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My daughter’s teacher is incredible…

We absolutely love Amazing Kids – Weatherly! My daughter’s teacher is incredible and has been such a blessing to us. She goes above and beyond to make the day special for the students. You can tell her job means more than just a paycheck. When we first started, our daughter would of course cry when we would drop of her and they would let me call as much as I needed to make sure she was ok. Of course, I would only call once because she was already laughing and learning within 5 minutes of me walking out of the school! My daughter tells her teacher she loves her every day when we leave.

We’ve had some bad experiences at previous schools, and were being very picky about the next school we were going to attend and from the time we walked in, we knew this is where we wanted to send our Little one. They work hard to make sure everyone feels comfortable and accepted and they genuinely love the students. I can’t say enough about this school and what it means to us. There is nothing like the peace of mind of knowing your child is safe, loved, and being cared for while you are not with them. We are so thankful!

— Mrs. Miller
The school is full of AMAZING teachers…

My son transitioned into this school without any issues. The school is full of AMAZING teachers that truly care for my son! He is learning so much and truly loves going to school. I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with my son. As a worried mom its great to know that my child is safe and enjoying his day while at school and learning new things.

— L. Harper
This school really is full of AMAZING kids and teachers!…

This school really is full of AMAZING kids and teachers! It may not be super shiny and new, but the quality of care and education is way more than you might get somewhere else. My daughter is 5 years old and my son is 2 years old, and this is the only school they have ever known, and we love it! Several of my friends have ended up switching their kids from another daycare to one of the SFAK locations! The Helena location is wonderful and we absolutely adore the staff. They know our family so well and are really easy to communicate with. What i really love about SFAK, Helena is that the same teachers that have taught my daughter are teaching my son, so I have already built a relationship with them. Over the years, I was even able to get to know the teachers that my daughter would have before she even had them, because the staff is so friendly. My kids are stimulated daily and get great exercise on the playground. These kids are taught exactly what they need to know for their age groups. I am amazed constantly at how much my children are learning, and I am confident about my daughter starting Kindergarten next year!

— Mrs. Hooper
Everyone who works at School for Amazing Kids, Helena is fantastic!…

My husband and I couldn’t ask for a better daycare. Everyone who works at School for Amazing Kids, Helena is fantastic! They are so attentive to our children. Our son started going here when he was around ten months old. He is now in the “two” year old class and loves his teachers and friends. The teachers do a wonderful job keeping him engaged in learning activities that are appropriate for his age and fun. We are amazed at how much he has progressed since he started going. Our daughter started going when she was eight weeks old and is now almost six months. The staff gives her all the cuddles and attention she needs. School for Amazing Kids, Helena is a great place! They even offer a free “parent night out” once per month.

— Leslie M.
School for Amazing Kids, Helena was the best by far…

I visited several day cares when we were making our decision, andSchool for Amazing Kids, Helena was the best by far. We have never regretted our decision! Our son was 18 months old when he started, so it was a difficult transition for both of us, but the teachers really made him feel comfortable. He is now 2 and knows his teachers and friends by name and is excited to go every day! He already knows his ABC’s and can count to 13. He knows colors, shapes, and letters. They have water play during the summer once a week that he absolutely adores. 

When it came time to put my second son in daycare at 12 weeks old, it was an easy decision to send him to School for Amazing Kids, Helena. They accommodated him on short notice when my other arrangements fell through. He was not doing well with his bottle, but they worked with him happily and lovingly. He now loved going to daycare every day and recognizes his teachers’ faces. 

They really get to know each child and their unique personalities and needs, and nurture and care for each one with love and respect. I would not put my children anywhere else!

— Brittany M.
Exceptional educational environment with a little fun mixed in…

If you are looking for an exceptional educational environment w/a little fun mixed in for good measure, then School for Amazing Kids, Pelham Child Care is your answer! The staff is fun, caring, and truly have a heart for shaping young minds. My 4 y/o daughter has really come out of her shell since attending the School for Amazing Kids, and my 2 y/o son has learned so much since we started here almost 2 years ago. There are many opportunities for the kids’ in the way of extra-curricular programs available for a small additional fee. Everything from music class, to dance, to sports readiness is available to choose from. There are also a number of programs and extras that come into the center…from the Birmingham Zoo, to the local library, Kona Ice, even the Wee Readers program. There is a fun new adventure awaiting them everyday. I especially enjoy the little “extras” for parents…like the PNO (Parent’s Night Out) where the staff offers parents the opportunity to enjoy the night out while leaving the kiddos with the teachers they already know and love for a few hours after the daycare closes. Also, School for Amazing Kids, Pelham offers complimentary coffee and a breakfast item for parents as they drop-off their little ones in the morning. School for Amazing Kids, Pelham also offers fun sweepstakes and prizes for parents throughout the year. How great it was for me to win the contest matching teachers w/their baby pictures! All around great FAMILY care!

— Kimberly B.
Put School for Amazing Kids, Pelham at the top of your list…

If you’re looking for a memory-making and fun childcare for your child, then putSchool for Amazing Kids, Pelham at the top of your list. I originally checked them out because of their convenient location but stayed because of the smiles that I have seen on my son’s face. Don’t believe me just ask the parents like myself who have been there for multiple years.

— Anthony Jackson Sr.
I love that they get excellent care on a great budget.…

When I think about quality child care, one of the first things that come to mind is that I don’t want to have to sacrifice good care for my child(ren) at the sake of cost. And I was so happy when I realized that would not be the case at School for Amazing Kids, Calera! My children and I love the daycare employees, and I love that they get excellent care on a great budget.  Their prices are so reasonable, and this is the only daycare I have ever been in contact with that offers a military discount to families! That is AMAZING!

But also with quality care, that is cost-reasonable, I worried about location. School for Amazing Kids, Calera’s location is great for parents who commute because it is right off the interstate. It is very easy to drop off my child and get right on the interstate to commute to work in the mornings. How great that they support our troops in that way! As a military family, we couldn’t appreciate that more!

— Erica A.
When he sees the building he starts singing “school, school, school, yeah!”…

My little tike has been attending School for Amazing Kids, Calera for nine months. To say that he loves it is an understatement. Each morning he wakes up saying “go school” and is disappointment when it is not a school day. When he sees the building he starts singing “school, school, school, yeah!” He loves going to “school” and we love that!

We’ve had nothing but positive experiences in 4 1/2 years…

We love School for Amazing Kids, Calera! My child has been there since she was 8 weeks and we’ve had nothing but positive experiences in 4 1/2 years. I can’t imagine going anywhere else. The teachers are great and is nice that most of the children have been there as long as we have. We’ve basically all grown up together like family.

— Jetta J.