References for Amazing Kids

The teachers are very attentive…

The hours that the daycare provides are amazing!  The location is very convenient as it is right off the interstate!  In addition to daily care, they also provide a few extras, such as activities for the kids and date nights for the parents. The infant classes do a lot of art activities and I look forward to all the activities the daycare provides that my child can participate in as they get older.
One aspect my husband and I really enjoy is getting our child’s daily classroom sheet.  It includes all of the bottles/food, diaper changes, and naps from throughout the day.  It really helps us know what to expect once we get home.  The teachers are very attentive and notice immediately if our child seems like they aren’t feeling well or didn’t sleep well.  It’s great having our child surrounded by people that really care about him!

— The Ledbetters
The teachers and staff are wonderful…

We love you, SFAK, Helena! My daughter is 5 and my son is 2, and SFAK, Helena is the only daycare they have ever attended. We have never felt the need to search for better care or education anywhere else! The teachers and staff are wonderful and loved by our whole family. I have been AMAZED consistently over the past 5 years by how much my daughter has learned, and by the beautiful person she has become. I attribute a lot of this to the teachers she has spent SO much time with. I am confident that she will do well in Kindergarten next year. One of my favorite things about SFAK is the long standing teachers. The teachers that have taught and cared for my daughter are now teaching my son. I am pleased with my son’s care and am optimistic about his future at SFAK. My kids are stimulated daily and get plenty of exercise. The school also continues to offer fun activities for the kids all year long (In Tune Kids music appreciation, Happy Feet Soccer, water play and Kona ice during the summer, Fall Festival, pictures with Santa, holiday class parties, in school field trips for Pre-K.) Not to mention, Parents Night Out! If I were to have another child, I would not hesitate to enroll them at SFAK, Helena.

— Megan
School for Amazing Kids, Helena was the best by far…

I visited several day cares when we were making our decision, andSchool for Amazing Kids, Helena was the best by far. We have never regretted our decision! Our son was 18 months old when he started, so it was a difficult transition for both of us, but the teachers really made him feel comfortable. He is now 2 and knows his teachers and friends by name and is excited to go every day! He already knows his ABC’s and can count to 13. He knows colors, shapes, and letters. They have water play during the summer once a week that he absolutely adores. 

When it came time to put my second son in daycare at 12 weeks old, it was an easy decision to send him to School for Amazing Kids, Helena. They accommodated him on short notice when my other arrangements fell through. He was not doing well with his bottle, but they worked with him happily and lovingly. He now loved going to daycare every day and recognizes his teachers’ faces. 

They really get to know each child and their unique personalities and needs, and nurture and care for each one with love and respect. I would not put my children anywhere else!

— Brittany M.
I Get a Smiling Face when I Walk In…

I love the fact that I get a smiling face when I walk in when I go to the class room it’s a smiling face and I’m told to have a good day. When I pick my child up I’m still greeted with smiling faces. I know my child loves School for Amazing Kids, Helena and looks forward to going every morning.

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
I know he is safe and having fun!!…

If your looking for a great daycare that will teach your children it is School for Amazing Kids, Helena!! I love the directors and the staff. They will send me pictures of my son playing and I love that because I know he is safe and having fun!!

— Christina R.
The staff genuinely cares about our children…

We are very pleased with this center. The staff genuinely cares about our children. During the ice/snow storm in January of 2014, the weather and traffic made it impossible for us to reach our children. The staff made me and my husband feel at ease by giving us updates when we called to check in. They took excellent care of my kids, fed them, changed them and gave them a nice place to sleep. I can only imagine what was going through the kid’s minds when their routine was thrown off but my two year old seemed completely happy when we were finally able to reach him. A big thanks to the center for making my family feel at ease.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Parent
We have seen huge improvements in her daily skills…

School for Amazing Kids, Calera is amazing. My daughter transferred to the School for Amazing Kids about three months ago from a daycare that was struggling to achieve. Since the change my three year old has steadily improved in her letter tracing and playing with others. We have seen huge improvements in her daily skills. I am very grateful for the School for Amazing Kids and accepting us as their family the moment we walked into the building to tour the facility. I could not ask for a better environment for my daughter and her friends. We are very blessed to be a part of the School for Amazing Kids, Calera family.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Parent
Her academic process has far exceeded my expectations……

My experience at School for Amazing Kids, Helena has been nothing but positive. My daughter has attended this faculty for a year now. She loves to come to school every day and always leaves with a smile on her face and can’t wait to tell me what she did that day. Last week, I came for her birthday party and expected that she would want to come home with me afterwards since it was later in the day. She asked me to leave her there so she could play with her friends some more! Her academic process has far exceeded my expectations since she arrived at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. The staff are all extremely friendly and helpful and know my child by name (even those that don’t interact with her on a daily basis). Our family feels very blessed to be a member of the School for Amazing Kids, Helena family!

— Heidi R.
There is no better feeling than knowing that my daughter is receiving the “gold standard” of care…

There is no better feeling than knowing that my daughter is receiving the “gold standard” of care that she receives every day when she is in your care. My children are my proudest accomplishment and nothing compares to the peace of mind that I get from leaving my child in such a nurturing environment. Thank You!

— Brooke D.
The difference I see…

School for Amazing Kids located in Calera is my favorite childhood development facility that we have been at. I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old who have been attending for almost 10 months now. The difference I see in them as far as intelligence and education is night and day from before. I am so glad that we moved them here.

I really like the staff. My kids LOVE their teachers Ms. Theresa, Ms. Angela, and really love Mr. Jonathan(but I think that’s because he gives them gummy bears, lol). I always know that they have the best care and a safe place to learn in.

— Mr. Taylor