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She Never Whines or Cries when I Drop Her Off…

We love School for Amazing Kids, Calera! It is the best daycare! The staff is always friendly and upbeat and my 3 yr old loves them all. She has learned so much since starting there, its amazing! She never whines or cries when I drop her off, which is such a blessing in itself. The facility is always clean and the have strong family values.

As an added bonus for parents, once a month they offer “Parents Night Out”. This is great for families on a tight budget and you can’t afford a night out and a babysitter. They are always caring and understanding. I wouldn’t take my child anywhere else!

— Jennifer S.
We love his teachers!…

Our son has been here for about 3 months and so far everything is great! We love his teachers! They all care about him so much and take time to work with him every day. Ms. Cindy, Ms. Rosie, Ms. D, and Ms. Destiny make leaving him every day easier because we know he will be taken care of and loved on. Everyday when I pick him up these ladies are full of sweet compliments and stories about his day. They are great at listening and giving advice about teething, sleeping through the night, crawling, and starting solid foods!
I gave this a 4 star rating instead of 5 because I have noticed some of the staff are unprofessional. Fortunately they are not any of the ladies working in our son’s room but they still represent the daycare.

— Kace
It is so great to know my child is being prepared for Kindergarten by a certified teacher!…
I have loved every minute of our time at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. I have a four-year-old (who started at 6 weeks) and am expecting another little bundle of joy the end of this month. I would not have my newborn anywhere else. The teachers are fantastic, the directors are top-notch, and the classrooms are always clean and orderly. I am so thankful for Mrs. ***** who has done wonders with my four-year-old in getting him ready for Kindergarten. It is so great to know my child is being prepared for Kindergarten by a certified teacher!


— Christian L.
She was waking me up saying it was time to go to school…

When I first called the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly in search of childcare I was driving an hour out of the way each day just so I could keep my daughter in the same place. I knew I needed a facility that was closer but had reservations about switching because I didn’t want to uproot my daughter from where she was (even though I wasn’t especially pleased with their staff or the progress my daughter had made) but the staff at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly made the transition the easiest ever. It wasn’t 2 weeks before she was using the potty on her own and she had been potty training at her previous daycare for 6 months. For the first time, she was waking me up saying it was time to go to school and play with her friends. It was a pleasure as a parent to finally see her interested in learning and enjoying being around others her age. I couldn’t imagine her getting any better care than what she gets there. The staff treats all their kids like they were their own. They truly set a standard for childcare!!

— Twany Day
I highly recommend this school to anyone in need of good childcare.…

As a first time parent I can remember how nervous I was to find good child care. Nothing seemed like a bigger commitment and no question seemed to small to ask. I mean after all, these people would be watching my child for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week – officially spending more time with my child in a week than I would. That’s a massive amount of influence over my most valuable and precious assets.  Well let me put your mind at ease. This school exceeds every need and concern you could possibly have. They’ve been at it for years and are more than capable of exceeding your expectations. Their daily, rigorous cleaning schedule will rival anything else in town. The friendliness of the directors and teaches to parents and children alike is unmatched. Teachers who have never even had your child in their class will be calling them by name!  Want creativity? Got it! They are constantly making artwork or doing creative projects with your children. Concerned about education standards? No worries! At all ages they are not only encouraged to learn but their day is structured around age appropriate introductions to all subject matters. By the end of 4K they’re ready to sound out words as they read, write all letters and even small words, recognition of basic math principles, and much more – leaving them well prepared to enter kindergarten!  Their food for breakfast, lunch, and snack is tasty, nutritious, and full of variety. They have daily routines so that children find comfort in what to expect, yet they still find ways to introduce fun activities like Dance, Playball, Splash Day, Dr. Seuss Week, and many more.  I highly recommend this school to anyone in need of good childcare. My best suggestion is just to check them out and see for yourself. It only took one visit for me to feel completely confident in them.

— A happy parent.
We Chose this Facility for Many Reasons…

My husband and I LOVE the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham! We chose this facility for many reasons: affordability, safety and security, caring staff, cleanliness, and most importantly, the Christian environment. However, as soon as our daughter started coming to this daycare we soon realized the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham surpassed our expectations.

The staff is extremely friendly and genuinely cares about us. From the time we enter the front doors people are greeting our daughter by calling her name, waving to her, and loving on her. I can’t even remember all the staff’s names, but they make it a priority to make my child feel special. And for that I am ever grateful. I’ve never struggled with leaving her there because I know she is in GREAT hands. In fact, she has never cried when we’ve dropped her off and she started going there at 10 months old. She absolutely loves her friends and the staff. Thank you for all you do.

— Alisha C.
We love School for Amazing Kids, Pelham!…

We love School for Amazing Kids, Pelham! Teachers are wonderful and caring. My daughter has been going there for 2 years and she loves it! I highly recommend!

— Adrian Stokes Traywick
You can tell the staff truly love what they are doing…
My family has been going to School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly for a couple years now, and we love it. We’ve been to other daycare centers in the area and this isn’t just a daycare, nor is it a babysitter during the day. My kids are really learning and they are having fun doing it. They provide a lot of extra options if you so choose to partake and it is well-priced. I firmly believe my children’s education and K prep shouldn’t be sacrificed at the cost of some daycare centers. You get a lot for your money at this school, and they give their kids and parent a lot of perks. We get quarterly progress reports for reach child along with daily sheets for two of my three kids attending. They really love going to school and telling me about their day when they come home. I love seeing their artwork they bring home, and they love making it. You can tell the staff truly love what they are doing and really love the children they are caring for.
— Kelly B.
We have had a wonderful experience…

My daughter has attended School for Amazing Kids, Helena since she was about a year old. I am amazed at how much she has learned and grown over the past few years.The staff is always super nice and the facility is always clean. We have had a wonderful experience and would recommend this daycare to anyone who wants to see their child learn and grow in a healthy environment.

— Brandy Henderson
It is amazing how smart and advanced my daughter is…

My child does not cry going to daycare. At our previous daycare it was a struggle to leave her because she would always cry and want to stay with me. Now that we have transferred to School for Amazing Kids, Calera she loves going. I get my hug and kiss before we make it to her classroom and she is off to play with her friends. It is so comforting and heartwarming knowing she is so happy there. I hate I can’t be with her throughout the day but I know she is in excellent hands at the School for Amazing Kids and she is receiving a great education. I know it’s just a daycare and she is only three but she is excelling and doing more things in her classroom then I figured she would do in the next three years. It is amazing how smart and advanced my daughter is just from what she has learned at the School for Amazing Kids, Calera.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Mom