What Parents are Saying about the School for Amazing Kids, Helena

I Never Cease to be Amazed…

I was a stay home mom with my daughter and went back to work this year. I researched long and hard in choosing a childcare center for her. From the moment I visited School for Amazing Kids, Helena for the first time, I was impressed. The staff was so friendly from day one, making me feel as though they would love my child and be more for my child than just “daycare”. The thematic units help prepare her for kindergarten, the centers and learning through play have been excellent for her and the social and behavioral skills she has learned to prepare for kindergarten – and life – have been precious and invaluable.

I never cease to be amazed at the many ways Tina, Ashley, Ms. Sunny, Mr. Ryan and Ms. Jessica go over and above to make her days happy ones. The many extras my child receives, such as special outside community programs, computer lessons, and handwriting skills are all things that make School for Amazing Kids, Helena top notch. The Christian principles instilled in my child, the prayers and Biblical concepts she has learned are also helping shape her character and the positive approach to behavior is excellent.

As I leave her in the hands of my friends at the School for Amazing Kids each day, I feel sure that she will be well-cared for and happy. I also know that she is learning and growing and happy – which has made my days of going back to work MUCH happier ones.

— Charnita S.
You’re Helping Shape Our Future…

First let me say thank you for everything! It brings me comfort to know that I can bring my children to your care and KNOW they will be well cared for. There are many people who wonder what their purpose is in life. They make $100,000 a year wearing nice clothes but still wonder about their purpose. You guys have a purpose! You’re living it! You’re helping shape our future! Thank you for being such a huge part in our lives.

— Misty L.
We Have Never Regretted the Decision…

About a year and a half ago, my oldest son Ta** broke his leg and was confined to a wheelchair. The daycare that he was attending at the time told me that they could not accommodate his needs. I immediately called School for Amazing Kids, Helena and Cindy did not hesitate for one second. Fortunately, there was an opening for both of my children. We have never regretted the decision to move our children to the School for Amazing Kids.

I was a little worried about the “Learn at Play” curriculum because the daycare that my children came from had a more structured learning environment. I quickly discovered there was no reason to worry; children really do learn while they are doing fun activities. Ta** was more than ready for kindergarten last fall and is now more than ready to begin 1st grade. Tu** is in the Tropics and talks about Ms. Michelle non-stop, but he can’t wait to be in the Ocean with Ms. Angela. Thank you School for Amazing Kids, Helena for taking great care of my boys!

— Shaun Knight
I Get to Go to School on Monday…

We transferred B** to School for Amazing Kids, Helena from another day care center when he was about 14 months old. It turned out to be the best decision we could have made for him. Our only regret was that he didn’t get to attend School for Amazing Kids from the very beginning.

B** loves all his classes. He talks about his teachers as if they are part of our family, and in a way he’s right! His teachers go out of their way to make us feel like B** is as special to them as he is to us. B** says it best every Sunday when he announces enthusiastically, “I get to go to day school on Monday!”

I am grateful every day that we made the decision to change toSchool for Amazing Kids, Helena.

— Melissa and Kevin A.
They Absolutely LOVE My Child…

I love School for Amazing Kids, Helena because L**’s teachers treat him like he is one of their own! They are such a blessing because they absolutely LOVE my child, which makes it possible for me to go to work! When L** was an infant, I felt like I was taking him to grandma’s house because this daycare feels like HOME. School for Amazing Kids, Helena allows kids to be “kids.” When I pick up L**, I know that he has played outside, learned a new song, had a hug and has learned about God.

Favorite Song: “Peanut Sitting on a Railroad Track.” L** has sung it so much that we all sing it at home!

Favorite Time: The IRON BOWL football game! L**’s class had an AU/UA football day! Despite the fact that Luke “chose” to play for the Tide when we are AVID Tiger fans, it was so much fun to watch! It WAS hilarious to see fifteen two-year-olds running around the field!

Favorite Story: Let’s count to ten! L** counted to ten for us…we were impressed and then all of a sudden, we heard uno, dos, tres…coming from our two-year old’s mouth! We have a two-year-old counting in English and in Spanish because of School for Amazing Kids!

To all the teachers in the POND (including Ms. Janet) thanks for all you do! You minister to our family each day!

— The Stringers
Peace of Mind Each Day…

The superb care that my children receive at School for Amazing Kids, Helena gives my husband and me peace of mind each day. We enrolled our daughter in 2003 and have since had two boys who have attended from infancy to the present. We appreciate the Learn at Play curriculum and know that our children are learning more than just letters and numbers.

