My Boys Have Enjoyed Going to School Each Day

I have to say that knowing that my boys have enjoyed going to “school” each day makes it much easier for me.School for Amazing Kids, Helena has been a great place for them to go on a day to day basis. They have become well known around the daycare with teachers that are not even theirs. It makes me feel confident, as a mother, knowing they have so many looking out for and teaching them.

I would like to particularly thank Mrs. Sharon and Miss Nicole for dealing with my little one as he transitioned through his tough times as an infant. You two are the BEST, and Colsen still LOVES you both! Now, he gets to give Miss Jamie a run for her money! Chase is just friends with everyone, and he loves everyone there, and they LOVE him too! I appreciate all that everyone does for us and our boys! AND the DATE NIGHTS are the BOMB!

Thanks to Ms. Tina and Mr. Case and everyone there.