School For Amazing Kids Daycare

two toddlers in daycareQuality preschool and childcare is important for the modern family on the go. More than just a place for your children to stay when work requires your attention, it’s also a crucial part of their preparation for kindergarten and for life. School for Amazing Kids is a daycare group founded to serve that role while providing a fun, safe and engaging blend of play and learning for your children.

Preschool Is An Important Experience For Children

Children are active learners beginning even before they utter their first words. They’re keenly sensitive to the joys of image building and don’t differentiate between learning and playing. A childcare program built with this in mind can make a major difference in their development. We say that the “love of learning starts here” and we mean it!

Preschool is a major step in a child’s life — a time when children get their first introduction to the fundamentals of academic learning. Pre-K programs provide an early introduction to reading and writing, and they’re often a child’s first exposure to math, music and science. Just as importantly, they often represent a child’s first opportunities to develop social skills outside the familiar surroundings of home.

High-Quality Daycare Provides Crucial Support For Children’s Learning

There are many ways to approach this stage of development. Some of the most proven, respected approaches focus on social play to help build empathy, communication skills and the ability to work with groups. These approaches foster and value creativity and provide energetic enthusiastic outside play. School for Amazing Kids provides a community atmosphere and joyful instruction calibrated to your children’s learning needs. Children with access to this kind of early learning acquire not just independence, but interdependence: the critical ability to value and respect others, appreciate diversity and learn from different perspectives.

Enroll Your Child Today And See The Difference

Kindergarten teachers love to work with children who graduate from our programs. With over 35­ years’ experience in early childhood education and five facilities, our focus is on excellence and on preparing kids not just for kindergarten but for life. The results speak for themselves. Visit one of our schools and see our philosophy in action, or contact us online and enroll your child in daycare at the School for Amazing Kids.