Proprietary Learn-At-Play Preschool Curriculum in AL

happy kids engagingThe preschool curriculum your child experiences during their earliest learning adventures helps prepare them for elementary school and beyond. At School for Amazing Kids, we drew on more than 40 years of experience to develop our proprietary preschool curriculum, called Learn-At-Play™. We combine all the fun of playing with friends with opportunities for children to learn valuable skills, including those centered on communication and language. We can’t wait to help your child start their own learning adventure!

How Learn-At-Play Enables Learning

Our Learn-At-Play preschool curriculum is customized by age group so we can foster advanced learning no matter the child’s age. We use brain development research to help design our activities, which encourage children to work interdependently. This fosters social awareness and acceptance from an early age and enhances the learning experience. We also wrap in additional learning tools, including Handwriting Without Tears™, Saxon Math™ and Frog Street Press™, to encourage additional skills acquisition.

Preschool Curriculum Excellence

Small children are active and learn best in hands-on environments. At School for Amazing Kids, we recognize this and provide preschool curriculum excellence by ensuring that children have ongoing opportunities every day to experiment with new skills and move between various activities. We also encourage the development of fine motor skills through creative activities as well as outside games and play that help in the formation of sports skills. In fact, we are so invested in the value of outside activity that, unless impacted by weather, we spend time outside with our students every single school day.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Visit

We’d love to meet you and your child and discuss how we can help them learn and grow here at School for Amazing Kids. Contact us today to schedule your visit, where we can show you our classrooms and outdoor facilities and discuss how our proprietary preschool curriculum can get your child off to a great educational start. Our five Alabama locations accept children from infants through pre-K — it’s never too early or too late to start your child’s learning adventure.