“Yay school!”

As a first time parent, there is always apprehension when a child is going to Daycare. From the first day my son went through the doors at School for Amazing Kids, Calera, my fears were washed away. The teachers and staff are very attentive and caring as well as patient. When my son first got there, of course he cried when dropped off. They said this was quite normal. And after a week  they proved to be right. He adjusted to his new environment and was very content. At present, my son has been going to the School for Amazing Kids for 1 1/2 years and is in class 2B. I like the structure that he is learning, the different techniques the teachers use (art, music, play, etc.). I know he is benefitting in so many ways. It makes me feel so good that now when I take him, he says, “Yay school!”