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I knew that we were going to love School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly, and I was right!…

We moved to the area last spring and were sad about switching daycares; however, after simply a quick visit and tour of the facility I knew that we were going to love School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly, and I was right! My infant and toddler both love going to their school. All of the teachers are so sweet and treat my little ones like one of their own. The directors are both so wonderful too! My toddler refers to them as the M&M guy and girl! 🙂 I also love all of the extra activities and special events that they provide for my children. Nothing but positive remarks from this mama.-Happy Momma of 2!

— A Happy Mom
The teachers are very attentive…

The hours that the daycare provides are amazing!  The location is very convenient as it is right off the interstate!  In addition to daily care, they also provide a few extras, such as activities for the kids and date nights for the parents. The infant classes do a lot of art activities and I look forward to all the activities the daycare provides that my child can participate in as they get older.
One aspect my husband and I really enjoy is getting our child’s daily classroom sheet.  It includes all of the bottles/food, diaper changes, and naps from throughout the day.  It really helps us know what to expect once we get home.  The teachers are very attentive and notice immediately if our child seems like they aren’t feeling well or didn’t sleep well.  It’s great having our child surrounded by people that really care about him!

— The Ledbetters
Its like a home!…

M****** is in infant 2 and she loves it , when we walk through the front door she is smiling, she never cries, the staff is wonderful, the daycare as a whole is great. He teachers are great, everybody knows her name which is a plus. Its like a home!

— Caitlyn H
We love all the extras……

My 4 year old twins have been at School for Amazing Kids, Pelham for 2 years now. I can’t think of one thing that was negative at this school. The staff is great and my kids love them and are loved by them. It is amazing at the things they have already learned at 3. We love all the extras that are a part of this daycare as well. They have a parents night out once a month. We love that we get to go on a date without having to pay a babysitter. They have classes like ballet as well as programs for music and sports. They have fun things like a Sweetheart Banquet, PJ day, water day, fall festivals and the Kona ice truck in the summer. The learning that happens there is amazing. At 3 years old my twins knew which was right and left, how to spell several colors and their name. They were able to write letters and much more. Wouldn’t change anything about or experience at this daycare.

— A YP review
School for Amazing Kids, Calera was a blessing!!…

My family moved to Calera in October 2014.  I had my son in a daycare in Hoover before the move. I had planned on keeping him enrolled there since it was convenient to my work.  However, that school decided to close its doors without any notice on November 11, 2014.   Anytime you have to search for a new child care center it is nerve racking, especially when you had no time to prepare.  I, like many parents went by the school only to find a signs showing the center was closed and multiple signs from other child care center offering waived enrolling fees.  This is where School for Amazing Kids, Calera became a part of our lives.

I first contacted School for Amazing Kids in November 2014 to see if they have any opening for my son’s age group.  Thank God they did!!   With the help of Mrs. LaToya I had my son enrolled with no issue.  She was very thorough with the enrollment process and the school tour.  At first sight you can typically tell if a child care center is good.  This center is always spotless, it does NOT have that nasty daycare smell (some of you know what that means).  They have an excellent security system as well as a daily check in/out system.  I LOVE the fact that they will not accept any cash payment!  Hands down, they have an excellent directing staff.

Now, let’s talk about the teachers.  I think the teachers at this center are wonderful.  They each have classroom schedules and they follow them.  Since my son has been enrolled, I have seen great improvement in his learning.  He is doing great with his color, number and even potty training.  Each holiday and birthday the classrooms have a party.  They also have a spotlight each week for the students.  I am very pleased with this center and would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera to anyone looking for good, quality care along with a clean center.

— Stevie K.
Oh my goodness! How stinking cute!!!! Best teacher ever!…


— Leah A
They have far exceeded our expectations.…

My husband and I toured several daycares when looking for a place for our 3-month-old. School for Amazing Kids, Helena was the last place on our list and we knew immediately that this was the one for us! They have far exceeded our expectations. Our son is almost two now and we are always getting compliments on how smart he is. My reply to them is that he attends a great preschool! He learns so much every day and the staff is amazing!

— Penny Lane
You’re Helping Shape Our Future…

First let me say thank you for everything! It brings me comfort to know that I can bring my children to your care and KNOW they will be well cared for. There are many people who wonder what their purpose is in life. They make $100,000 a year wearing nice clothes but still wonder about their purpose. You guys have a purpose! You’re living it! You’re helping shape our future! Thank you for being such a huge part in our lives.

— Misty L.
Very satisfied with our experience and the care of our children…

One of the most important things we have discovered regarding sending our children to daycare, is management of the center. I find the caregivers to be of utmost importance, however the directors of the facility ensure the quality and management of the staff and thus their diligence is paramount. We feel that the facility directors at School for Amazing Kids, Calera are very cognizant of the importance of this, as the majority of the teachers my children have been exposed to have been wonderful; yet we did have a couple of less ideal experiences. In these cases, I took my concerns to the directors, and they were quick to react and address the issues. I feel this is crucial to the safety and well-being of the children, and feel that my concerns and opinions are always considered. This relationship of trust with the management at School for Amazing Kids, Calera has kept us loyal to the center and very satisfied with our experience and the care of our children.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Parent
I know my children will be loved and well-cared for when I drop them off at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly…

School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly has been a part of our life for almost five years. It’s amazing for me to see how much my children have grown and blossomed under the love and care provided by the school. My children have loved all of the teachers and everyone there has worked well with us and our children’s individual needs. I know my children will be loved and well-cared for when I drop them off at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly!

— Carrie Williams