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Overall, the daycare gets an A in my book!…

My son has been attending School for Amazing Kids, Pelham for 2 years now and we absolutely love it. The moment we entered the door, we knew this was the place for us. The staff were friendly and made us feel very welcome.

I don’t have anything negative to say about the daycare; however, the only critique I would give is giving the parents a passcode to enter the classroom areas. When I first had my son, the company I worked for offered transition care for the first 6 months of me returning to work and the facility’s entrance was also secured with a passcode. The only people provided with a passcode were the staff and parents. It was really convenient as if I wanted to stop by and check on my son, I could enter the classroom at any time. I find it to be sometimes a major inconvenience when we have to wait up front for the door to be answered. There are times when I ring the doorbell and it’s not heard so I end up waiting until a staff member walks into the lobby. This can be a little irritating when caught in the hustle of bustle of trying to get to work in the mornings. I don’t understand why parents aren’t allowed the passcode to enter. Additionally, my son’s former transitional care facility would change the passcode every few months and would distribute the new passcode to the parents.

Lastly, I think it’ll be cool to receive a monthly or quarterly newsletter of “What’s Happening” with the school. Including a calendar would also be helpful. This not only would cut down on resources, but it’ll help us stay informed of school news and/or events much easier. For the most part, I throw paper away. If we received an email of events, upcoming parties, etc. It definitely would streamline communication and keep us better informed of happenings at Pelham.

Overall, the daycare gets an A in my book!

— Millicent L.
She was waking me up saying it was time to go to school…

When I first called the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly in search of childcare I was driving an hour out of the way each day just so I could keep my daughter in the same place. I knew I needed a facility that was closer but had reservations about switching because I didn’t want to uproot my daughter from where she was (even though I wasn’t especially pleased with their staff or the progress my daughter had made) but the staff at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly made the transition the easiest ever. It wasn’t 2 weeks before she was using the potty on her own and she had been potty training at her previous daycare for 6 months. For the first time, she was waking me up saying it was time to go to school and play with her friends. It was a pleasure as a parent to finally see her interested in learning and enjoying being around others her age. I couldn’t imagine her getting any better care than what she gets there. The staff treats all their kids like they were their own. They truly set a standard for childcare!!

— Twany Day
It’s Like Family…

I just want to express how much my children love School for Amazing Kids, Helena. T** will be beginning kindergarten soon and that makes me happy and sad. Happy for T**, but I am saddened to know that he will be leaving such a wonderful group of teachers. All the teachers are so personal with each child that I think this will make a difference as many of the kids begin school this year.

We have been blessed to meet such wonderful teachers & parents thru-out the years at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. It’s like family! Keep up the good work! J** will be there 2 more years. Thank you for all you do.

— Tina W.
They have far exceeded our expectations.…

My husband and I toured several daycares when looking for a place for our 3-month-old. School for Amazing Kids, Helena was the last place on our list and we knew immediately that this was the one for us! They have far exceeded our expectations. Our son is almost two now and we are always getting compliments on how smart he is. My reply to them is that he attends a great preschool! He learns so much every day and the staff is amazing!

— Penny Lane
My kids have learned so much…

I love this school, the staff, and the children! My daughter is 5 and has been going here since she was 3 and my son is almost 3 and has been going here since his was 1. I never have to worry whether or not my children are learning or being taken care of properly. My kids have learned so much and have so much fun at school. We love the staff! They are so easy to get in touch with and have become like family to us! I would choose SFAK Helena over any other daycare/pre-k program around, regardless of location or price. That includes the pre-k programs at the local schools. I can’t say enough great things about this place! If you are looking for a place you can trust to take care of your children, look no further!

— A Facebook review
Its like a home!…

M****** is in infant 2 and she loves it , when we walk through the front door she is smiling, she never cries, the staff is wonderful, the daycare as a whole is great. He teachers are great, everybody knows her name which is a plus. Its like a home!

— Caitlyn H
Thanks for Being a Vital Part of Our Family…

Thank you to everyone who created the opportunity for Reynolds and me to spend some quality time together last night!!! (At the “Parent’s Night Out events offered free to parents at the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham.) It is appreciated more than you will ever know. You all are fabulous and A… and E… have been so happy. They get excited every time we say that they are going to school!! They love their teachers and have really grown since September. Thanks for being a vital part of our family.

— Danielle MB
The Entire Staff Radiates Excitement…

If you are looking for a special place for your children, a place that fully exceeds all of your expectations then look no further! The School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is more than just a daycare. There are so many wonderful things about SP it’s hard to know where to begin! I love knowing my child is being cared for, loved and encouraged in all aspects of his development.

The entire staff radiates excitement, which is so refreshing. In an environment where everyone is always smiling, you just know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they love and care about each and every single child there. They invest so much of themselves and it shows! I truly feel blessed to have found such a wonderful place for my child! Thank you all at SP for the wonderful job you do every day, it means more to me and my family than you know!

— Brooke R.
I am very pleased with the atmosphere……

I highly recommend this school to anyone searching for childcare. I am very pleased with the atmosphere, teaching, care, and cleanliness! I love this school and so do my sons.

— Djserious G.
Everyone who works there is nice, sweet and professional…

AWESOME!!!!! It was a blessing after going through a horrendous affair with another daycare, they helped us and my son loves it! Everyone who works there is nice, sweet and professional. We are really happy with School for Amazing Kids, Helena!

— John F.