciated. I know that I didn’t say it enough, but thank you, I would not have wanted to take this journey with anyone else but you. We will always love our School for Amazing Kids, Helena friends, and consider it our honor to have been a part of your family.

Much Love and Gratitude

— Vance H.