Family Matters Most

School for Amazing Kids, Family Matters Most
Chris Oldenburg

Area Director

By Chris Oldenburg

Spending quality time with your kids is one of the best things you can do for them.

Kids who have strong, nurturing relationships with their parents and family members build a positive sense of self-worth, develop a sense of closeness with their families and feel more settled and secure. This togetherness as a family can lead to healthier life choices in adolescence and adulthood and even have an impact on a child’s physical health throughout his/her lifetime.

Carving out time isn’t easy and though it takes some thoughtful planning, it’s well worth the effort. It not only benefits your child but it’s got some perks for you too. Even if you can only spend 15-30 minutes of quality time with your child a day, you have the chance to develop a deep, lasting connection and also connect with the inner child that still lives inside of you.

Putting everything aside for just a few minutes to spend with your kids can draw you into their world of imagination and wonder. Simply put, it can make you feel like a kid again! And don’t we all need that from time to time!

If that’s not enough, children who spend quality time with their parents often:

  • Have a better chance of developing happy and content relationships with others.
  • Learn to regulate emotions under stress and in difficult situations.
  • Exhibit optimistic and confident social behaviors.
  • Show better social and academic skills.
  • Show healthy social, emotional, cognitive, and motivational development.
  • Gain strong problem-solving skills.

National Family Day

National Family Day is September 28 and School for Amazing Kids is joining the Alabama Family Rights Association and several other organizations throughout our state to celebrate not just for a day but for an entire week.

For the week of September 27 – October 3, School for Amazing Kids will promote family activities and encourage parents to think outside the box and connect with their kiddos in new and exciting ways.

More details will be announced soon, including a photo contest and some fun, valuable prizes. Stay tuned!