I am 100% satisfied with this daycare

My experience at this daycare has been the most positive experience. This daycare is always very clean and smells very fresh. I feel the the student to teacher ratio is great, classes aren’t overly packed and each child gets the attention the need from a teacher. The play ground is always well maintained and all play equipment is in good working conditions. The breakfast and lunch at this daycare are always health and well balanced. I love the fact that all teachers and staff have had a very thorough back ground check and extensive training in order to teach at this daycare. My son has been at this school for a year now and he has learned so much in his time here. He has also learned to be on a routine because of the way the his teacher has the students day planned out. I highly recommend this daycare/school to any parent that wants their child to be in a daycare that is set up like a school. I am 100% satisfied with this daycare could not ask for a better place for my son.