Each day brings new exciting things

There are SO many reasons why we love School for Amazing Kids, Calera with the number one being that my daughter loves being there! She is so excited ever Tuesday to get ready for swim day and on Wednesday’s to visit the Kona Truck. She loves that each day brings new exciting things for her when she walks into the door of daycare. I as a parent love that the teachers want to get to know more about the kids outside of daycare. They do this by planning “Show and Tell” days or bring your favorite stuffed animal, Sunglasses day, and many other themed days were the kids can express their individuality with their friends. My daughter has some of the best of friends at School for Amazing Kids. She wakes up on the weekends wanting to see and play with them. It is so heartwarming to know that there are such good people at the School for Amazing Kids, Calera.