Our girls thrive under that kind of environment and unconditional love

We have two daughters that have attended School for Amazing Kids, Calera since my return to work from maternity leave at 12 weeks old.  It has been very interesting for us to watch the differences in development from one child to the next and how the center interacts and handles each child.  They have both had the fortune to share certain teachers as they age, however the youngest has developed quite a special attachment to one of her teachers particularly.  This young lady has shown the utmost attention to the needs and development of our child, and they have formed a precious bond.  All the children in this classroom seem to benefit from the gentleness and love that is given by all of these teachers as they are all very attached to each, which is very emblematic of the care they receive.  I know with certainty that my daughter would not be so comfortable and excited to see her teacher(s), should she not be treated with the same type of care she receives from family.

I do not have any doubts that these ladies treat my children with the same concern and love that they would treat their own children and it has been such a blessing to watch our girls thrive under that kind of environment and unconditional love when it cannot be given by us.  The trust and safety of the facility and staff has made it definitively easier to return to work, especially when leaving an infant and we are very grateful!