This school really is full of AMAZING kids and teachers!

This school really is full of AMAZING kids and teachers! It may not be super shiny and new, but the quality of care and education is way more than you might get somewhere else. My daughter is 5 years old and my son is 2 years old, and this is the only school they have ever known, and we love it! Several of my friends have ended up switching their kids from another daycare to one of the SFAK locations! The Helena location is wonderful and we absolutely adore the staff. They know our family so well and are really easy to communicate with. What i really love about SFAK, Helena is that the same teachers that have taught my daughter are teaching my son, so I have already built a relationship with them. Over the years, I was even able to get to know the teachers that my daughter would have before she even had them, because the staff is so friendly. My kids are stimulated daily and get great exercise on the playground. These kids are taught exactly what they need to know for their age groups. I am amazed constantly at how much my children are learning, and I am confident about my daughter starting Kindergarten next year!