The social skills they pick up from school are unbelievable.

I would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera to anyone! They are awesome. The level of care and learning is unreal at this school. Both of my daughters have attendedSchool for Amazing Kids. When my 10 year old was 3 we had to find a daycare that equaled up to the care she received from her grandparents for 3 years. After searching and meeting we found School for Amazing Kids, Calera and everything to do with them stood out to us. They treat each kid for their own needs not as a whole but really focus on each one of them.School for Amazing Kids has been apart of my family for 7 years now and this year is bitter sweet cause its my youngest last year. Through all the years both of my girls have gotten up in the morning and wanted to go to school.

‘The stuff both of them have learned over the years is very impressive. They come home and talk about and go over all the stuff they have learned that day in school. They don’t only teach your children book smarts but manners and how you are expected to act in public. The social skills they pick up from school are unbelievable. They get that from the other kids but a lot from their teachers. The staff everyone of them are so nice and let you know that they care for your kids and you can feel it as soon as you walk in. If you come to daycare with a frown on your face I promise you will leave with a smile knowing and seeing how your kid is taken care of and how much fun they are having .