She has Absolutely Thrived in their Care

I consider myself to be a very thorough and detailed critic of childcare centers as I worked in a center throughout college, so am intimately aware of the criteria and parameters required by a center and feel confident my child is receiving good care at School for Amazing Kids, Calera. She has been enrolled since she was three months old (now 16 months) and has absolutely thrived in their care. Her development is consistently above average, I believe, in large part too, the structure she receives and the positive learning environment she is exposed to with the other children and teachers.

Most encouraging, however, is her excitement to go to school. I find it extremely comforting as a parent to see her happy and excited to see her teachers and friends, and not frightened or upset to be left. She spends such a majority of her time through the week with them that should I not feel 100% confident in their abilities I would be unable to leave my child in their care – thus this is a glowing endorsement of their capabilities and our appreciation for all the employees at the center as well.