References for Amazing Kids

Thank You for the Love that You Have Shown my Family…

We were blown away by the wonderful K4 graduation that you all put together, it surpassed my expectations!! You are all amazing people at the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham!! I thank the Lord for each and every one of you!! THANK YOU for giving us such a special night, THANK YOU for the lovely gifts, and most of all, THANK YOU for the love that you have shown my family and my baby Danielle!! We love you all!! God bless you greatly!

— Vee & Frank
Attune to your child’s specific needs…

What I love about School for Amazing Kids, Calera is the communication and family feel. The daily notes tell about the day but also include a note specific to your child. The staff has been consistent since we have been there and they are great!! Very warm, welcoming and attune to your child’s specific needs. I also love the additional opportunities and enriching activities they offer like Field Day and the monthly Parents Night Out.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Parent
I am Blessed to Call the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham Family my Dear Friends…

Thank you so very much. My daughter has enjoyed being a part of the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham family. Her development has flourished not only from interacting with other children and the phenomenal staff and management at your facility but her gross motor skills through the extracurricular activities such as dance, gymnastics and play ball. Handwriting without tears has set her ahead of other children her age. Her fine motor skill development has been tested to be above average.

I can not thank everyone enough, and would welcome to be used as a reference in case it should be needed. What I discovered, though, is that the friendliness, the facility and curriculum the children go through, speak for themselves. Thank you again, Michel for your professionalism, and I am blessed to call the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham family my dear friends.

— Gerhard G.
I highly recommend School for Amazing Kids…
A little over a year ago my son and I were new to the area, and finding a Daycare that lived up to my expectations seemed nearly impossible. That is until by sheer luck I found School for Amazing Kids,Helena. After reading review after review about how great this school was I had to see for myself. I can say this Daycare/school is as great as everyone has said. The learning curriculum is outstanding, my sons vocabulary has vastly increased as well as counting and adding skill since attending School for Amazing Kids, Helena. This school is a great foundation for kindergarten. I highly recommend School for Amazing Kids to anyone that wants to get an early jump start on their child’s education. Not to mention the staff is always so personable helpful and friendly.
— Kristin
The staff in the infants room is fantastic!…

My wife and I love The School for Amazing kids. We just had our first child this year and we knew going back to work would be tough. He started at 10 weeks old and has done fantastic in their care. He is 6 months old now. We couldn’t ask for better people to be watching our newborn. I feel very safe leaving my son their each day because I know he is in good hands. I like knowing they have a camera system installed throughout the building and that no one can check in or out with out providing a finger print.
Their hours each day are long enough to give us time after work to get there and pick him up. They keep track of when he eats and sleep. It’s like getting a report each day about his day. The staff in the infants room is fantastic! They stick to the feeding schedule we requested and will do anything we ask.

— Ben
I absolutely love School for Amazing Kids, Helena!…

I absolutely love School for Amazing Kids, Helena! My son is in toddler 2. He has been there since he was 8 weeks old and all the teachers are amazing. He has learned so much! The curriculum activities are well organized! I would definitely recommend any parents that are looking for a great safe environment School for Amazing Kids, Helena is the place to go!!

— Christina R.
This school sets the bar when it comes to quality child care.…

This school sets the bar when it comes to quality child care. The director is an amazing person and is always smiling and uplifting. The teachers are one of a kind and my daughter enjoys every minute here.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly Parent
This school really is full of AMAZING kids and teachers!…

This school really is full of AMAZING kids and teachers! It may not be super shiny and new, but the quality of care and education is way more than you might get somewhere else. My daughter is 5 years old and my son is 2 years old, and this is the only school they have ever known, and we love it! Several of my friends have ended up switching their kids from another daycare to one of the SFAK locations! The Helena location is wonderful and we absolutely adore the staff. They know our family so well and are really easy to communicate with. What i really love about SFAK, Helena is that the same teachers that have taught my daughter are teaching my son, so I have already built a relationship with them. Over the years, I was even able to get to know the teachers that my daughter would have before she even had them, because the staff is so friendly. My kids are stimulated daily and get great exercise on the playground. These kids are taught exactly what they need to know for their age groups. I am amazed constantly at how much my children are learning, and I am confident about my daughter starting Kindergarten next year!

— Mrs. Hooper
I Checked with Every Local Day Care…

C** has been with School for Amazing Kids, Helena for almost a year now. Before her birth, I checked with every local day care within a 10-mile radius of Helena and did not feel as comfortable as I did when I walked into the School for Amazing Kids.

The cleanliness, the safety, and the staff, all made me feel like I had walked into the right place.

C** was early, a 4 pound 12-ounce preemie, that made things even more nerve-wracking for us. But once I took her to School for Amazing Kids the first time just to visit and talk with her teachers, I knew everything would be fine. They had dealt with preemie’s who needed to be held 24/7 and would only snack all day long instead of taking a full bottle at a time.

C** also wasn’t taking naps during she day, but her teachers found the perfect side to side swing that was just the soothing comfort C** needed and she started napping. I would have never been able to figure that one out without them.

As the months went by her teachers have done an excellent job of teaching C**. I am the only mother I know that had a 4-month-old who could eat from a spoon in a matter of days!

There were no problems getting her to try solids at all, thanks to the School for Amazing Kids. Now at one-year-old, she loves the sippy cup that she was introduced to at the school almost as much as her bottle! Weaning her from the bottle is going to be a breeze thanks to School for Amazing Kids, Helena.

When C** wouldn’t roll over and refused to be on her stomach for more than 10 seconds, it was her teachers at the School for Amazing Kids who worked with her every day until she got it.

I think the most important thing that lets us know that School for Amazing Kids, Helena is the right place for C** is that she loves it. In the mornings, she will reach out for Miss Donna, Miss Marcy, or Miss Brooke. In the afternoons, if we sneak a peek at her for a few minutes before she sees us, we get to see her being rocked, watching her favorite DVD, or playing happily with her toys and the other babies.

— Lisa B.
It’s So Nice Watching my Son Learning New Things All the Time…

School for Amazing Kids, Calera is a great place to leave your child while at work. It’s so nice knowing you are leaving him/her in the hands of great people that take such good care of them. It’s so nice watching my son learn new things all the time and watching him with other kids is great! I would definitely recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera to anyone who has doubts about leaving their kid in daycare.

— Lauren