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Exceptional educational environment with a little fun mixed in…

If you are looking for an exceptional educational environment w/a little fun mixed in for good measure, then School for Amazing Kids, Pelham Child Care is your answer! The staff is fun, caring, and truly have a heart for shaping young minds. My 4 y/o daughter has really come out of her shell since attending the School for Amazing Kids, and my 2 y/o son has learned so much since we started here almost 2 years ago. There are many opportunities for the kids’ in the way of extra-curricular programs available for a small additional fee. Everything from music class, to dance, to sports readiness is available to choose from. There are also a number of programs and extras that come into the center…from the Birmingham Zoo, to the local library, Kona Ice, even the Wee Readers program. There is a fun new adventure awaiting them everyday. I especially enjoy the little “extras” for parents…like the PNO (Parent’s Night Out) where the staff offers parents the opportunity to enjoy the night out while leaving the kiddos with the teachers they already know and love for a few hours after the daycare closes. Also, School for Amazing Kids, Pelham offers complimentary coffee and a breakfast item for parents as they drop-off their little ones in the morning. School for Amazing Kids, Pelham also offers fun sweepstakes and prizes for parents throughout the year. How great it was for me to win the contest matching teachers w/their baby pictures! All around great FAMILY care!

— Kimberly B.
The staff is very friendly and seems to have a special gift…

We have a 7-month-old that really enjoys going to daycare every day at the School for Amazing Kids, Helena. The staff is very friendly and seems to have a special gift with interacting with the kids. Its a great peace of mind to know your leaving your child in good hands at the School for Amazing Kids, Helena.

— Will P.
The entire staff is friendly…

Great School!  The staff at SFAK Helena are the best!  I have a 2 year old and 5 year old that attend.  The entire staff is friendly and greet each child by name. My kids love the staff so much that they never complain about having to go there, and even sometimes ask to go there on weekends.  The amount the kids learn is impressive.  I am positive my children will be more than ready for kindergarten and have learned much more than even the pre-k classes at the elementary school can teach.  It’s such a relief to not have to worry about if my children are safe and in good hands.

— Carla M.
Help them to develop and learn the things that they need…

I love School for Amazing Kids, Helena! Everyone there really cares about my son, and the safety measures in place really make me feel comfortable, we have never worried about him. They often have a parents night out that really helps me and my husband relax. Everyone there genuinely cares about the children and help them to develop and learn the things that they need.


— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Mom
As a grandmother I already love School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly…

My Grandson, Cooper has just moved from another daycare. Although I have only picked him up or dropped him off a few times, as a grandmother I already love the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly. Everyone that works there has been so sweet. It seems to me that he gets much more attention! Thank you!

— Julie Jordan Evans
“We feel that our girls are receiving the best education and the best preparation for Kindergarten.”…

— Katie Kellogg
Done an amazing job preparing my oldest for kindergarten…

I love School for Amazing Kids, Calera! After touring the School for Amazing Kids, my husband and I knew it was the place for our 2 boys. The staff is wonderful. The teachers have done an excellent job teaching our boys and keeping it fun at the same time. I like that my boys have daily activities and are not just sitting around during the day. The 4K teachers have done an amazing job preparing my oldest for kindergarten. I love that my boys are in a Christian atmosphere and I don’t have to worry about them while they are there during the day.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Mom on 7/22/2014
I love this day care……

I love this day care., a sido una experiencia preciosa ver y experimentar como estan aprendiendo mis hijos, siempre es algo nuevo y divertido,. muchas de las ceses siento que aprendo con ellos,. todas las personas en este lugar son tan amables y serviciales, siempre recibiéndonos y despidiendonos con una gran sonrisa,. simple y sencillamente inmejorable,. me encanta la manera como nos tratan.

— Raul T.
The security at the center is top notch…

I appreciate this center so much. The directors and teachers make it a point to know the children and their parents on a personal level. This brings so much security for the children. When I call the director knows who I am before I even tell her. They even know my children’s grandparents! For security purposes, this is awesome because they know if someone comes in to pick up my children that do not normally come in, it will raise a red flag. The security at the center is top notch. Fingerprinting for access is great so that everyone stays safe. The staff also makes certain to keep other children’s information private. My child had an incident with another child and never once was the other child’s name mentioned. I appreciate the security and privacy that this center offers.

— Monica Donegan
They Absolutely LOVE My Child…

I love School for Amazing Kids, Helena because L**’s teachers treat him like he is one of their own! They are such a blessing because they absolutely LOVE my child, which makes it possible for me to go to work! When L** was an infant, I felt like I was taking him to grandma’s house because this daycare feels like HOME. School for Amazing Kids, Helena allows kids to be “kids.” When I pick up L**, I know that he has played outside, learned a new song, had a hug and has learned about God.

Favorite Song: “Peanut Sitting on a Railroad Track.” L** has sung it so much that we all sing it at home!

Favorite Time: The IRON BOWL football game! L**’s class had an AU/UA football day! Despite the fact that Luke “chose” to play for the Tide when we are AVID Tiger fans, it was so much fun to watch! It WAS hilarious to see fifteen two-year-olds running around the field!

Favorite Story: Let’s count to ten! L** counted to ten for us…we were impressed and then all of a sudden, we heard uno, dos, tres…coming from our two-year old’s mouth! We have a two-year-old counting in English and in Spanish because of School for Amazing Kids!

To all the teachers in the POND (including Ms. Janet) thanks for all you do! You minister to our family each day!

— The Stringers