My oldest will start Kindergarten soon and is more than ready to conquer the world! He’s gained so much from all of his teachers throughout the years! They’ve provided all of the love, comfort and guidance that we can’t give our children during the day. We love School for Amazing Kids, Helena and we sing your praises whenever friends inquire about our daycare.

— M. and D. Sullivan
…for the first time, I felt at ease… I could drive away and actually breathe!……

When my daughter was born I thought the best care for her would be me. Unfortunately, I could not afford to stay home with her and had to work. I struggled to find someone that would care for her at an in home daycare and finally found someone that I thought would be a perfect situation. As a new mother, I was under the impression that an in-home day care would provide more one on one time with my daughter than a larger facility. Even though they are regulated by DHR like larger facilities, my experience has been that they are simply not as good. In-home daycare has as many as 6 children and the ages range from 6 weeks to school age children. As a new mother, I had no idea that would be as detrimental as I found it to be. Trust me – it is much better for the child when he or she gets to play age appropriately with other children his or her age! You also have to understand that the in-home facilities generally don’t have a “backup” person. When the caregiver is ill, or must be away, there is no one else available to look after your child.

After a couple of months, my husband and I decided that we would look into a larger daycare and we found School for Amazing Kids, Helena. We immediately found the owners very loving and with their experience we felt like it was the perfect fit. The day my daughter started and I dropped her off for the first time, I felt at ease… I could drive away and actually breathe!

We all worry. I guess most of us think about our children lots of minutes of every day. When you can drop your precious baby off into the loving arms of someone who loves on them like they are their own, it’s such a blessing.

My daughter will be 2 the end of summer 2006 and she has loved going to School for Amazing Kids, Helena and absolutely loves her teachers. They play out side, color and have lots of one on one time, too.

I would highly recommend anyone to consider School for Amazing Kids, Helena for their child care. You won’t be sorry!

— Elizabeth Stogner
I Checked with Every Local Day Care…

C** has been with School for Amazing Kids, Helena for almost a year now. Before her birth, I checked with every local day care within a 10-mile radius of Helena and did not feel as comfortable as I did when I walked into the School for Amazing Kids.

The cleanliness, the safety, and the staff, all made me feel like I had walked into the right place.

C** was early, a 4 pound 12-ounce preemie, that made things even more nerve-wracking for us. But once I took her to School for Amazing Kids the first time just to visit and talk with her teachers, I knew everything would be fine. They had dealt with preemie’s who needed to be held 24/7 and would only snack all day long instead of taking a full bottle at a time.

C** also wasn’t taking naps during she day, but her teachers found the perfect side to side swing that was just the soothing comfort C** needed and she started napping. I would have never been able to figure that one out without them.

As the months went by her teachers have done an excellent job of teaching C**. I am the only mother I know that had a 4-month-old who could eat from a spoon in a matter of days!

There were no problems getting her to try solids at all, thanks to the School for Amazing Kids. Now at one-year-old, she loves the sippy cup that she was introduced to at the school almost as much as her bottle! Weaning her from the bottle is going to be a breeze thanks to School for Amazing Kids, Helena.

When C** wouldn’t roll over and refused to be on her stomach for more than 10 seconds, it was her teachers at the School for Amazing Kids who worked with her every day until she got it.

I think the most important thing that lets us know that School for Amazing Kids, Helena is the right place for C** is that she loves it. In the mornings, she will reach out for Miss Donna, Miss Marcy, or Miss Brooke. In the afternoons, if we sneak a peek at her for a few minutes before she sees us, we get to see her being rocked, watching her favorite DVD, or playing happily with her toys and the other babies.

— Lisa B.
School for Amazing Kids, Helena has been a Fantastic Experience…

School for Amazing Kids, Helena has been a fantastic experience for my daughters. It felt great to know that my children were with teachers that sincerely cared about them. Thank you for opening School for Amazing Kids, Helena several years ago. The girls and I will miss you!

— Elizebeth S.
It’s Like Family…

I just want to express how much my children love School for Amazing Kids, Helena. T** will be beginning kindergarten soon and that makes me happy and sad. Happy for T**, but I am saddened to know that he will be leaving such a wonderful group of teachers. All the teachers are so personal with each child that I think this will make a difference as many of the kids begin school this year.

We have been blessed to meet such wonderful teachers & parents thru-out the years at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. It’s like family! Keep up the good work! J** will be there 2 more years. Thank you for all you do.

— Tina W.