References for Amazing Kids

Everyone who works there is nice, sweet and professional…

AWESOME!!!!! It was a blessing after going through a horrendous affair with another daycare, they helped us and my son loves it! Everyone who works there is nice, sweet and professional. We are really happy with School for Amazing Kids, Helena!

— John F.
They always tell us about his day!…

The School for Amazing Kids in Calera has been fantastic with our infant son. We were concerned about going back to work and leaving him at a daycare but they have made it a breeze for us. They always tell us about his day! They even send a report home each day detailing when he did what. It is a very clean and friendly facility. Parents must use fingerprint to sign in and out and there are cameras throughout the building. I feel very safe with my son enrolled here. It is a great place for the price and the convenience of the location. We are extremely please with our experience so far.

— A YP Review
Thanks You a Million Times Over…

My first born son has been at School for Amazing Kids, Helena since he was two and my youngest son has been attending since twelve weeks. I am thrilled with the education they are getting. When my oldest son visits with other neighborhood children of the same age, his intelligence really shows. My son is now four and can write his name and his younger brothers name independently and count well past twenty, and there are many other skills he has acquired or fine tuned. His speech is clearer and his vocabulary is expanding every day.

The teaching staff is phenomenal at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. They are very patient and focused on the children and strive to make these children successful. Each time we turn in homework there is a handwritten note describing how well my son is doing. It makes a mother’s heart feel great!

I trust the staff at this center because they have repeatedly shown how dedicated they are to my children and to my comfort leaving my kids in their care. Each day I call to check on my children while I am at work, and each day I get an upbeat answer with a detailed report on how each of my children are doing. I never am made to feel bothersome or silly for calling so frequently. Mrs. Tina (the director) is a gem. Anytime I have a question or concern, I get a direct and informative answer from someone who understands what it’s like being a Mom. Her dedication to her job and sincerity can be seen throughout the staff she has employed as well.

Anytime I drop off or pick up my children, the teachers are always prepared to answer any questions I have about my children that day. Each time we attend an event held at the center, the staff is always friendly and happy to be there. I know my children are excelling because of the rich environment they are provided with to learn.

My youngest son is in the infant room, and he is doing very well. I get a detailed analysis each day as to how his eating schedule went, his potty times, and his disposition for the day! This is a fantastic tool for me to use, and it allows me to have a tangible reference when evaluating my child’s development. This team is reliable and very nurturing to all the children in their care.

I love that this center focuses on family and encourages strong family values. They offer Parents Night Out to encourage my husband and I to get away for a bit and go on a date night. Also, we have attended an Art Show to display our children’s accomplishments in the classroom as well as a Fall Festival. Each of these events really shows me that this center’s main focus is family!! That’s exactly what I wanted when looking to place my children in child care. I am just a working Mom who loves her kids and doesn’t have the ability to stay home in this economy, and I wanted to share my admiration for your facility with you as a thank you for everything you do.

Thank you a million times over for all of your hard work and dedication to my children and my family, and please keep up the good work!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Mom
Best Christian Based Daycare in Shelby County…

My granddaughter has had the pleasure of attending School for Amazing Kids, Pelham for the past three years. I am very pleased with this facility. School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is absolutely wonderful and a very educational child care center! The children are taught many age appropriate skills and behaviors. The teachers are patient and work very hard with each child’s learning. Each day is filled with many different learning skills such as social, behavioral, physical, and educational.

I am very thankful that my grandchild attends here.Chloe receives a very well rounded education and in doing so it is preparing her for kindergarten. The teachers and staff are amazing as they work with the children each and every day in all areas. I feel all the children that attend School for Amazing Kids, Pelham receive a well balanced breakfast, lunch and snacks everyday. The atmosphere is very nurturing, safe and fun for all children.

— Kathy W.
We could feel the genuine love and care the staff has for kids.…

After being skeptical concerning placing our (at the time 6 month old) twin boys in child care, my husband and I were immediately at ease after our initial visit of the School for Amazing Kids, Helena because we could feel the genuine love and care the staff has for kids. Since they have been attending school we can see a major development in our boys in just a short period of time! Not only that, but the same love and care we could see from the staff shown to our boys, we can see the love returned from our boys to the staff in their interaction with them. I would totally recommend School for Amazing Kids, Helena to anyone looking for child care where kids are loved and taught!

— Amber
The teachers really care about your child and your family…

After having worked here during college, this was my first choice. The teachers really care about your child and your family! We just love the teachers and couldn’t be happier at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly!

— Jessica Cummings
The entire staff is friendly…

Great School!  The staff at SFAK Helena are the best!  I have a 2 year old and 5 year old that attend.  The entire staff is friendly and greet each child by name. My kids love the staff so much that they never complain about having to go there, and even sometimes ask to go there on weekends.  The amount the kids learn is impressive.  I am positive my children will be more than ready for kindergarten and have learned much more than even the pre-k classes at the elementary school can teach.  It’s such a relief to not have to worry about if my children are safe and in good hands.

— Carla M.
It Gives Me Peace of Mind…

My daughter loves going to School for Amazing Kids, Calera. She is happy to go to school every day. It gives me peace of mind knowing that her safety and well being are at the heart of everything they do.

— Meredith
My child loves going to school…

Honestly no daycare is perfect; but, School for Amazing Kids strives to be the best it can. My child had a issue with a teacher and the administrative staff handled the situation quickly and efficiently. They truly seem to care about the children and even the parents. Once my child was so sick and missed a few days and one of the staff call to check up on him and see if everything was ok because I forgot to call. That meant so much to me. It shows that they really care. My child loves going to school and sometimes its hard to get him to leave. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

— Mrs. Dudley
I know he will be happy, safe and engaged.…

The staff is courteous and professional and the facility is well designed to meet the needs of learners of all ages. I have noticed the small class sizes and the amount of individual attention each child receives. The student makeup is very diverse which is great! I really enjoy sending my son to SP due to the fact that I know he will be happy, safe, and engaged. Each day when I pick him up, I am given a detailed report that outlines the activities of the day. I truly appreciate the open lines of communication that are in place. My two year old knows most of the alphabet and can count to twenty. I give SP the credit for this! They make learning fun and meaningful. I am so glad that we were able to find a place like SP due to the fact that we moved to the area not knowing anyone or anything about the area daycare options. Overall, I cannot say enough about the positive experience my son has had at SP. I would highly recommend the school.

— YP Review