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I Have Loved it Since the Very First Day…

I can’t even begin to express how much the School for Amazing Kids, Helena means to me. T** has been at School for Amazing Kids, Helena since she was 9wks old, and I have loved it since the very first day. When you are searching for a day care the thought of dropping your child off with strangers is a terrifying feeling!

School for Amazing Kids, Helena makes it so much easier, every morning, when I take T** in I know that she will be taken care of just like she would at home. The teachers and all of the staff are so amazing! Thank you so much for taking care of my baby! Thank you for actually teaching my baby and loving her as if she were your own!

— Robby and Becca
I love the progress reports we receive…
My family loves School for Amazing Kids, Calera! I have 2 boys that attend School for Amazing Kids, one in 3K and one who is about to leave 4K and start 5K. My husband and I love the fact that they are not just watching our boys during the day, but are really teaching them and preparing them for 5K. I love the progress reports we receive from the teachers to let us know how our boys are progressing in what they have learned. The staff really does an excellent job of teaching them and making it fun at the same time. I would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera to anyone looking for a wonderful preschool for their children.


— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Mom
He Loves going to see his teacher…

I love, love, love that my two little precious boys get to go here every single day! In the past I would have to pry my youngest one away from whatever he was doing to stay home or in the car. Now he Loves going to see his teacher and all his little friends every morning. My Husband and I have two very special boy and I cant think of a better place than this to have them go.

When Kevin and I were looking at education/ child care facilities we placed a high importance on education readiness, cost and convenience. We looked at several places for them to go and I even did some tours of potential places. School for Amazing Kids is exactly that, a very amazing place for my two little boys to go. Recently a spot opened up at another program that we had put an application in a year ago. We both declined even though it would be cheaper. We thought that there wasn’t any other place that I would want them to grow and be prepared for the next part of their education.

— Ashley
School for Amazing Kids in Helena has been an answer to prayers for us…
School for Amazing Kids in Helena has been an answer to prayers for us. We moved to Helena recently and this is the second place my girls have attended since moving. It is a clean, welcoming, and safe environment that my 3yr old LOVES going to everyday. I also have an 8 month old that I never question her care. They are such a nurturing group of people and we are so grateful to be able to attend SFAK Helena. I would recommend this school to anyone.
— A Google review
At 21 months my daughter knows her alphabets……

My daughter has been going to School for Amazing Kids, Pelham for almost 2 years and from 6 weeks old until now and I have gotten a daily report that tells me what and how much she ate, how many dirty diapers she had and a daily activity. They also give a weekly menu so you know what the kids will have the following week.

At 21 months my daughter knows her alphabets and can recognize them in words and also counts to 10. The curriculum is age appropriate in each class she has moved to and the teaching reinforces what we teach her at home. The child to teacher ratio is better than any other place I visited and the administration is always willing to address any concerns I have immediately.

I wanted to write a review on this site because of the one other review that I saw listed that was posted in 2012 but I’m sure people are still reading it and I wanted to give a review of my experience from 2014 to current. I have never taken the time to give a review but I read them before I make decision to go to a movie, restaurant, hotel, buy a product and most of all when I was looking for a childcare facility. Reviews are important to me when I shop around but I never take the time to give a review good or bad. School for Amazing Kids, Pelham cares enough to offer an incentive program to encourage parents to write reviews so that it helps parents like I was have something to use to help determine if they want to come and visit the center for more information or not. They ask us to be honest and the incentive is not based on what we write but to show that they appreciate their parents for taking the time to write a review. In my case as much as I love the care my baby gets I would have never taken the time to write a review but I always take the time to read them.

— Dell R.
My little girl has blossomed since we enrolled her…

The School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly provides a clean, safe and friendly learning environment.  My little girl has blossomed since we enrolled her. She loves going to daycare and I love the peace of mind that allows me to work knowing that my little girl is well taken care of.

— Sonia B
Everyone who works at School for Amazing Kids, Helena is fantastic!…

My husband and I couldn’t ask for a better daycare. Everyone who works at School for Amazing Kids, Helena is fantastic! They are so attentive to our children. Our son started going here when he was around ten months old. He is now in the “two” year old class and loves his teachers and friends. The teachers do a wonderful job keeping him engaged in learning activities that are appropriate for his age and fun. We are amazed at how much he has progressed since he started going. Our daughter started going when she was eight weeks old and is now almost six months. The staff gives her all the cuddles and attention she needs. School for Amazing Kids, Helena is a great place! They even offer a free “parent night out” once per month.

— Leslie M.
I Checked with Every Local Day Care…

C** has been with School for Amazing Kids, Helena for almost a year now. Before her birth, I checked with every local day care within a 10-mile radius of Helena and did not feel as comfortable as I did when I walked into the School for Amazing Kids.

The cleanliness, the safety, and the staff, all made me feel like I had walked into the right place.

C** was early, a 4 pound 12-ounce preemie, that made things even more nerve-wracking for us. But once I took her to School for Amazing Kids the first time just to visit and talk with her teachers, I knew everything would be fine. They had dealt with preemie’s who needed to be held 24/7 and would only snack all day long instead of taking a full bottle at a time.

C** also wasn’t taking naps during she day, but her teachers found the perfect side to side swing that was just the soothing comfort C** needed and she started napping. I would have never been able to figure that one out without them.

As the months went by her teachers have done an excellent job of teaching C**. I am the only mother I know that had a 4-month-old who could eat from a spoon in a matter of days!

There were no problems getting her to try solids at all, thanks to the School for Amazing Kids. Now at one-year-old, she loves the sippy cup that she was introduced to at the school almost as much as her bottle! Weaning her from the bottle is going to be a breeze thanks to School for Amazing Kids, Helena.

When C** wouldn’t roll over and refused to be on her stomach for more than 10 seconds, it was her teachers at the School for Amazing Kids who worked with her every day until she got it.

I think the most important thing that lets us know that School for Amazing Kids, Helena is the right place for C** is that she loves it. In the mornings, she will reach out for Miss Donna, Miss Marcy, or Miss Brooke. In the afternoons, if we sneak a peek at her for a few minutes before she sees us, we get to see her being rocked, watching her favorite DVD, or playing happily with her toys and the other babies.

— Lisa B.
The staff is amazing and truly love the kids…

I have had 2 kids at School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly. They love going and I recommend this day care to everyone, every chance I get. The staff is amazing and truly love the kids they are with everyday! They push them to grow and become independent, but also love and spoil them! I love that our teachers do age appropriate activities and crafts that I use to decorate my house during what ever season! This daycare provides so much more for families other then great child care. They provide a Santa and take Santa pictures during the day, fall and spring pictures, parents night out, and a fall festival. Being at School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly has been an amazing experience. My kids believe and know that they are Amazing Kids, because this daycare makes them believe that! I love the confidence that this school is helping my children build!

— Jessica
There are no words to describe how thankful we are…

As most new parents know, leaving your child with someone is one of the most difficult tasks imaginable. Although I am an elementary teacher and take care of twenty-plus students every day, I was quite leery about leaving my baby in the hands of someone else. However, Charlotte’s first teacher took away that fear during her first week at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly. Two years later, I can’t imagine leaving her anywhere else! The School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly teachers make every effort to take care of my daughter as if she were their own. Each teacher Charlotte has had thus far holds a very special place in our hearts. There are no words to describe how thankful we are to all the people who take care of her physical, academic and emotional needs! Charlotte constantly comes home singing a new song she has learned, more numbers she can count to or talks about new topics that have been discussed at school. We contribute all of this to her teachers at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly!

— Katie K., 2nd Grade Teacher, Valley Elementary School