What a year we had, one of the very best!

What a year we had, one of the very best!

I remember Bailey peeking through your door on the first day of class, she was so nervous. When she finally went in, she was immediately overwhelmed when all of the kids rushed up to her. You were holding her when I left, both of you had on pink.

As I sat in my car that morning, I bowed my head and prayed for a good day and good year for her. She has come so far. Bailey has confidence today that she never had before your class… How grateful am I that Bailey got to experience preschool with you! I know that you love her, but you still push her. I know that you get tired of listening to little voices, but you still heard her. I know that you get weak, but you still carried her. These are the reasons that she is ready for kindergarten.

The ABC’s, the 123s, and songs to sing are pretty fantastic too, but it’s the little things that shape the heart of a five year old. I thank you for dishing out the yellow days, it made her a kinder friend. I’m not ready for all of this to end, but she is. She’s ready to go to kindergarten, to play softball with the big girls, and to have her very own lunch account number. Bailey is ready for all the things that she sees Jake doing, who am I to hold her back.

I will let go of her little hand this fall, she’ll get on the bus and she will thrive! I know this because she is ready, because she comes from The School for Amazing Kids!

Much Love,

Jennifer Holderfield