Parents Night Out


April 15, 2016    
6:45 pm - 10:45 pm

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We will be celebrating our Monthly one of a kind Parents Night Out. We strongly encourage all of our wonderful parents to be sure to take full advantage of this free service as our gift to you! Parents Night Out is always a lot of fun for not just the kid’s but the staff as well.  At PNO we play all kinds of fun games and do some really cool crafts, all while our parents get to enjoy a night out for a special “Date night” or even use it to just rest up! (This comes in handy for our parents who have just been blessed with new baby arrivals). The kids can even make it a PJ party and wear their favorite PJs and bring in their favorite movie to share! So this you DEFINITELY don’t want to miss out on! So be sure to sign up with a Director, bring the little ones in with a quick dinner and enjoy your night while leaving the rest up to us!!