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I Never have to Worry when I Leave in the Mornings…

My oldest, B**, has been coming to SP since she was 18 months old and she is now four! Her little sister, M**, has been there only a short time and I cannot tell you how happy and comforted I am in knowing that they are in such good hands! You guys do such a great job with my children. I feel like I never have to worry when I leave in the mornings because there is always at least one teacher who will scoop up my child and give her some one on one attention.

They have learned so much and we sing all of the songs they learn at school in the car and in our daily routines! My children are very precious to me and are my number one priority and I am so grateful to have a place where I know they are happy and safe and are learning so much! Thank you guys for all that you do for our children!

— Tory C.
What More Could a Parent Ask For?…

School for Amazing Kids, Pelham has by far exceeded our expectations for a childcare facility! The teachers and staff are so friendly and full of love and smiles. Our child amazes us every day with how much he has learned since coming to School for Amazing Kids, Pelham. The facility is always clean and the children are always served healthy, homemade meals. With added benefits for the parents, such as Parent’s Night Out, what more could a parent ask for?

— Tiffany Vinson
She has Absolutely Thrived in their Care…

I consider myself to be a very thorough and detailed critic of childcare centers as I worked in a center throughout college, so am intimately aware of the criteria and parameters required by a center and feel confident my child is receiving good care at School for Amazing Kids, Calera. She has been enrolled since she was three months old (now 16 months) and has absolutely thrived in their care. Her development is consistently above average, I believe, in large part too, the structure she receives and the positive learning environment she is exposed to with the other children and teachers.

Most encouraging, however, is her excitement to go to school. I find it extremely comforting as a parent to see her happy and excited to see her teachers and friends, and not frightened or upset to be left. She spends such a majority of her time through the week with them that should I not feel 100% confident in their abilities I would be unable to leave my child in their care – thus this is a glowing endorsement of their capabilities and our appreciation for all the employees at the center as well.

— Stephanie Cruce
Facebook review for School for Amazing Kids, Calera – 4 star out of 5…

The only reason they don’t get a 5 star rating from me is because of their prices. They are extremely expensive being that I have 2 kids going here. You’re looking at around $350/wk for 2 kids… But you get what you pay for. The teachers and the atmosphere are both wonderful. Teachers aren’t passive at all. They aren’t there just for a check. They challenge your child’s intellect no matter their age. If you can afford it, you don’t want your kid going to any other child care facility than SFAK!

— J.D Ruffin
I am very pleased with the atmosphere……

I highly recommend this school to anyone searching for childcare. I am very pleased with the atmosphere, teaching, care, and cleanliness! I love this school and so do my sons.

— Djserious G.
When my son recently joined our family, there was no question where he would go.…

Our first child started with School for Amazing Kids, Calera when she was 9 months old.  I was a new mom and was not excited about leaving my child with strangers for 10 hours a day.  In addition, my family is not religious, and I’m an atheist, so I was trying to find a secular daycare in my area was next to impossible.  We looked at multiple facilities and ultimately settled on School for Amazing Kids, Calera. 

While I’m not keen about the religious instruction (biblical stories and praying at meals), the facility is always clean and the teachers are well mannered, and trained in early childhood development.   The facilities are kept up-to-date with new equipment and decor.  The directors are always happy to listen to my latest worry or concern about my daughter, her behavior, or the latest news of the day.  Parents are allowed to visit for meals and their adoption of a “parent’s night out” is a treat my husband and I look forward to each month.

My daughter is now 3 and the teachers understand when to introduce structured discipline.  My husband and I have started using the same techniques at home so that my daughter can have consistency and a better understanding of what’s right and wrong.  When my son recently joined our family, there was no question where he would go.

We have had incidents in the past of biting, falls, sickness, etc. and the staff were always prompt in notifying me and informing me of any additional needs they have.  I am completely at ease with my kids being in their care and know that they love them as much as I do.

I would like to see more teachers in the classrooms, but they are following DHR guidelines for adult/child ratios.  However, I understand what that would mean for tuition rates.

My daughter is well cared for, well mannered, well educated, and well socialized (as a 3 year old can be).  And for that, I’m willing to put up with some minor annoyances about religion from time to time.

— Brooke O.
Providing fun and exciting activities for the children…

School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is an amazing place for a child to learn and grow. Each time I walk in, I feel blessed to have such a wonderful atmosphere for my child. My daughter is in 4k and has been attending several years. The rooms are always clean and all the children seem to love it there. Even the babies! I’ve noticed how quiet and content the babies seem when I pass by the baby/toddler rooms. My daughter loves her school and is super sad about leaving it to go to kindergarten this fall. She has learned so much this year and is right on target for academics for entering kindergarten. School for Amazing Kids, Pelham has a fabulous way of keeping the classes structured yet providing fun and exciting activities for the children. I highly recommend this daycare/school!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Pelham Mom
We couldn’t imagine her going anywhere else!…

My daughter has attended School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly for almost 3 years. We couldn’t imagine her going anywhere else! She has yet to have a teacher that I didn’t like. The staff is very friendly and welcoming, and most of all, they make my daughter feel special and loved. They offer great learning curriculum at all ages, as well as providing extracurricular activities like Dance or Gymnastics. They even post pictures of the children and their activities throughout the day, which is such a joy to see. I feel like they constantly look for new ways to engage, encourage, or reward the children. They have my highest recommendation.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly Parent
School for Amazing Kids, Calera has exceeded our expectations…

School for Amazing Kids, Calera is a great childcare facility. There is a low turnover rate among the staff. My wife and I were very picky in choosing a daycare and the School for Amazing Kids has exceeded our expectations. They have a solid communication system for keeping in contact with us because of a weather closing etc. School for Amazing Kids, Calera is a safe and secure facility, we can tell that they really care about our child.

— Joe A.
I am more than satisfied with School for Amazing Kids, Helena…

If you ever need excellent childcare from a Christian Based facility, This is the place for you! This daycare is more than just a daycare! The staff at School for Amazing Kids, Helena is remarkable and I would not ever think about leaving! My child is in the toddler room and her teachers are AWESOME!!!  This is my child’s first time in daycare and I was worried sick about finding a place that would work with her in a patient and caring way! My child has fallen in love with the staff in such a short time. I am always so happy to see what she has already learned and she is only in the toddler room! She can call all of her friends and teachers by name and even knows her colors. I am more than satisfied with School for Amazing Kids, Helena. I would recommend this daycare to anyone who is searching desperately for dependable, top-notch Childcare!!!!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Parent