The Benefits of Handwriting Without Tears™

The Handwriting Without Tears preschool program is beloved the world over for its ability to remind teachers and students that the written word can be a delight. That’s why we’ve adopted the program as part of our curriculum at School for Amazing Kids. When learning is this enjoyable, everybody wins.

child practicing handwritingHandwriting Without Tears Preschool Program

Recent studies link the practice of writing by hand to improved creative writing and fine motor skills. Elementary school students who are taught the art of handwriting are faster and more prolific than those who type, too. It’s with that research in mind that the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum was created.

The Program In Action

There are a number reasons why Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) is such a success for kids in grades K-5.

  • It embraces a multi sensory approach to learning, encouraging hands-on participation
  • It uses an innovative letter order and style that’s appropriate for elementary development stages and promotes easy learning for both print and cursive lettering
  • Lessons are designed to connect with other subjects such as math, social studies and science
  • Workbooks include intuitive activities presented in a simple, straightforward manner with room for personalization and creativity
  • Activities are crafted to foster legibility and proper letter placement on any style of lined paper
  • Teachers have access to guided assessments and instructional plans, so they can implement HWT with ease

The Results: What Educators Think

We’ve witnessed first hand the impressive strides children make thanks to the HWT program. From increased confidence to freer expression to improved test scores, productivity and overall academic performance, our little stars do better thanks to this stress-free training.

Perhaps our educators say it best:

“My teachers are loving Handwriting Without Tears. Today, a kindergarten teacher told me that when her students come to school, they beg to do penmanship!”
Stephanie Youngerman, Educational Services Supervisor – Language Arts

“Using Handwriting Without Tears®, our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children meet higher standards for letter recognition, correct letter formation and directionality.”
Judy Walker, Principal, Central Elementary School, Stephenville, TX

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The right curriculum teaches kids that learning isn’t just easy, it can also be fun. Give your kids an educational edge with Handwriting Without Tears and other cutting-edge programs offered at the School for Amazing Kids. Schedule your tour to meet our talented instructors and see our incredible facility in person.

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