Parent’s Night Out (PNO)

What more can I say? I love that my daughter’s daycare offers this great amenity to parents FREE OF CHARGE. They realize the importance of adult time alone and they offer this for parents who might not otherwise have reliable child care for a date night. When we first heard of PNO, my husband and I were ecstatic that we had somewhere for not only our baby to go, but our oldest daughter to go as well. That’s right. They will even care for the siblings of the children who attend the daycare. All I have to do is make sure that my girls are bathed and feed and they will care for them from 6:45 pm until 10:30 pm which is plenty of time for a movie, dinner or even quiet time alone with your significant other or yourself.

I love that School for Amazing Kids, Calera has such caring teachers that they are willing to spend their Friday evening caring for my children. My oldest, who is 7, enjoys herself so much that she always asks when will the next PNO be. I love how when you drop your kids off they always say, “Have a great time” or “Enjoy yourselves”, it always makes me feel that they are more than happy to care for my daughters without any hesitation and I can always tell that they actually volunteered and were not forced to do it. Besides family, where else can you find reliable, fun and FREE child care for a much needed date night or alone time? Exactly, it doesn’t exist, but it does at School for Amazing Kids, Calera.