I appreciate your attention to detail and doing things “right.”

We LOVE School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly.  I appreciate your attention to detail and doing things “right.”  I also appreciate that you and LaToya genuinely want to ensure that our children are well taken care of and loved well while we are away.  We love Mrs. Yvonne.  She gives attention to detail in MB’s day like none other.  MB is always happy and well-loved in her care.  I am always amazed that MB is ready to go right when I get there in the afternoons because Yvonne knows our routine like the back of her hand.  She coordinates MB’s day in a way that helps our family enjoy our evenings together.  This is such a blessing.  Even more, she loves our FAMILY well.  Just this week, she took it upon herself to go above and BEYOND the call of duty to love MB (and our family) well through a simple act of kindness.  You would be hard-pressed to find a teacher who cares for babies–and their parents–in a more detail-oriented, compassionate way than Mrs. Yvonne.  We love Kendriya.  I would be in a MESS if she weren’t S******’s teacher.  She is the reason S****** has “turned a corner” and begun having a more positive attitude about returning to school this week.  He asks when Ms. Kendriya will be there and looks forward to playing with her.  Kendriya says that Yvonne spoils MB, but if the truth is told, she spoils S****** in a way that makes him feel special and loved.  Helping a three year old manage a routine, learn new steps in a routine (like potty training!!!), engage a curriculum of new concepts and ideas–all while having fun!–is no small task.  Kendriya does it with finesse.  Our family wants you to know that we appreciate all of you for loving us well.