Caring Staff

It is a very hard and even an emotional time when a parent drops their child off for daycare for the very first time and this was definitely the feeling I had when I had to finally go back to work after spending 9 wonderful weeks with my newborn; but I will say that taking her School for Amazing Kids, Calera made that transition just a little more easier than it would normally be. I remember the first day, her lead teacher, Crystal, welcomed us with a very warm greeting and immediately took my daughter for a first time bonding moment. At that moment, I knew I had made the right choice in child care for my daughter.

The staff is so friendly and they speak every time you see one of them, even if they are not the teacher of your child. They really love on the children and it reflects heavily with my daughter when I can drop her off with no hesitation from her. She happily goes to the teachers and I feel like they really care for her and her well-being. They are as well caring of the parents, by offering conversation every time you are in their presence. This is the kind of relationship that you want when you entrust your child with a child care facility for more hours than they are at home with you.  This was the most important thing to me when I was looking for child care and I know I found it in School for Amazing Kids, Calera.