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I love sending my two boys here.…

The Calera location for School for Amazing Kids is awesome. I love sending my two boys here. The hours are great (latest pickup is at 6:30pm) for my wife and I as we both work full time. My oldest will always run to his class and my youngest who is spoiled will ask for his teacher to hold him when he gets there. My boys have lots of friends there and enjoy learning. If they have ever had an issue with another classmate it has been resolved or been a non issue to begin with. I always feel safe dropping my sons off. The school is in a very convenient location to us and is very economical for the value/cost in comparison to similar facilities in the area. I am also excited that usually once a month they do a parents night out so we get to do a date night without having to find a sitter. I definitely would recommend you sending your children there and my boys would love to be friends with your kids.

— Kevin T.
…for the first time, I felt at ease… I could drive away and actually breathe!……

When my daughter was born I thought the best care for her would be me. Unfortunately, I could not afford to stay home with her and had to work. I struggled to find someone that would care for her at an in home daycare and finally found someone that I thought would be a perfect situation. As a new mother, I was under the impression that an in-home day care would provide more one on one time with my daughter than a larger facility. Even though they are regulated by DHR like larger facilities, my experience has been that they are simply not as good. In-home daycare has as many as 6 children and the ages range from 6 weeks to school age children. As a new mother, I had no idea that would be as detrimental as I found it to be. Trust me – it is much better for the child when he or she gets to play age appropriately with other children his or her age! You also have to understand that the in-home facilities generally don’t have a “backup” person. When the caregiver is ill, or must be away, there is no one else available to look after your child.

After a couple of months, my husband and I decided that we would look into a larger daycare and we found School for Amazing Kids, Helena. We immediately found the owners very loving and with their experience we felt like it was the perfect fit. The day my daughter started and I dropped her off for the first time, I felt at ease… I could drive away and actually breathe!

We all worry. I guess most of us think about our children lots of minutes of every day. When you can drop your precious baby off into the loving arms of someone who loves on them like they are their own, it’s such a blessing.

My daughter will be 2 the end of summer 2006 and she has loved going to School for Amazing Kids, Helena and absolutely loves her teachers. They play out side, color and have lots of one on one time, too.

I would highly recommend anyone to consider School for Amazing Kids, Helena for their child care. You won’t be sorry!

— Elizabeth Stogner
Amazing Child Care Center…

I am a grandmother of two children who attend School for Amazing Kids, Pelham. It is wonderful and educational child care center! The children are taught many age appropriate skills and behaviors. The teachers are patient and work very hard with each child’s learning. The day is interspersed with many different skills-social, behavioral, physical, as well as educational. I am very thankful that my grandchildren attend there. The receive a WELL-ROUNDED education for their age in preparing them for kindergarten and school/ The teachers and staff are amazing as they work with the children all day in every area. The children receive a well-balanced breakfast, snacks, and lunch every day. The atmosphere is very nurturing and safe and fun.

— Linda W.
School for Amazing Kids, Calera was a blessing!!…

My family moved to Calera in October 2014.  I had my son in a daycare in Hoover before the move. I had planned on keeping him enrolled there since it was convenient to my work.  However, that school decided to close its doors without any notice on November 11, 2014.   Anytime you have to search for a new child care center it is nerve racking, especially when you had no time to prepare.  I, like many parents went by the school only to find a signs showing the center was closed and multiple signs from other child care center offering waived enrolling fees.  This is where School for Amazing Kids, Calera became a part of our lives.

I first contacted School for Amazing Kids in November 2014 to see if they have any opening for my son’s age group.  Thank God they did!!   With the help of Mrs. LaToya I had my son enrolled with no issue.  She was very thorough with the enrollment process and the school tour.  At first sight you can typically tell if a child care center is good.  This center is always spotless, it does NOT have that nasty daycare smell (some of you know what that means).  They have an excellent security system as well as a daily check in/out system.  I LOVE the fact that they will not accept any cash payment!  Hands down, they have an excellent directing staff.

Now, let’s talk about the teachers.  I think the teachers at this center are wonderful.  They each have classroom schedules and they follow them.  Since my son has been enrolled, I have seen great improvement in his learning.  He is doing great with his color, number and even potty training.  Each holiday and birthday the classrooms have a party.  They also have a spotlight each week for the students.  I am very pleased with this center and would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera to anyone looking for good, quality care along with a clean center.

