Farewell Pelham….For Now

Bob Kuehner

Chief Servant & Storyteller

By Bob Kuehner

After 16 years of serving Pelham families, our Pelham location will be closing its doors on November 12, 2021. I know this comes as a shock and I wish that this wasn’t the case. However, the property owners decided to sell the building and were unwilling to renew our lease.

When we realized that there was a possibility of this happening, we took drastic steps at our other four schools to increase capacity so that we could offer alternative childcare options for as many families as possible at Weatherly, Dearing Downs, Helena and Calera. I’m happy to say that the majority of AK Pelham families are still part of our Amazing Family!

In addition to doing our best to ensure children and families were transferred to a nearby Amazing Kids location, it was also critical for us to take care of all of our staff.  I’m pleased to share that all of our teachers and leaders all have a home at one of the other schools.

We’ve worked hard over the years to ensure the AK standard of care is upheld in all of our locations. Curriculum, class schedules and parent communication is standard at all AK schools. Parents will receive the same level of excellent care, nurture, development and service no matter which Amazing Kids location their child attends.

As for our Pelham school, it’s not the walls of the building that have made it such an incredible place. Every child, every parent, and every staff member has made AK Pelham what it is—a home away from home for children and families, a community of supportive, life-long friends for staff and essentially an Amazing Family for all.

A lot of folks have walked through our doors over the last 16 years. We’ve watched babies become teenagers,  we’ve seen teachers move on to successful teaching careers in our local communities, and watched staff members grow from taking care of babies in our infant classrooms to leading the charge as school directors.

It’s been an honor and a privilege to be a significant part of so many lives. In this time of change it’s comforting to know that the spirit of the AK Pelham community will continue to shape the lives of everyone who was a part of it.

So this November, we say farewell…for now. We’re continuing to look for another space in Pelham that could accommodate 170+ playful kids and teachers!

Stay tuned….