SFAK is so much more than a daycare.

I love SFAK, Helena! I have a 2 and 5 year old that go there. IT is wonderful to not have to worry about whether or not my kids are learning and being taken care of. I had always heard horror stories of employees at daycare mistreating children or at the very least not paying attention to them and sitting them in front of a tv. None of that applies to SFAK. They are truly the best. SFAK is so much more than a daycare. The students learn with hands-on activities and use technology to enhance their learning experience. They are taught respect for adults and peers as well as how to share and have patience. The staff is extremely easy to talk to and get ahold of with any possible concerns. The facilities are so clean that I don’t worry about my children constantly being sick or catching something. I am so happy with my decision to send my children here!