At 21 months my daughter knows her alphabets…

My daughter has been going to School for Amazing Kids, Pelham for almost 2 years and from 6 weeks old until now and I have gotten a daily report that tells me what and how much she ate, how many dirty diapers she had and a daily activity. They also give a weekly menu so you know what the kids will have the following week.

At 21 months my daughter knows her alphabets and can recognize them in words and also counts to 10. The curriculum is age appropriate in each class she has moved to and the teaching reinforces what we teach her at home. The child to teacher ratio is better than any other place I visited and the administration is always willing to address any concerns I have immediately.

I wanted to write a review on this site because of the one other review that I saw listed that was posted in 2012 but I’m sure people are still reading it and I wanted to give a review of my experience from 2014 to current. I have never taken the time to give a review but I read them before I make decision to go to a movie, restaurant, hotel, buy a product and most of all when I was looking for a childcare facility. Reviews are important to me when I shop around but I never take the time to give a review good or bad. School for Amazing Kids, Pelham cares enough to offer an incentive program to encourage parents to write reviews so that it helps parents like I was have something to use to help determine if they want to come and visit the center for more information or not. They ask us to be honest and the incentive is not based on what we write but to show that they appreciate their parents for taking the time to write a review. In my case as much as I love the care my baby gets I would have never taken the time to write a review but I always take the time to read them.