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My child loves going to school…

Honestly no daycare is perfect; but, School for Amazing Kids strives to be the best it can. My child had a issue with a teacher and the administrative staff handled the situation quickly and efficiently. They truly seem to care about the children and even the parents. Once my child was so sick and missed a few days and one of the staff call to check up on him and see if everything was ok because I forgot to call. That meant so much to me. It shows that they really care. My child loves going to school and sometimes its hard to get him to leave. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

— Mrs. Dudley
What a year we had, one of the very best!…

What a year we had, one of the very best!

I remember Bailey peeking through your door on the first day of class, she was so nervous. When she finally went in, she was immediately overwhelmed when all of the kids rushed up to her. You were holding her when I left, both of you had on pink.

As I sat in my car that morning, I bowed my head and prayed for a good day and good year for her. She has come so far. Bailey has confidence today that she never had before your class… How grateful am I that Bailey got to experience preschool with you! I know that you love her, but you still push her. I know that you get tired of listening to little voices, but you still heard her. I know that you get weak, but you still carried her. These are the reasons that she is ready for kindergarten.

The ABC’s, the 123s, and songs to sing are pretty fantastic too, but it’s the little things that shape the heart of a five year old. I thank you for dishing out the yellow days, it made her a kinder friend. I’m not ready for all of this to end, but she is. She’s ready to go to kindergarten, to play softball with the big girls, and to have her very own lunch account number. Bailey is ready for all the things that she sees Jake doing, who am I to hold her back.

I will let go of her little hand this fall, she’ll get on the bus and she will thrive! I know this because she is ready, because she comes from The School for Amazing Kids!

Much Love,

Jennifer Holderfield

— Jennifer H.
The Knowledge My Child is Acquiring is Exceptional…

The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. The food provided is exceptional compared to other facilities. Keep that up please. Our kids need to be taught to eat healthy and try new things…. The knowledge my child is acquiring is exceptional. I am very impressed with what all my child comes home and tells me or shows me. You all are doing a great job. I also am very pleased that you provide the various extra curricular activities. For us working parents we can enroll our children in these activities right at school which saves a lot of time and allows more family time at night. Thank you!

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
They have developed academically…

I really like the School for Amazing Kids located in Calera. The school is super accessible and conveniently located for parents that have to work. It is a very good value for the money that you pay and what you get out of it. My wife and I are paying less here for my two children to go to this school where they LEARN than our previous childcare arrangements. Best of all they have a full school schedule. What I mean by that is I don’t have to take off from work to watch my kids because they are closed.

On top of ALL that value the school is great because of what my children have learned and how they have developed academically. I know they will be ready for the next step. The staff is great, my kids and myself enjoy all the teachers; especially Mr. Jonathan.

— Kevin
School for Amazing Kids in Calera is just fantastic.…

School for Amazing Kids in Calera is just fantastic. It has been the best place and facility that my family and my kids have been to. I have two boys that go there and both of them LOVE their teachers and both of the Administrators. When my kids walk through the doors both of them will run up to the adults at the facility because they are warm and inviting and just great dealing with kids.I always feel good about dropping my kids off because I know that they will get great care and have fun learning. Its also very easy to get there and not a hassle to drop my kids off or pick them up. When they graduate I will be a little sad because SFAK has really been a life saver as far convenience/cost and learning environment.

— Mrs. Taylor
The school is full of AMAZING teachers…

My son transitioned into this school without any issues. The school is full of AMAZING teachers that truly care for my son! He is learning so much and truly loves going to school. I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with my son. As a worried mom its great to know that my child is safe and enjoying his day while at school and learning new things.

— L. Harper
The Very Best Daycare in Alabama!…

It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that our son enjoys going every day to School for Amazing Kids, Helena where we know he has wonderful teachers & directors who care & love him! You can tell that everybody at School for Amazing Kids, Helena really has your child’s best interest at heart..Our son has learned so much & has made friends that he loves to play with. I love the fact that it is a christian school that is bold in its faith! I tell my coworkers all the time that my son goes to the very best daycare in Alabama! Thank You…Thank You…keep up the good work.

— Debbie E.
The activities are diverse and educational…

We have two children that attend the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly and have been there a year and a half. We have really enjoyed our experience. Some of the things we like the most are that it’s always clean and smells good, the activities are diverse and educational and there is a low turnover in staff.

— Sabrina Wren on 7/11/14
Each teacher she has had has been wonderful……

As with most parents you want a place that is clean, safe and one that has a good curriculum that will provide your child with the tools needed and to have a great foundation preparing them for school. I also wanted a loving environment and I found that here. My daughter is has been going here since she was 6 weeks and is now almost 2 years old. Each teacher she has had has been wonderful with her and she loves them. For example when I picked her up today she passed 4 teachers and ran to each one for a hug on her way out and that’s more important to me than anything. I can teach her at home but I want her to feel loved and cared for when I leave each morning and she knows she is in good hands.

— A YP review
I am constantly amazed at how much information my daughters are able to learn on a daily basis.…

School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is a great place for your children to learn academics and grow socially. The activities that the staff have the children working on help them develop fine motor skills as infants and toddlers as well as help them go beyond the ABC’s and 123’s as they get older. I am constantly amazed at how much information my daughters are able to learn on a daily basis. The faculty and staff are also a pleasure to be around. They refer to each child by name and stress the importance of being respectful to one another along with the staff. My wife and I constantly get compliments on how well behaved our girls are when we are out in public. We would like to take all of the credit but we know that the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham gets some of the credit by reinforcing the values that we teach our girls at home.

— Chris Johnson