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Boost Your Child’s Immune System With These Easy Steps

What many people don’t realize is that 70% of your immune system lives in your gastrointestinal tract. There are trillions of good bacteria that live in your gut and help protect you against common viruses and bacterial infections. Some microbiologists are currently studying how these good bacteria may also affect your metabolism, your mood and [...]

The Most Important Gift You Can Give Your Child

No matter where you work or where you live or how many kids you have, we all feel the pressures and high expectations of the holiday season. What’s meant to be a season of coming together and taking time to appreciate family and loved ones often becomes a season of stress as we fret about [...]

Farewell Pelham….For Now

After 16 years of serving Pelham families, our Pelham location will be closing its doors on November 12, 2021. I know this comes as a shock and I wish that this wasn’t the case. However, the property owners decided to sell the building and were unwilling to renew our lease. When we realized that there [...]
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Handling Challenging Behavior in Young Children

If you haven’t yet experienced a temper tantrum from your own little one, you’ve no doubt seen another child pitch a fit at some point. Between the ages of 1 – 4, children are developing strong emotions and opinions with very little capacity to cope. Though temper tantrums can be frustrating, they are a sign [...]
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Why The First 5 Years Are So Important

As a parent you’ve probably heard that the first five years of life are so important for your child’s long-term health and wellbeing. In these years, children cultivate an understanding of language and communication, learn the foundations of building relationships and establish neurological pathways essential for cognitive and physical development. Many of these developments happen [...]

Why Learning At Play Is So Important…And Fun!

Walk into any of our schools and you might think that the kids are just “playing” but in actuality their little brains are hard at work. When they are on the playground, they are strengthening the gross motor skills that help them with muscle control, balance and coordination. When they are playing with cars or [...]

The Amazing Kids Secret Sauce

The heartbeat of every successful company is its people. That’s especially true for School for Amazing Kids. Our directors, co-directors and teachers are the lifeblood of our schools. Everyday in so many ways our staff goes above and beyond. They are happy to wipe noses and bottoms, they sing and dance and jump, they give [...]

5 Crafty Ideas For Outside Fun

Spring is finally here! This time of year in Alabama has always been one of my favorites–though I could definitely do without the tornados and pollen! It seems like every corner is bursting with color as the azaleas and tulip trees and dogwoods come to life. It’s way too beautiful to stay inside and after a [...]
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Why Story Time Is So Important

You’ve probably heard that reading is good for you and it’s absolutely true. Reading a book can increase your intelligence, boost your brain power, help fight Alzheimer’s disease and just help you relax. Reading can boost your creativity and spark your imagination, take you to distant lands and let you fly through outer space. As [...]

Balancing Life as a Working Parent

Becoming a parent is one of the most joyful experiences of life. Once you see that sweet face and your little one wraps his or her hand around your finger, your life changes forever. Instantly, your heart is full of love and gratitude, yet your life has suddenly become more complex, busier, and stressful. Soon [...]
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Measuring Milestones in Children Ages 1 – 5

The first few years of your child’s life are full of excitement and discovery–for the both of you! As your child progresses through the first five years, it’s important to pay attention to several developmental milestones. Milestones follow predictable courses in children and help parents, teachers and doctors recognize potential developmental delays. At School for [...]

You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup

There’s an old saying that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Essentially it means that we have to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. As parents, we are constantly giving, constantly taking care of our families, constantly on the go. There is little time to recharge and rejuvenate, little [...]
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Are Your Ducks In A Row?

Starting a college fund for a child who is still in diapers might seem a bit premature… Making sure your children are financially provided for if something tragic ever happens to you or your significant other, might sound depressing… Saving money in preparation for unexpected life events—the loss of a job, serious illness or disability—isn’t [...]
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Family Matters Most

Spending quality time with your kids is one of the best things you can do for them. Kids who have strong, nurturing relationships with their parents and family members build a positive sense of self-worth, develop a sense of closeness with their families and feel more settled and secure. This togetherness as a family can [...]

Ways to Help Your Child Cope With Stress & Change

The world is constantly changing. The pace of change in our world right now is more rapid than it’s ever been and though life is full of transitions and adjustments, most of us are resistant to them. Whether the change is welcome or not, it inevitably brings some amount of stress. The Coronavirus has disrupted [...]
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2020 Drive Thru Graduation!

When life gives you lemons, you’ve got a choice–whine and pout about how you wanted an oatmeal cream pie instead or whip yourself up some lemonade and share it with all your friends. No doubt 2020 has been full of lemons so far. It seems like it’s one unbelievable crisis after another these days and [...]
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The Great Reopening

For seven weeks our schools were mostly empty. At times, the directors might be in the office catching up on administrative work or in the classrooms cleaning every possible surface but for the most part, the hallways and classrooms that for years were filled with children’s laughter and singing and curious voices sat eerily quiet. [...]

Reopening May 4th!

We are excited to announce that we will be reopening our doors, Monday, May 4th! We will be operating according to the “ORDER OF STATE HEALTH OFFICER SUSPENDING CERTAIN PUBLIC GATHERINGS DUE TO THE RISK OF INFECTION BY COVID-19 (APPLICABLE STATEWIDE) AMENDED APRIL 28, 2020.” This means that each classroom with have no more than [...]
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Unsung Heroes

We are still in the middle of it. We don’t know how to feel. Grocery stores are a wreck. You can’t find hand sanitizer. You can’t find toilet paper. You’re not allowed to take more than two loaves of bread. We can’t go out to eat. Playgrounds are closed and some parks too. We look [...]
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3 Essential Bible Verses For Parenting

When my wife, Jennifer, got pregnant with our first of two children more than 17 years ago, I was your typical scared-to-death father who didn’t feel prepared to be a dad. I didn’t know what to expect and was concerned that I wouldn’t be a good father. Growing up in a home without a dad [...]

5 Family Habits That Can Change Your Life

Starting new habits at the beginning of the year can have a dramatic effect on what your year will look like. Many people set new year’s resolutions only to give them up in frustration a few days later. The key to making big change isn’t setting lofty goals and tackling them head on. The key [...]

Does Cold Weather Cause Illness In Children?

When the air outside starts to get crisper, the temperature drops and you feel the urge to reach for a sweater, do you automatically start to worry about catching cold? Now that you have a child, do you warn him or her that they could get sick if they spend too much time exposed to [...]

4 Benefits of Music In Your Child’s Education

Music plays an important role in our culture. It’s ingrained in nearly every aspect of our lives. It’s rare that we go a day without hearing music, singing music or at least humming a familiar tune. From birth, parents use music to soothe children, express love and joy and simply engage and interact with their [...]
attention problems, obesity, anxiety, depression, fear of the natural world and disregard for life.” ~

Go Outside! Your Health Depends On It!

Your child’s chance of living a healthy, successful life depends a great deal on what you do for him or her in the first five years. The stress of that responsibility can take a toll on parents and it’s no wonder. You get advice from every angle! However, here’s one simple thing you can do [...]
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5 Ways a Summer Program Benefits Your Child

Summer is right around the corner! Bring on the beach trips, sprinklers, slip and slides and trips to the pool! When I think of summer I think of freedom. As a child of the mid-80s I spent my summers exploring my neighborhood on my bike with the only instructions from my mom being “come home [...]