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Never boring at School for Amazing Kids, Calera…

School for Amazing Kids, Calera has been a wonderful school for my son. They have a great curriculum but most impressively they keep things interesting by making fun schedules for the kids (wear your favorite team jersey day, hat day, stuffed animal day, etc). Occasionally they will have a fun weekend event like a Field Day that brings everyone together and helps the parents get to know the teachers more. Seems like there is always something going on. Never boring at School for Amazing Kids, Calera!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Mom
Anna Leigh has learned so much and she loves her teachers…

We just love School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly!! Anna Leigh has learned so much and she loves her “teachers. I wouldn’t’ dream of going anywhere else.

— Kristi
I appreciate your attention to detail and doing things “right.”…

We LOVE School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly.  I appreciate your attention to detail and doing things “right.”  I also appreciate that you and LaToya genuinely want to ensure that our children are well taken care of and loved well while we are away.  We love Mrs. Yvonne.  She gives attention to detail in MB’s day like none other.  MB is always happy and well-loved in her care.  I am always amazed that MB is ready to go right when I get there in the afternoons because Yvonne knows our routine like the back of her hand.  She coordinates MB’s day in a way that helps our family enjoy our evenings together.  This is such a blessing.  Even more, she loves our FAMILY well.  Just this week, she took it upon herself to go above and BEYOND the call of duty to love MB (and our family) well through a simple act of kindness.  You would be hard-pressed to find a teacher who cares for babies–and their parents–in a more detail-oriented, compassionate way than Mrs. Yvonne.  We love Kendriya.  I would be in a MESS if she weren’t S******’s teacher.  She is the reason S****** has “turned a corner” and begun having a more positive attitude about returning to school this week.  He asks when Ms. Kendriya will be there and looks forward to playing with her.  Kendriya says that Yvonne spoils MB, but if the truth is told, she spoils S****** in a way that makes him feel special and loved.  Helping a three year old manage a routine, learn new steps in a routine (like potty training!!!), engage a curriculum of new concepts and ideas–all while having fun!–is no small task.  Kendriya does it with finesse.  Our family wants you to know that we appreciate all of you for loving us well.  

— Lauren on 10/21/2015
I Have Loved it Since the Very First Day…

I can’t even begin to express how much the School for Amazing Kids, Helena means to me. T** has been at School for Amazing Kids, Helena since she was 9wks old, and I have loved it since the very first day. When you are searching for a day care the thought of dropping your child off with strangers is a terrifying feeling!

School for Amazing Kids, Helena makes it so much easier, every morning, when I take T** in I know that she will be taken care of just like she would at home. The teachers and all of the staff are so amazing! Thank you so much for taking care of my baby! Thank you for actually teaching my baby and loving her as if she were your own!

— Robby and Becca
Your passionate visionary character is infectious!…
Good Morning Katie!
I hope your day is proving to be a productive and promising one.  I just wanted to take time to say how grateful I am to you and your commitment to care for little ones with such excellence. Your passionate visionary character is infectious! How can anyone not be the same when they are around you?!
The afternoon Kristen and I came to visit your center, God gave me an impactful verse to focus on that day: Psalm 27:13 – “I would have lost heart if I had not believed that I would see the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living.”  I truly believed God would provide for my daughter and her family, that He would make a way for my grandchildren to be card for with excellence.  You and your center are indeed, “the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living” – our future generations and a true answer to my prayers.
I wish you well in all your endeavors for Christ, as you pursue your vision and goals for the center. If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to call on me.
— Ruth Laurent
Amazing Child Care Center…

I am a grandmother of two children who attend School for Amazing Kids, Pelham. It is wonderful and educational child care center! The children are taught many age appropriate skills and behaviors. The teachers are patient and work very hard with each child’s learning. The day is interspersed with many different skills-social, behavioral, physical, as well as educational. I am very thankful that my grandchildren attend there. The receive a WELL-ROUNDED education for their age in preparing them for kindergarten and school/ The teachers and staff are amazing as they work with the children all day in every area. The children receive a well-balanced breakfast, snacks, and lunch every day. The atmosphere is very nurturing and safe and fun.

— Linda W.
I liked to see that they don’t just watch your kids…

When searching for a daycare facility it is important to find one that you can connect with. As soon as we walked into the infant room we were immediately greeted with a kind a caring woman. She made certain to take time to answer every question we had. She showed us some of the cute crafts the kids were making with their footprints. I liked to see that they don’t just watch your kids, they interact with them and teach them.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Parent
There is structure and stability at School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly, fantastic teachers and staff and a warm, loving atmosphere.…

We just started at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly this summer with my two boys; first time in daycare for my infant and a switch for my oldest. We have been thoroughly impressed and completely happy. Making a switch for my child is a big deal and he transitioned so smoothly. He loves his new school, his friends and teachers. My infant is all smiles every day when I drop him off. There’s structure and stability atSchool for Amazing Kids, Weatherly, fantastic teachers and staff and a warm, loving atmosphere. I wish we had come sooner!

— Melanie Shivers
My child loves to wake up in the morning and ask if it’s a school day……

After several searches for a daycare that I felt safe to leave my daughter in while I worked we were told to check out School for Amazing Kids, Helena. We have been so please. My child loves to wake up in the morning and ask if it’s a school day, and if it is… then she is ready before us! That is a wonderful way to start the day. With a child willing are ready to go to school! With a clean and safe environment I feel so at ease with her being there!

— Meggie C
The Entire Staff Radiates Excitement…

If you are looking for a special place for your children, a place that fully exceeds all of your expectations then look no further! The School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is more than just a daycare. There are so many wonderful things about SP it’s hard to know where to begin! I love knowing my child is being cared for, loved and encouraged in all aspects of his development.

The entire staff radiates excitement, which is so refreshing. In an environment where everyone is always smiling, you just know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they love and care about each and every single child there. They invest so much of themselves and it shows! I truly feel blessed to have found such a wonderful place for my child! Thank you all at SP for the wonderful job you do every day, it means more to me and my family than you know!

— Brooke R.