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As a educator, it’s very important to me……

Our family loves School for Amazing Kids, Helena! We are thankful to have a child care center so close to our home that provides a loving environment for learning through play! As a educator, it’s very important to me that a child care center have a sensory- rich, developmentally appropriate curriculum. Our family searched LONG and HARD for a child care center that fits this description in our area. We were so thankful when we discovered the School for Amazing Kids family!

The staff and administrators at SFAK are kind and professional, always dealing with families like they are REAL people instead of “ another client.” Our daughter is happy and well-adjusted! We are thankful for a sweet school that feels like a family!

— Lauren McKenzie
The School for Amazing Kids in Helena is an AWESOME childcare place!!…

School for Amazing Kids in Helena has taken care of our six month old little boy for 2 months, and he loves going there each day. When we pick him up, he is always smiling with a big grin on his face or he is peacefully asleep waiting on us. The teachers play with the babies in the Infants 1 class to help their development, and you can see how much they adore the babies. The School for Amazing Kids in Helena is an AWESOME childcare place!!

— Jill A.
I feel that my children are being prepared both socially and academically…

I have been very pleased with the care my children have received while attending School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly. Our family came to School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly from a different center, and though the adjustment was challenging at times, the staff and administration have welcomed us and taken any concerns seriously. I do feel that the staff could use consistent and updated training on child development, especially around gender roles, screen time, and infant sleep positions; however, every concern I addressed was resolved easily at the teacher level without any complaint or hesitation–and the resolution typically involved clarification of a milestone being met or of school guidelines. This speaks volumes to the professionalism and pride the staff and administration take in their jobs. My complaints have been very minor, and I feel that my children are being prepared both socially and academically. I recommend this center if you are looking for a caring, fun, and enriching environment for your child(ren)!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly parent
My Little Boy has Loved it Since Day One…

After many years at another daycare in the area…I had to change daycare due to the location of my job. I never thought I could find a place a place to compare. School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly has been a great place and my little boy has loved it since day #1. All the teachers I have interacted with love the kids and it shows… A great safe fun environment.

— Lori Dotson Davis
I appreciate the awesome care that you all provide……

I just wanted to take some time out of my afternoon to let you know how much I appreciate the awesome care that you all provide. School for Amazing Kids, Calera staff is the best in my family’s eyes.  B***** has been enrolled for 3 years since we moved to Calera, and we have always had a positive experience.  He has learned so much! He enjoys school, which is the best feeling for a mother who has to work outside of the home.  Both he and M******* have formed bonds that can never be broken!

I just wanted you to know that we greatly appreciate the care and attention our children have received over the years, and I am so pleased that my child is enrolled at a facility that prioritizes excellence! Thank you for the work you do every day!

— The Arnold Family
I never worried about my kids……

Tina, Dana, and Staff,

Today is my family’s last day at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. I am so grateful for all of the love that Jake and Bailey received here at this little school. I am going to miss you all so much, after all these years here you have become our family. I want you to know that I never worried about my kids while they were here, I always knew that they would be taken care of. I never worried about them falling behind, acting a fool, or being a bad friend because I knew someone would let me know. My babies have grown up here, they are both school age now (that seems soooo crazy) we will never forget all the love that we felt here at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. Both Jake and Bailey loved parents night out, they got to see different teachers and old friends, both of my kids loved water days in the summer, and both of my kids loved getting gummy bears at the end of a good day. I have handmade Christmas ornaments, handprints, and poems to keep as preschool souvenirs but more than that, I have precious memories of their first friends, their first accomplishments, and their first graduation. Thanks just doesn’t seem like enough, but like all families that’s really all we want is to feel appreciated. I know that I didn’t say it enough, but thank you, I would not have wanted to take this journey with anyone else but you. We will always love our School for Amazing Kids, Helena friends, and consider it our honor to have been a part of your family.

Much Love and Gratitude

— Vance H.
You can tell the staff truly love what they are doing…
My family has been going to School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly for a couple years now, and we love it. We’ve been to other daycare centers in the area and this isn’t just a daycare, nor is it a babysitter during the day. My kids are really learning and they are having fun doing it. They provide a lot of extra options if you so choose to partake and it is well-priced. I firmly believe my children’s education and K prep shouldn’t be sacrificed at the cost of some daycare centers. You get a lot for your money at this school, and they give their kids and parent a lot of perks. We get quarterly progress reports for reach child along with daily sheets for two of my three kids attending. They really love going to school and telling me about their day when they come home. I love seeing their artwork they bring home, and they love making it. You can tell the staff truly love what they are doing and really love the children they are caring for.
— Kelly B.
She can’t wait to see her friends and her teachers.…

It’s a family centered day care. My daughter loves going there every day. She gets out of the car running every morning. She can’t wait to see her friends and her teachers. We get stop at just about every classroom door on the way in and out in the evenings so she can get a hug from all of her old teachers. She’s been there since she was 7 wks old and this May she’ll graduate and start big school. It’s going to be hard for mommy but I know she’s been prepared and is ready.

— Mr. Rigdon
I Never Met a Better Group of Teachers than at School for Amazing Kids, Pelham…

I never met a better group of teachers than at the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham. I have really gotten to know several of the 4k teachers on a personal level which is a very comforting aspect for a parent who must leave their child all day. B** comes home almost every day telling us something new she learned. I am very impressed with the curriculum as again for working parents it is comforting to know that your child is being taught the best to be prepared for kindergarten when you are not able.

I want to thank all of the teachers who have made an impact on B**’s childhood and preschool years. You can’t make all parents happy but I feel I made the best decision when I moved B** to School for Amazing Kids, Pelham 2 years ago. Thank you for taking care of B** and teaching her to be the best she can be.

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
They exceed our expectations in the God-focused learning environment…

For two years, our daughter has been blessed to attend School for Amazing Kids, Helena daycare.  This loving experience has definitely enriched her life.  The staff at School for Amazing Kids, Helena is wonderful.  They exceed our expectations in the God-focused learning environment.  The classrooms are clean and comfortable and the facility is safe.  We could not imagine our daughter having a better learning and growing experience than what she has at School for Amazing Kids, Helena.

— Ben Clements