— Stevie K.
My kids LOVE their teachers…

There is so much that I am thankful for about SFAK, Helena.  My daughter is 5 years old and my son is 2 years old, and SFAK has been the only school they have ever attended. I have never felt the need to search for better care or education elsewhere. The teachers and staff at SFAK are wonderful! As a first time parent, I dreaded leaving my baby with complete strangers while I was at work all day. When I had my second child, I did not have an ounce of worry. One of the things that I love the most about SFAK, Helena is the the turn over rate is so low, that the same teachers that have taught my daughter are now teaching my son, and my kids LOVE their teachers. I never have a problem with my children not wanting to go to their class in the morning when I drop them off. My daughter will start Kindergarten next year and I am totally confident that SFAK has prepared her for “big kid school.” Each age group of kids is taught exactly they need to know before it is time for them to move up. It is really easy to follow your child’s development as well. They send home assessments regularly and each class has its own way of letting you know what kind of day your child has had. My kids are stimulated daily and get plenty of exercise.The school also has extra fun activities for the kids any chance they get (In school field trips for Pre-K, water play and Kona ice during the summer, pictures with Santa, their very own fall festival, In Tune Music Appreciation, Happy feet soccer, holiday class parties, and much more.)

— A Happy Momma
He has flourished in his social skills……

My children have been a part of School for Amazing Kids, Helena for the past 3 years and we have been impressed with each classroom. I appreciate the job the teachers have done with my son. He has flourished in his social skills and his ability to get along with other children. My son loves to be read to and I am confident this loves comes fromSchool for Amazing Kids, Helena. There has been numerous occasions where I have walked in and his teachers were reading to the class. I am glad we choseSchool for Amazing Kids, Helena and would recommend it to anyone looking for childcare in the area.

— Emily S.
He Loves going to see his teacher…

I love, love, love that my two little precious boys get to go here every single day! In the past I would have to pry my youngest one away from whatever he was doing to stay home or in the car. Now he Loves going to see his teacher and all his little friends every morning. My Husband and I have two very special boy and I cant think of a better place than this to have them go.

When Kevin and I were looking at education/ child care facilities we placed a high importance on education readiness, cost and convenience. We looked at several places for them to go and I even did some tours of potential places. School for Amazing Kids is exactly that, a very amazing place for my two little boys to go. Recently a spot opened up at another program that we had put an application in a year ago. We both declined even though it would be cheaper. We thought that there wasn’t any other place that I would want them to grow and be prepared for the next part of their education.

— Ashley
I am 100% satisfied with this daycare…
My experience at this daycare has been the most positive experience. This daycare is always very clean and smells very fresh. I feel the the student to teacher ratio is great, classes aren’t overly packed and each child gets the attention the need from a teacher. The play ground is always well maintained and all play equipment is in good working conditions. The breakfast and lunch at this daycare are always health and well balanced. I love the fact that all teachers and staff have had a very thorough back ground check and extensive training in order to teach at this daycare. My son has been at this school for a year now and he has learned so much in his time here. He has also learned to be on a routine because of the way the his teacher has the students day planned out. I highly recommend this daycare/school to any parent that wants their child to be in a daycare that is set up like a school. I am 100% satisfied with this daycare could not ask for a better place for my son.
— K.M.
I feel like they are family!…

My husband Tony and I have been sending our babies here for over 2 years now and we absolutely adore this place! The staff are always friendly and so attentive to the needs of my little ones. I feel like they are family! Please, if you are a parent in the Helena/Greater Birmingham area, do not hesitate to send your little prince or princess here!

— Amy R.

School for Amazing Kids, Helena, is in my opinion, the best in the state! When my 9-year-old was in daycare I went through 6 daycares before deciding that she just needed to stay with her grandparents while I worked. It was hard to leave her when she was younger and none of the daycares I tried made it any easier. When I knew it was time to find my 3-year-old a daycare I dreaded it! I posted online to see if anyone had any recommendations, withing about 30 minutes I had NUMEROUS recommendations for School for Amazing Kids, Helena. The next day my husband and I set up a tour. Tina was amazing and made sure that all of our questions were answered. Dana handled the registration for Lilly and was also amazing. I was still unsure about putting her in daycare because of past experiences. Dana called me at least once a week seeing if I had any questions. Finally, about 4 weeks later we decided to give them a try. I DO NOT REGRET IT ONE BIT! The staff at School for Amazing Kids, Helena made me feel very comfortable leaving my daughter in their care. Lilly absolutely loves everyone there! She has progressed so much since starting there and I am so glad I made the decision to choose School for Amazing Kids, Helena.

— Misty Barton