We LOVE SFAK, Helena!!!

We LOVE SFAK, Helena!!! My daughter is 5 years old and my son is 2 years old. SFAK, Helena is the only childcare facility that they have ever attended, and is more than enough to prepare them for “big kids school.” I am amazed at how quickly my daughter has picked up the curriculum from her Pre-K class. She comes home spelling words out to me, doing simple addition, and even reading. Consistency Matters! What I love most about SFAK, Helena is that mot of the teachers are long standing. The same wonderful teachers that have loved and taught my daughter are now teaching my son. The facility is not new, but they do a great job keeping it clean and sanitary, and have made aesthetic improvements over the years. The infant room is a little small, but as soon as those little ones need more room to roam, they have a secondary infant room with plenty of space for them to be mobile. My kids are stimulated daily and get plenty of exercise. There is a lot that can be said about the staff at SFAK, Helena. I feel like they know our little family so well and genuinely care for our kids. My son has allergies and his needs and my concerns are always really easy to communicate to them. They, in return, are also very good at communicating my children’s progress or needs. As good as our experience of having our kids at SFAK for the past 5 years has been, I do not hesitate to recommend this school ton anyone looking for quality care and education for their little ones.