…for the first time, I felt at ease… I could drive away and actually breathe!…

When my daughter was born I thought the best care for her would be me. Unfortunately, I could not afford to stay home with her and had to work. I struggled to find someone that would care for her at an in home daycare and finally found someone that I thought would be a perfect situation. As a new mother, I was under the impression that an in-home day care would provide more one on one time with my daughter than a larger facility. Even though they are regulated by DHR like larger facilities, my experience has been that they are simply not as good. In-home daycare has as many as 6 children and the ages range from 6 weeks to school age children. As a new mother, I had no idea that would be as detrimental as I found it to be. Trust me – it is much better for the child when he or she gets to play age appropriately with other children his or her age! You also have to understand that the in-home facilities generally don’t have a “backup” person. When the caregiver is ill, or must be away, there is no one else available to look after your child.

After a couple of months, my husband and I decided that we would look into a larger daycare and we found School for Amazing Kids, Helena. We immediately found the owners very loving and with their experience we felt like it was the perfect fit. The day my daughter started and I dropped her off for the first time, I felt at ease… I could drive away and actually breathe!

We all worry. I guess most of us think about our children lots of minutes of every day. When you can drop your precious baby off into the loving arms of someone who loves on them like they are their own, it’s such a blessing.

My daughter will be 2 the end of summer 2006 and she has loved going to School for Amazing Kids, Helena and absolutely loves her teachers. They play out side, color and have lots of one on one time, too.

I would highly recommend anyone to consider School for Amazing Kids, Helena for their child care. You won’t be sorry!