What Parents are Saying about the School for Amazing Kids, Calera

School for Amazing Kids, Calera is a learning center, not a day care.…

School for Amazing Kids, Calera Child Care is the best center in Calera or the Birmingham area to send your child. The staff is amazing and the curriculum is top notch. Anybody can watch your child for you . However, School for Amazing Kids is a learning center, not a day care. This is one of many reasons why they are the best. Our son is in the 2 year old class and we have been quite impressed with “circle time”. It is very structured but fun for the kids. This is done daily in his class. He has been attending the center for one month. After a week he came home and counted to 15 for us. It is so exciting to watch your child develop before your eyes . While we love everything about School for Amazing Kids, Calera, the curriculum ranks towards the top.

— Taylor C.
The atmosphere is amazing they make you feel so welcome.…

This is the best child care facility in Calera, AL in my opinion my child has grown to love the kids and the staff. The facility is very clean and neat and actually looks like a school. The atmosphere is amazing they make you feel so welcome. They provide a very nutritious meals which includes breakfast, lunch and snack so you don’t have to worry about providing any meals. Another important part about that is that it doesn’t cost any extra just for the meal that is all included in the tuition. The curriculum that they are teaching I feel is awesome to help your child adjust to school. My two year old has learned so much in the past 5 weeks that I was amazed. All the hard work and dedication that those teachers put into their jobs really shows when you interact with your child on a daily basis.

— Olivia A.
I love that they get excellent care on a great budget.…

When I think about quality child care, one of the first things that come to mind is that I don’t want to have to sacrifice good care for my child(ren) at the sake of cost. And I was so happy when I realized that would not be the case at School for Amazing Kids, Calera! My children and I love the daycare employees, and I love that they get excellent care on a great budget.  Their prices are so reasonable, and this is the only daycare I have ever been in contact with that offers a military discount to families! That is AMAZING!

But also with quality care, that is cost-reasonable, I worried about location. School for Amazing Kids, Calera’s location is great for parents who commute because it is right off the interstate. It is very easy to drop off my child and get right on the interstate to commute to work in the mornings. How great that they support our troops in that way! As a military family, we couldn’t appreciate that more!

— Erica A.
Katie Dixon on School for Amazing Kids, Calera, Alabama…

“They do a great job teaching my kids things I didn’t think a 4 year old would know!”

— Katie Dixon
Our child can’t wait to get to “school” every morning.…

We absolutely love School for Amazing Kids, Calera!  The staff and teachers that work there are awesome and they always have a smile on their face!  They are great with the children and our child can’t wait to get to “school” every morning.  We also like the fun, seasonal activities that the School for Amazing Kids provides for both the children and the parents.  These activities allow for the parents of the children to get together, to meet and talk to the teachers and for the children to have an awesome time playing!  We highly recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera Child Care if you are new to the area!

— Todd M.
The social skills they pick up from school are unbelievable.…

I would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera to anyone! They are awesome. The level of care and learning is unreal at this school. Both of my daughters have attendedSchool for Amazing Kids. When my 10 year old was 3 we had to find a daycare that equaled up to the care she received from her grandparents for 3 years. After searching and meeting we found School for Amazing Kids, Calera and everything to do with them stood out to us. They treat each kid for their own needs not as a whole but really focus on each one of them.School for Amazing Kids has been apart of my family for 7 years now and this year is bitter sweet cause its my youngest last year. Through all the years both of my girls have gotten up in the morning and wanted to go to school.

‘The stuff both of them have learned over the years is very impressive. They come home and talk about and go over all the stuff they have learned that day in school. They don’t only teach your children book smarts but manners and how you are expected to act in public. The social skills they pick up from school are unbelievable. They get that from the other kids but a lot from their teachers. The staff everyone of them are so nice and let you know that they care for your kids and you can feel it as soon as you walk in. If you come to daycare with a frown on your face I promise you will leave with a smile knowing and seeing how your kid is taken care of and how much fun they are having .

