What Parents are Saying about the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham

“My son is only one and a half right now, but I’ve already seen so much progress…”…

— Rebecca Thomas
“Her vocabulary has expanded immensely…”…

— Jamie Easton
Truly a light to “School for Amazing Kids”……

I know you are not really the mushy type however I cant let this day go by without telling the BEST BOSS I have had for three years!!!! Taminika Spruel Reed. AKA ” Tami” a HAPPY BIRTHDAY…..over the course of these 3 years we have been each other back up singers, Back up dancers, Praying Partners. You have been a counselor to me , truly a light to “School for Amazing Kids”…I have seen you work effortless to make sure all 30 + of your employees are happy and comfortable in our work environment daily…You go beyond your job description , you go above the average management standards that is required…It is VERY RARE that I have people that I look up to and actually value their opinion and you are in that number!! I cant thank you enough I cant speak for anyone else I only can speak for myself and I want to say thank you , thank you for being apart of my three years. I pray that this new season is full of love and success I pray God takes you places you never dream of.

— Alicia C.
I am very happy with the care my daughter receives……

I am very happy with the care my daughter receives from the teachers and the administration’s quick response my simple request or concerns. They provide a clean and safe environment for my daughter to learn and grow. As with every school or business there is always room to improve and they welcome any feedback so that they can ensure my child receives the care I desire each day.

— A Citysearch review
I love this day care……

I love this day care., a sido una experiencia preciosa ver y experimentar como estan aprendiendo mis hijos, siempre es algo nuevo y divertido,. muchas de las ceses siento que aprendo con ellos,. todas las personas en este lugar son tan amables y serviciales, siempre recibiéndonos y despidiendonos con una gran sonrisa,. simple y sencillamente inmejorable,. me encanta la manera como nos tratan.

— Raul T.
Each teacher she has had has been wonderful……

As with most parents you want a place that is clean, safe and one that has a good curriculum that will provide your child with the tools needed and to have a great foundation preparing them for school. I also wanted a loving environment and I found that here. My daughter is has been going here since she was 6 weeks and is now almost 2 years old. Each teacher she has had has been wonderful with her and she loves them. For example when I picked her up today she passed 4 teachers and ran to each one for a hug on her way out and that’s more important to me than anything. I can teach her at home but I want her to feel loved and cared for when I leave each morning and she knows she is in good hands.

— A YP review
We love all the extras……

My 4 year old twins have been at School for Amazing Kids, Pelham for 2 years now. I can’t think of one thing that was negative at this school. The staff is great and my kids love them and are loved by them. It is amazing at the things they have already learned at 3. We love all the extras that are a part of this daycare as well. They have a parents night out once a month. We love that we get to go on a date without having to pay a babysitter. They have classes like ballet as well as programs for music and sports. They have fun things like a Sweetheart Banquet, PJ day, water day, fall festivals and the Kona ice truck in the summer. The learning that happens there is amazing. At 3 years old my twins knew which was right and left, how to spell several colors and their name. They were able to write letters and much more. Wouldn’t change anything about or experience at this daycare.

— A YP review
Overall, the daycare gets an A in my book!…

My son has been attending School for Amazing Kids, Pelham for 2 years now and we absolutely love it. The moment we entered the door, we knew this was the place for us. The staff were friendly and made us feel very welcome.

I don’t have anything negative to say about the daycare; however, the only critique I would give is giving the parents a passcode to enter the classroom areas. When I first had my son, the company I worked for offered transition care for the first 6 months of me returning to work and the facility’s entrance was also secured with a passcode. The only people provided with a passcode were the staff and parents. It was really convenient as if I wanted to stop by and check on my son, I could enter the classroom at any time. I find it to be sometimes a major inconvenience when we have to wait up front for the door to be answered. There are times when I ring the doorbell and it’s not heard so I end up waiting until a staff member walks into the lobby. This can be a little irritating when caught in the hustle of bustle of trying to get to work in the mornings. I don’t understand why parents aren’t allowed the passcode to enter. Additionally, my son’s former transitional care facility would change the passcode every few months and would distribute the new passcode to the parents.

Lastly, I think it’ll be cool to receive a monthly or quarterly newsletter of “What’s Happening” with the school. Including a calendar would also be helpful. This not only would cut down on resources, but it’ll help us stay informed of school news and/or events much easier. For the most part, I throw paper away. If we received an email of events, upcoming parties, etc. It definitely would streamline communication and keep us better informed of happenings at Pelham.

Overall, the daycare gets an A in my book!

— Millicent L.
At 21 months my daughter knows her alphabets……

My daughter has been going to School for Amazing Kids, Pelham for almost 2 years and from 6 weeks old until now and I have gotten a daily report that tells me what and how much she ate, how many dirty diapers she had and a daily activity. They also give a weekly menu so you know what the kids will have the following week.

At 21 months my daughter knows her alphabets and can recognize them in words and also counts to 10. The curriculum is age appropriate in each class she has moved to and the teaching reinforces what we teach her at home. The child to teacher ratio is better than any other place I visited and the administration is always willing to address any concerns I have immediately.

I wanted to write a review on this site because of the one other review that I saw listed that was posted in 2012 but I’m sure people are still reading it and I wanted to give a review of my experience from 2014 to current. I have never taken the time to give a review but I read them before I make decision to go to a movie, restaurant, hotel, buy a product and most of all when I was looking for a childcare facility. Reviews are important to me when I shop around but I never take the time to give a review good or bad. School for Amazing Kids, Pelham cares enough to offer an incentive program to encourage parents to write reviews so that it helps parents like I was have something to use to help determine if they want to come and visit the center for more information or not. They ask us to be honest and the incentive is not based on what we write but to show that they appreciate their parents for taking the time to write a review. In my case as much as I love the care my baby gets I would have never taken the time to write a review but I always take the time to read them.

— Dell R.
My kid’s love all their teachers……

We love School for Amazing Kids, Pelham.  We have 4 year old twins that love to go there.  They even ask if they can go on Saturday and Sunday.  I hear co-workers that talk about issues with their daycare, and I haven’t had to deal with any of that. They have great extras, too.  I love the free parent’s night out once a month.  My kid’s love all their teachers and I have never heard them say a negative thing about a single teacher. My kids love the water day in the summer and Kona Ice. School for Amazing Kids, Pelham was the best decision I ever made.

— A Yelp review