This daycare is PHENOMINAL!!!

This daycare is PHENOMENAL!!!  They take each and every child in as their own! The teachers love and get to know the children in all of the classes!! Tina Logan is the director and Dana Noe is the co-director they both greet me with a smile every day! They make courtesy calls to the parents if they suspect that anything is wrong with your child or if they just think they need to hear mommy/ daddy say “I love you!” I think it is awesome that the staff gets to know the children on a personal level so that they are able to tell if the child is acting out of the ordinary. The staff is awesome they treat my child like she is their own. She loves her teachers and is so excited to see them every day.  She loves to go outside and they even celebrated her birthday in her classroom. One moment I can remember that made heart melt, and assured me that I was in the right place was when her teachers and classmates all signed a birthday card for her. They took the initiative to sign a card and get it to her before we left for vacation. It was in that moment that I knew that School for Amazing Kids, Helena was the place for us!