— Robert B.
When my son recently joined our family, there was no question where he would go.…

Our first child started with School for Amazing Kids, Calera when she was 9 months old.  I was a new mom and was not excited about leaving my child with strangers for 10 hours a day.  In addition, my family is not religious, and I’m an atheist, so I was trying to find a secular daycare in my area was next to impossible.  We looked at multiple facilities and ultimately settled on School for Amazing Kids, Calera. 

While I’m not keen about the religious instruction (biblical stories and praying at meals), the facility is always clean and the teachers are well mannered, and trained in early childhood development.   The facilities are kept up-to-date with new equipment and decor.  The directors are always happy to listen to my latest worry or concern about my daughter, her behavior, or the latest news of the day.  Parents are allowed to visit for meals and their adoption of a “parent’s night out” is a treat my husband and I look forward to each month.

My daughter is now 3 and the teachers understand when to introduce structured discipline.  My husband and I have started using the same techniques at home so that my daughter can have consistency and a better understanding of what’s right and wrong.  When my son recently joined our family, there was no question where he would go.

We have had incidents in the past of biting, falls, sickness, etc. and the staff were always prompt in notifying me and informing me of any additional needs they have.  I am completely at ease with my kids being in their care and know that they love them as much as I do.

I would like to see more teachers in the classrooms, but they are following DHR guidelines for adult/child ratios.  However, I understand what that would mean for tuition rates.

My daughter is well cared for, well mannered, well educated, and well socialized (as a 3 year old can be).  And for that, I’m willing to put up with some minor annoyances about religion from time to time.

— Brooke O.
School for Amazing Kids, Calera was a blessing!!…

My family moved to Calera in October 2014.  I had my son in a daycare in Hoover before the move. I had planned on keeping him enrolled there since it was convenient to my work.  However, that school decided to close its doors without any notice on November 11, 2014.   Anytime you have to search for a new child care center it is nerve racking, especially when you had no time to prepare.  I, like many parents went by the school only to find a signs showing the center was closed and multiple signs from other child care center offering waived enrolling fees.  This is where School for Amazing Kids, Calera became a part of our lives.

I first contacted School for Amazing Kids in November 2014 to see if they have any opening for my son’s age group.  Thank God they did!!   With the help of Mrs. LaToya I had my son enrolled with no issue.  She was very thorough with the enrollment process and the school tour.  At first sight you can typically tell if a child care center is good.  This center is always spotless, it does NOT have that nasty daycare smell (some of you know what that means).  They have an excellent security system as well as a daily check in/out system.  I LOVE the fact that they will not accept any cash payment!  Hands down, they have an excellent directing staff.

Now, let’s talk about the teachers.  I think the teachers at this center are wonderful.  They each have classroom schedules and they follow them.  Since my son has been enrolled, I have seen great improvement in his learning.  He is doing great with his color, number and even potty training.  Each holiday and birthday the classrooms have a party.  They also have a spotlight each week for the students.  I am very pleased with this center and would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera to anyone looking for good, quality care along with a clean center.

— Stevie K.
I would recommend this daycare to anyone.…

I absolutely love this daycare.  My child has been attending Morning Star since he was 2.  If I have ever had any issues they have always been very helpful and resolve the situation. I would recommend this daycare to anyone.

— Diana S.
My kindergartener is way ahead in his class and is currently reading on a 1st/2nd grade level.…

School for Amazing Kids, Calera is a wonderful daycare.  I have 1 boy that currently attends the School for Amazing Kids and one who left 4k in August to start Kindergarten.  The staff does a great job at not only teaching the children, but making it FUN!  Because of the wonderful staff in 4K, my kindergartener is way ahead in his class and is currently reading on a 1st/2nd grade level. I would and have recommended School for Amazing Kids, Calera to anyone who is looking for not just a daycare, but a preschool for their child.

— Abby J.