More than just a Child Care Facility, it’s a Child Loving Facility

School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is just awesome. My first child was there for years before he started Kindergarten. When I put my second child in School for Amazing Kids, Pelham, it was such a refreshing experience walking in and seeing the same faces from when we left almost 2 years before.

I checked around at the different childcare facilities, and the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is by far the cleanest and has wonderful Christian staff members. The check-in-and-out policy is secure, and everyone there is always very helpful and informal about what kind of day my little guy had. He would always cry when we pulled up to the childcare facility prior to School for Amazing Kids, Pelham, but now he runs to our door to leave when we get his shoes on him in the mornings. Now, he never wants to leave when I get there to pick him up. He loves it and his teachers are always busy working on their development, with songs, rhymes, and fun hands-on activities!

I can honestly say that School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is more than just a child care facility, it’s a child loving facility that is very good at caring for my child! I couldn’t ask for better child care!!”