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Best Christian Based Daycare in Shelby County…

My granddaughter has had the pleasure of attending School for Amazing Kids, Pelham for the past three years. I am very pleased with this facility. School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is absolutely wonderful and a very educational child care center! The children are taught many age appropriate skills and behaviors. The teachers are patient and work very hard with each child’s learning. Each day is filled with many different learning skills such as social, behavioral, physical, and educational.

I am very thankful that my grandchild attends here.Chloe receives a very well rounded education and in doing so it is preparing her for kindergarten. The teachers and staff are amazing as they work with the children each and every day in all areas. I feel all the children that attend School for Amazing Kids, Pelham receive a well balanced breakfast, lunch and snacks everyday. The atmosphere is very nurturing, safe and fun for all children.

— Kathy W.
Makes me happy to see him having fun……

My son attends School for Amazing Kids in Weatherly. I love this school and how organized they are and everyone seems very nice and communicates well either concerning with your child or events and also enjoy getting the photos while I’m at work. It just makes me happy to see him having fun and enjoying himself and friends. Never had any issues or concerns. Very pleased!!!

— Jennifer
The Staff is Impacting my Son in a Positive Way…

The staff has proven multiple times to be friendly and approachable. I would highly recommend School for Amazing Kids, Helena to other parents. I like that the staff is impacting my son in a positive way. Keep up the good work!

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
The staff is super friendly…

I love School for Amazing Kids, Helena!!!! They take great care of my child and I know she’s safe when I’m away at work!!! They stay open late enough to where I don’t have to rush through evening traffic and the convenience of the location to my home is a big plus!!!!! The staff is super friendly and the kids love them!!!!

— Lindsey E. on 7/27/2014
They truly do make you feel like part of a family.…

My wife and I were trying to find a well-respected, safe, and highly recommended daycare for our 3-month-old. We checked online reviews and asked as many people as we could in order to find the best place for our baby boy. School for Amazing Kids, Pelham was the overwhelmingly popular choice.They truly do make you feel like part of a family. They take wonderful care of each child as if they were their own. They have a fun learning environment for the kids and communicate with parents daily according to each child’s specific needs and development. Any concerns that my wife and I had before enrollment at School for Amazing Kids, Pelham have quickly been erased due to the outstanding care and professionalism of the staff.

— James Evans
My little guy comes home each day begging to continue circle time…

A quality childcare experience is one that should not be taken for granted. My two-year-old attends School for Amazing Kids, Pelham and we could not be happier with our experience. As an educator myself, I understand the importance of a strong curricular foundation, professional staff, and genuine care for students. I cannot say enough about the curricular/instruction aspect provided by the School for Amazing Kids. My little guy comes home each day begging to continue circle time , the directed instruction piece. It is so refreshing to know that his school has provided him with the impetus for life-long learning. He loves to work through the alphabet and his numbers without being prompted to do so. I am so glad that we were able to find a place that is committed to providing pupils with a strong foundation for formal education. Customer service is a big priority for me. Whether it is at the store, or my son’s day-care, I have a high expectation. The staff at the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham has never let me down in this regard. Each day as I, or my wife, pick our son up there is a friendly, smiling face greeting us. They know us by name and treat us like family. I really like that the sign in/out procedure is electronic. This adds an element of security that I have not experienced before. The biometric sign-in is a great feature. As an educator, I have always said that I can get teachers all the tools they need to be successful in the classroom but I cannot make them care about kids. This is an innate quality that all staff at School for Amazing Kids, Pelham possess. I am very proud that my son has such a wonderful school to attend each day. While we are working, his mother and I, do not have to worry about whether or not our child is in good hands. I would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Pelham to anyone with small children without hesitation.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Pelham Dad on 5/7/13
I love that they get excellent care on a great budget.…

When I think about quality child care, one of the first things that come to mind is that I don’t want to have to sacrifice good care for my child(ren) at the sake of cost. And I was so happy when I realized that would not be the case at School for Amazing Kids, Calera! My children and I love the daycare employees, and I love that they get excellent care on a great budget.  Their prices are so reasonable, and this is the only daycare I have ever been in contact with that offers a military discount to families! That is AMAZING!

But also with quality care, that is cost-reasonable, I worried about location. School for Amazing Kids, Calera’s location is great for parents who commute because it is right off the interstate. It is very easy to drop off my child and get right on the interstate to commute to work in the mornings. How great that they support our troops in that way! As a military family, we couldn’t appreciate that more!

— Erica A.
We could not be more pleased…

When we were house hunting earlier this year, one of our criteria was the proximity to your facility. When the parents want to keep their child at your school enough to buy a house in close proximity, you should know you have a good center. We could not be more pleased and thank you so much for the care you provide.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly Mom
They have developed academically…

I really like the School for Amazing Kids located in Calera. The school is super accessible and conveniently located for parents that have to work. It is a very good value for the money that you pay and what you get out of it. My wife and I are paying less here for my two children to go to this school where they LEARN than our previous childcare arrangements. Best of all they have a full school schedule. What I mean by that is I don’t have to take off from work to watch my kids because they are closed.

On top of ALL that value the school is great because of what my children have learned and how they have developed academically. I know they will be ready for the next step. The staff is great, my kids and myself enjoy all the teachers; especially Mr. Jonathan.

— Kevin
This school does truly live up to its name!…

This school does truly live up to its name! It is absolutely amazing. My son has attended here since 2017, and the care he has received has been incredible. His teachers from previous classes still come and check on him. I honestly don’t ever worry about him during the day, and I know he is being loved on while I have to work. I would honestly be lost without this daycare! My son tells me all of the time, “ thank you for sending me to school today.” He’s 3!! The staff and directors are pretty amazing too!

— Bethany