I Don’t Worry During the Day and When I Pick Him up He’s Still Happy

When it came time for us to find a daycare for B** after him being with my grandmother for a year and a half we were nervous. When we did a drop in on School for Amazing Kids, Helena we were comfortable and knew we had found the daycare. B** didn’t talk much, but after a few weeks he was talking and had even learned sign language.

B** does not like change at all and when it comes time to changing classrooms it’s an easy adjustment for him and us. In the mornings, I know I’m leaving him in great hands and I don’t worry during the day and when I pick him up he’s still happy. It takes a lot of pressure off of us to not have to worry and know that he’s being taken care of and being loved as if he’s with family.

Thank you, School for Amazing Kids, Helena for making our lives easier!