The Amazing Kids Secret Sauce

Lauren Vogel

Director of Marketing & Communications

By Lauren Vogel

The heartbeat of every successful company is its people. That’s especially true for School for Amazing Kids. Our directors, co-directors and teachers are the lifeblood of our schools.

Everyday in so many ways our staff goes above and beyond. They are happy to wipe noses and bottoms, they sing and dance and jump, they give hugs and high fives, they dry tears and tend to boo-boos, they teach ABCs, 123s, colors and shapes. They demonstrate patience and kindness. They give their attention, time, energy and love endlessly.

For this teacher appreciation week we want to acknowledge one of our directors who embodies the spirit of School for Amazing Kids to the core, Tina Logan.

Tina has worked with children for over 31 years and has been with Amazing Kids for 19 years. She worked as the director of our Helena location for 11 years and is now the director of our Calera school. Known affectionately as the Mama Bear of Amazing Kids, Tina runs a tight ship but does it with a lot of love and kindness.

We sat down with Tina to pick her brain.

AK: What do you love most about working at Amazing Kids?

Tina: Watching the kids grow up. That brings me a lot of joy. Some of the kids I have now, their parents were in my classes when they were little. I got to see them go through school and graduate high school and then become parents. Now I get to see their kids every day. It’s like a big family.

AK: You seem to have a knack of working with people. Sometimes we call you the Mama Bear. You’re a no nonsense kind of person but you’re also loving and caring.

Tina: I think that’s something God has blessed me with. I love helping people but I don’t coddle anyone. People respect that.

AK: Teachers and schools really seem to thrive under your guidance. What’s your secret?

Tina: I love my teachers and make sure they know it. They’re the foundation of the school. They’re the heartbeat. I make sure they have everything they need to be successful in their classrooms and I have very high expectations for my teachers. If you take care of your teachers, you’re taking care of everyone. I have an open door policy. The teachers know they can come to talk to me about anything. We’re like a family. We’re all in it together.

AK: What are your best practices? What do you do on a regular basis that makes a big impact on your school?

Tina: I’m not a Director who likes to just stay in the office. I’m all over the school all day. I go to all the classrooms and make sure everything is running smoothly. I’ll get on the floor and play with the babies or sing songs with Pre-K.

And I pray for every class, every teacher, every kid, every day. Every morning I walk through the school and say a prayer for a good day. I know it makes a difference!

Tina Logan is the Director at School for Amazing Kids, Calera.