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School for Amazing Kids, Helena does an excellent job communicating with parents.…

School for Amazing Kids, Helena is a wonderful daycare!  My two year old son and five month old daughter both attend five days per week.  The staff is full of very caring people.  They treat the kids like their own.  My son has learned so much in his two year old class.  He loves going to school every day to learn and play with his friends.  They have a well balanced curriculum that makes learning fun. My son is very busy and his teachers keep him involved in hands on activities throughout the day. We couldn’t ask for better teachers and staff.  I always know that my children are in good hands when I leave them. We get a daily informative sheet about our children’s day which includes feeding, nap, and diaper change times. Weekly newsletters are also sent home for my son that include upcoming events, kids’ birthdays, and what he will be learning in class.  Communication between staff and parents is very important to my husband and I.  School for Amazing Kids, Helena does an excellent  job communicating with parents.

— Leslie
This daycare gets a A++ in my eyes…

My kids absolutely love this day care, my son is always coming home and telling me that he had a great day and the teachers were very nice to him. The teachers are the greatest thing about this daycare, they treat every child as if it was their own. This daycare gets a A++ in my eyes.

— Jordan Goode on 7/18/2014
Love this facility…

 My children are happy and I’m over the moon! The teachers are patient and kind and are teaching my children so much daily. I love to see the daily questions and the kids answers on the board. I love to ask my oldest child about his day and hear him have so much to share all with excitement in his voice. It’s a classy place with A+ teachers who you can tell truly love their job and the kids they care for and teach. All of the creativity in the rooms just boost the kids’ spirits and make them hunger to learn more! We are fortunate to be at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly – I didn’t think twice when we decided to make the switch a few months back. It IS the place to be!

— Melanie Shivers
She eagerly goes off to “school” each day and asks to go back over the entire weekend.…

I would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Pelham to anyone. My daughter had been at home exclusively from birth until she recently joined the 3s class, and I was worried about how she would take to childcare. However, she has loved it so much since she started that she eagerly goes off to “school” each day and asks to go back over the entire weekend.

— Catrina Thomas-Jefferson
It’s phenomenal!…

We’ve been at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly, now, since 2001. We chose Amazing Kids because of the genuine staff and teachers. One thing that I’ve liked, since 2011, is that there’s been very little staff change. It’s phenomenal! That means that not only does my daughter know the teachers, but I know the teachers as well—and I know that they care about my child. What sets the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly Apart? It’s the staff. The staff goes the extra mile. They really seem to have a vested interest in children! I would recommend the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly to family, friends and anyone new in the community if they’re looking for a fabulous program.

— Maurice Mercer
I Checked with Every Local Day Care…

C** has been with School for Amazing Kids, Helena for almost a year now. Before her birth, I checked with every local day care within a 10-mile radius of Helena and did not feel as comfortable as I did when I walked into the School for Amazing Kids.

The cleanliness, the safety, and the staff, all made me feel like I had walked into the right place.

C** was early, a 4 pound 12-ounce preemie, that made things even more nerve-wracking for us. But once I took her to School for Amazing Kids the first time just to visit and talk with her teachers, I knew everything would be fine. They had dealt with preemie’s who needed to be held 24/7 and would only snack all day long instead of taking a full bottle at a time.

C** also wasn’t taking naps during she day, but her teachers found the perfect side to side swing that was just the soothing comfort C** needed and she started napping. I would have never been able to figure that one out without them.

As the months went by her teachers have done an excellent job of teaching C**. I am the only mother I know that had a 4-month-old who could eat from a spoon in a matter of days!

There were no problems getting her to try solids at all, thanks to the School for Amazing Kids. Now at one-year-old, she loves the sippy cup that she was introduced to at the school almost as much as her bottle! Weaning her from the bottle is going to be a breeze thanks to School for Amazing Kids, Helena.

When C** wouldn’t roll over and refused to be on her stomach for more than 10 seconds, it was her teachers at the School for Amazing Kids who worked with her every day until she got it.

I think the most important thing that lets us know that School for Amazing Kids, Helena is the right place for C** is that she loves it. In the mornings, she will reach out for Miss Donna, Miss Marcy, or Miss Brooke. In the afternoons, if we sneak a peek at her for a few minutes before she sees us, we get to see her being rocked, watching her favorite DVD, or playing happily with her toys and the other babies.

— Lisa B.
It is amazing how much my kids have learned.…

We started at the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham almost a year ago. I have 3 year old twins. My husband and I have not had one complaint with the school since they started there. The kids love it there. They even ask on Saturdays if they can go to school. It is amazing how much my kids have learned.We love all the extras that are a part of this daycare as well. They have a parents night out once a month. We love that we get to go on a date without having to pay a babysitter. They have classes like ballet as well as programs for music and sports. They have fun things like a Sweetheart Banquet, PJ day, water day, fall festivals and the Kona ice truck in the summer.Wouldn’t change anything about or experience at this daycare.

— Rhonda Tapia
I appreciate the awesome care that you all provide……

I just wanted to take some time out of my afternoon to let you know how much I appreciate the awesome care that you all provide. School for Amazing Kids, Calera staff is the best in my family’s eyes.  B***** has been enrolled for 3 years since we moved to Calera, and we have always had a positive experience.  He has learned so much! He enjoys school, which is the best feeling for a mother who has to work outside of the home.  Both he and M******* have formed bonds that can never be broken!

I just wanted you to know that we greatly appreciate the care and attention our children have received over the years, and I am so pleased that my child is enrolled at a facility that prioritizes excellence! Thank you for the work you do every day!

— The Arnold Family
We feel so blessed…

We feel so blessed that Anna has a wonderful place to stay and people to love on her all day long. Ya’ll are the best!

— Heidi R.
“I never expected my 2 year old to ask me to draw a parallelogram…”…

— Kasey Baker