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The social skills he learns at School for Amazing Kids, Helena are incredible…

My 2-year-old has learned so much at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. I’m constantly surprised at the new things he’s learned from daycare. He’s growing so fast and picking up on all of the essential building blocks of education. I was even taken aback by his knowledge of all the other kids names. He is now outspoken and loves to have conversations with me. His brother is too young to play with him right now but the social skills he learns at School for Amazing Kids, Helena are incredible. He still may have a hard time sharing but is learning more everyday from his teachers and friends!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Mom
They always tell us about his day!…

The School for Amazing Kids in Calera has been fantastic with our infant son. We were concerned about going back to work and leaving him at a daycare but they have made it a breeze for us. They always tell us about his day! They even send a report home each day detailing when he did what. It is a very clean and friendly facility. Parents must use fingerprint to sign in and out and there are cameras throughout the building. I feel very safe with my son enrolled here. It is a great place for the price and the convenience of the location. We are extremely please with our experience so far.

— A YP Review
I Get to Go to School on Monday…

We transferred B** to School for Amazing Kids, Helena from another day care center when he was about 14 months old. It turned out to be the best decision we could have made for him. Our only regret was that he didn’t get to attend School for Amazing Kids from the very beginning.

B** loves all his classes. He talks about his teachers as if they are part of our family, and in a way he’s right! His teachers go out of their way to make us feel like B** is as special to them as he is to us. B** says it best every Sunday when he announces enthusiastically, “I get to go to day school on Monday!”

I am grateful every day that we made the decision to change toSchool for Amazing Kids, Helena.

— Melissa and Kevin A.
School for Amazing Kids, Calera has exceeded our expectations…

School for Amazing Kids, Calera is a great childcare facility. There is a low turnover rate among the staff. My wife and I were very picky in choosing a daycare and the School for Amazing Kids has exceeded our expectations. They have a solid communication system for keeping in contact with us because of a weather closing etc. School for Amazing Kids, Calera is a safe and secure facility, we can tell that they really care about our child.

— Joe A.
They Absolutely LOVE My Child…

I love School for Amazing Kids, Helena because L**’s teachers treat him like he is one of their own! They are such a blessing because they absolutely LOVE my child, which makes it possible for me to go to work! When L** was an infant, I felt like I was taking him to grandma’s house because this daycare feels like HOME. School for Amazing Kids, Helena allows kids to be “kids.” When I pick up L**, I know that he has played outside, learned a new song, had a hug and has learned about God.

Favorite Song: “Peanut Sitting on a Railroad Track.” L** has sung it so much that we all sing it at home!

Favorite Time: The IRON BOWL football game! L**’s class had an AU/UA football day! Despite the fact that Luke “chose” to play for the Tide when we are AVID Tiger fans, it was so much fun to watch! It WAS hilarious to see fifteen two-year-olds running around the field!

Favorite Story: Let’s count to ten! L** counted to ten for us…we were impressed and then all of a sudden, we heard uno, dos, tres…coming from our two-year old’s mouth! We have a two-year-old counting in English and in Spanish because of School for Amazing Kids!

To all the teachers in the POND (including Ms. Janet) thanks for all you do! You minister to our family each day!

— The Stringers
The teachers are so nurturing…

My husband and I absolutely love School for Amazing Kids, Pelham. Our son was 7 months old when he started at the daycare. Needless to say, we were nervous because his grandmother kept him for us during the day while we worked. Little did we know, our precious bundle of joy warmed right up to his teachers as well as his fellow classmates. Since attending School for Amazing Kids, Pelham, our baby has become so independent. It is hard to keep up with him! The teachers are so nurturing which made the transition for our son easy. We highly recommend this great daycare to new parents. You will not be disappointed.

Google Review 6/2/2015

— A School for Amazing Kids, Pelham Mom
Thank you School for Amazing Kids, Helena for incorporating FUN into my children’s education…

My children are in daycare to be very well taken care of, start their education and have fun! This center nails each and every point. During the summer the staff takes the children outside for water day once a week. I’ve seen pictures and they all look like they are having a ball. They even have a snow cone truck come out to deliver a treat to the kids. My child knows what day it is and gets so excited when he sees his water shoes! I’m so pleased that the center documents the kids outside since I have to work and can’t be there for every second of his day. Thank you School for Amazing Kids, Helena for incorporating FUN into my children’s education.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Parent
The Amazing Kids at Weatherly daycare is great.…

The Amazing Kids at Weatherly daycare is great. My wife interviewed more than a dozen daycare facilities before we signed up our kids here. The staff and teachers are outstanding and really give personal attention to each child. We have 3 kids attending ranging from infants to pre-K. We get daily reports to keep us in the loop and quarterly assessments for learning development. The rooms are always clean and organized. We have a personal connection with each child’s teacher and always feel like we get full attention for any concern big or small. You should consider this school when shopping for your next daycare.

— A Facebook review
I Get a Smiling Face when I Walk In…

I love the fact that I get a smiling face when I walk in when I go to the class room it’s a smiling face and I’m told to have a good day. When I pick my child up I’m still greeted with smiling faces. I know my child loves School for Amazing Kids, Helena and looks forward to going every morning.

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
The entire staff is friendly…

Great School!  The staff at SFAK Helena are the best!  I have a 2 year old and 5 year old that attend.  The entire staff is friendly and greet each child by name. My kids love the staff so much that they never complain about having to go there, and even sometimes ask to go there on weekends.  The amount the kids learn is impressive.  I am positive my children will be more than ready for kindergarten and have learned much more than even the pre-k classes at the elementary school can teach.  It’s such a relief to not have to worry about if my children are safe and in good hands.

— Carla M.