I love sending my two boys here.

The Calera location for School for Amazing Kids is awesome. I love sending my two boys here. The hours are great (latest pickup is at 6:30pm) for my wife and I as we both work full time. My oldest will always run to his class and my youngest who is spoiled will ask for his teacher to hold him when he gets there. My boys have lots of friends there and enjoy learning. If they have ever had an issue with another classmate it has been resolved or been a non issue to begin with. I always feel safe dropping my sons off. The school is in a very convenient location to us and is very economical for the value/cost in comparison to similar facilities in the area. I am also excited that usually once a month they do a parents night out so we get to do a date night without having to find a sitter. I definitely would recommend you sending your children there and my boys would love to be friends with your kids.