Measuring Milestones in Children Ages 1 – 5

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Lauren Vogel

Director of Marketing & Communications

By Lauren Vogel

The first few years of your child’s life are full of excitement and discovery–for the both of you! As your child progresses through the first five years, it’s important to pay attention to several developmental milestones. Milestones follow predictable courses in children and help parents, teachers and doctors recognize potential developmental delays.

At School for Amazing Kids™, every child is screened with our Ready for Life Assessment multiple times a year to ensure that your child is on track. While our teachers and directors are trained to be hyper-aware of these milestones, parents know their children best. It’s important for all of a child’s caregivers to be aware of age appropriate behaviors and significant developmental milestones as the child ages.

Developmental Milestones in children aged 1 – 5

Early identification of areas where children need additional learning or focus can help reduce the risk of more significant delays down the road. Oftentimes, the child may simply need to spend extra time on fine motor skills or more time playing outside. Other times, language therapy, physical therapy or occupational therapy can help children get back on track.

The CDC offers information on each significant stage of development for children ages 1 – 5. This information is incredibly useful as your child learns and grows. The CDC recommends familiarizing yourself with developmental milestones and talking with your pediatrician if you have any concerns.

In addition, the directors and teachers at all School for Amazing Kids™ locations are trained to pay special attention to these developmental markers and are happy to help as well. For more information about the School for Amazing Kids’s™ Ready for Life Assessment that measures milestones, please speak with a school director.

For more information on CDC recommendations, visit this link for a downloadable version of Milestone Moments.