Teacher with Kid - Helena, AL - School for Amazing Kids

When you drop your baby off at day care, you want to feel like they’re being more than simply fed and watched—you want them to feel loved. Your child deserves the kind of affection and attention that he or she would receive at home. That’s why at the Schools for Amazing Kids, we take extra care to nurture your children during their time here so that they feel special when they come home to you.

We believe the best systems, most organized classrooms and stellar curricula only matter when they are offered on the foundation of gifted teachers who provide a loving connection with the children. And it isn’t just our staff who feel this way. Take a look at the science that backs up the importance of nurturing children daily:


  • Infants who get affection, high-touch and nurturing from their parents and caregivers are the most likely to be happy, competent and healthy throughout their entire lifetime.
  • A relationship with a consistent, caring adult in a child’s early years equals better grades, healthier behaviors, happier relationships, and less stress.
  • An infant’s brain develops better when parents and caregivers provide love, affection and comfort.


  • Brains in babies who are neglected by a parent or caregiver have a harder time developing properly.
  • Too little contact and positivity can actually change an infant’s chemistry, resulting in a reduction of hormones necessary for brain and heart development.
  • Children who lack early emotional attachments frequently have difficulty relating to their peers throughout their life.

That’s why when you drop off your children at a School for Amazing Kids, you can feel safe knowing that they are being looked after by providers that care as much about their intellectual development as their emotional development.

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