References for Amazing Kids

My son and I love this school!…

My son and I love this school! Our son has only been here since the school year started and I highly recommend this school. The attending staff and kids have made our son feel welcomed since day one. This is one thing that has minimized the amount of new kid/school anxiety. He has developed so many skills and learned so much since we enrolled him. We love school for Amazing Kids, Helena.

— Laporschea
ABC’s and 123’s are not all that they focus on……

We Love School for Amazing Kids, Helena. It is crazy to think that with one year of schooling at this clean, organized and loving place my child has learned so much. ABC’s and 123’s are not all that they focus on. They do A LOT more! its wonderful 

— Meggie C
More than just a Child Care Facility, it’s a Child Loving Facility…

School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is just awesome. My first child was there for years before he started Kindergarten. When I put my second child in School for Amazing Kids, Pelham, it was such a refreshing experience walking in and seeing the same faces from when we left almost 2 years before.

I checked around at the different childcare facilities, and the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is by far the cleanest and has wonderful Christian staff members. The check-in-and-out policy is secure, and everyone there is always very helpful and informal about what kind of day my little guy had. He would always cry when we pulled up to the childcare facility prior to School for Amazing Kids, Pelham, but now he runs to our door to leave when we get his shoes on him in the mornings. Now, he never wants to leave when I get there to pick him up. He loves it and his teachers are always busy working on their development, with songs, rhymes, and fun hands-on activities!

I can honestly say that School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is more than just a child care facility, it’s a child loving facility that is very good at caring for my child! I couldn’t ask for better child care!!”

— Magan C.
Our children love going to school……

Our little ones started attending School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly in the fall and we have been so happy with our experience here. Our children love going to school, which makes it easy on this momma. I am impressed with their secure facility and the cleanliness that they maintain throughout the facility. The teachers and staff at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly are exactly what you would hope for for any daycare or preschool. We love the infant and toddler teachers and know that the rest will be just as great too!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly Parent
The Perfect Mix Between Education and Fun…

Let me start by saying, “We Love this Center.” As educators and parents of three, my husband and I are always looking for a place were we can get all the bells and whistles but at a reasonable price. We have not only gotten the Bells and Whistles but we have gotten a staff that truly loves what they do.

[Our son] is a strong willed young man but his face lights up when he enters the center. The staff has found the perfect mix between education and fun and lets face it education at this age needs to be interactive and fun. Keep up the great work!

— Todd C., M.Ed and Shannon C., M.Ed.
I would recommend this daycare to anyone.…

I absolutely love this daycare.  My child has been attending Morning Star since he was 2.  If I have ever had any issues they have always been very helpful and resolve the situation. I would recommend this daycare to anyone.

— Diana S.
I feel like they are family!…

My husband Tony and I have been sending our babies here for over 2 years now and we absolutely adore this place! The staff are always friendly and so attentive to the needs of my little ones. I feel like they are family! Please, if you are a parent in the Helena/Greater Birmingham area, do not hesitate to send your little prince or princess here!

— Amy R.
Clean, clean, clean!…

Clean, clean, clean! When my husband and I were originally searching for a daycare, we noticed that each infant room reeked! As we walked in the infant room, a teacher was changing a diaper with gloves on and there was no smell. As silly as that sounds, it was a relief for us. We knew that this daycare took care of their rooms and children. My infant is as messy as an infant should be when first discovering food. However, if he makes a mess with his clothes the teacher makes sure to change him so he stays clean. I appreciate the attention to detail and the cleanliness of the center. I feel like my children are very well taken care of.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Mom
I Can’t Think of Anything that You Don’t Do Well…

I can’t think of anything that you don’t do well. I love the structure, routine, positive reinforcement, the learn-at-play curriculum, the compassion given to the kids from the teachers, and the “extra” stuff the kids get to do! It’s awesome!

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
They also believe in God and the power of prayer.…

They really resonated there emphasis on community involvement and their belief in a strong faith when they had a Prayer Breakfast to pray for our community. That was a great thing for them to do to not only bring the parents and children on the school together, but to bring the community together as a whole. I love that my daughter goes to a child care facility that not only shows that they are proud and support the area in which they are located but that they also believe in God and the power of prayer.

I love that my daughter’s lead teacher was the one who headed this up and I love the commitment she had throughout. They even provided us with a great breakfast while we mingled with everyone there. It is important that children not only have a foundation for community support and Christian principles in their home, but just as well in their child care facility or school where they spend the majority of their time and I am so glad that my daughter attends a place just like that.

— Mrs. Underwood