What Parents are Saying about the School for Amazing Kids, Calera

They also believe in God and the power of prayer.…

They really resonated there emphasis on community involvement and their belief in a strong faith when they had a Prayer Breakfast to pray for our community. That was a great thing for them to do to not only bring the parents and children on the school together, but to bring the community together as a whole. I love that my daughter goes to a child care facility that not only shows that they are proud and support the area in which they are located but that they also believe in God and the power of prayer.

I love that my daughter’s lead teacher was the one who headed this up and I love the commitment she had throughout. They even provided us with a great breakfast while we mingled with everyone there. It is important that children not only have a foundation for community support and Christian principles in their home, but just as well in their child care facility or school where they spend the majority of their time and I am so glad that my daughter attends a place just like that.

— Mrs. Underwood
Caring Staff…

It is a very hard and even an emotional time when a parent drops their child off for daycare for the very first time and this was definitely the feeling I had when I had to finally go back to work after spending 9 wonderful weeks with my newborn; but I will say that taking her School for Amazing Kids, Calera made that transition just a little more easier than it would normally be. I remember the first day, her lead teacher, Crystal, welcomed us with a very warm greeting and immediately took my daughter for a first time bonding moment. At that moment, I knew I had made the right choice in child care for my daughter.

The staff is so friendly and they speak every time you see one of them, even if they are not the teacher of your child. They really love on the children and it reflects heavily with my daughter when I can drop her off with no hesitation from her. She happily goes to the teachers and I feel like they really care for her and her well-being. They are as well caring of the parents, by offering conversation every time you are in their presence. This is the kind of relationship that you want when you entrust your child with a child care facility for more hours than they are at home with you.  This was the most important thing to me when I was looking for child care and I know I found it in School for Amazing Kids, Calera.

— RaNetta Underwood
Parent’s Night Out (PNO)…

What more can I say? I love that my daughter’s daycare offers this great amenity to parents FREE OF CHARGE. They realize the importance of adult time alone and they offer this for parents who might not otherwise have reliable child care for a date night. When we first heard of PNO, my husband and I were ecstatic that we had somewhere for not only our baby to go, but our oldest daughter to go as well. That’s right. They will even care for the siblings of the children who attend the daycare. All I have to do is make sure that my girls are bathed and feed and they will care for them from 6:45 pm until 10:30 pm which is plenty of time for a movie, dinner or even quiet time alone with your significant other or yourself.

I love that School for Amazing Kids, Calera has such caring teachers that they are willing to spend their Friday evening caring for my children. My oldest, who is 7, enjoys herself so much that she always asks when will the next PNO be. I love how when you drop your kids off they always say, “Have a great time” or “Enjoy yourselves”, it always makes me feel that they are more than happy to care for my daughters without any hesitation and I can always tell that they actually volunteered and were not forced to do it. Besides family, where else can you find reliable, fun and FREE child care for a much needed date night or alone time? Exactly, it doesn’t exist, but it does at School for Amazing Kids, Calera.

— RaNetta
“I never expected my 2 year old to ask me to draw a parallelogram…”…

— Kasey Baker
They offer a curriculum that will support the children’s growing mind……

When I was searching for a child care facility, before my daughter was born, there were several things that stood to me about School for Amazing Kids, Calera. First, the location was perfect. We are residents of Calera, AL and this was a very convenient location right off of I65, so I could drop my daughter off and get right back on the interstate to head to work. Once I actually took a tour of the school, I knew that much more that it was going to be perfect for little one. I liked how in the baby room, it is divided into 3 areas to assist with their growing needs. I also liked how they will assist you with potty training when that time comes with the little kiddie toilets that they have. They have a nice size and fun-filled playground once they become mobile.

Another thing that was very important in my selection process was the curriculum that they offered in the education of the children. They offer a curriculum that will support the children’s growing mind which in turn will prepare them even more for their transition to Kindergarten. I love the staff and how friendly they are and how much they actually care about the children. They offer various events and things for the kids to participate in. They even offer parent’s night out for FREE for parents who would like some alone time or date night with their significant other which is a plus in my books. This school is just an all-around child care facility and I would not want my daughter to be anywhere but here.

— Mrs. Underwood
Calera Sweetheart Ball 2016…
I never worry about my son’s being in good hands……

This location is well worth the price, and experience! I know my children are taken care of, learning, and growing surrounded by other children! I am more than satisfied with this facility! I love this center. The staff is very professional and caring. I never worry about my son’s being in good hands, because I know they always are. Everyone is engaged in making sure the children are learning, and it is evidenced by what they send home and display. The director is hands-on and approachable. I never feel like we are just a number here. If you are looking for a place to care for your child, and love them like their own, School for Amazing Kids, Calera is the place to be.

— Stephanie R.
I appreciate the awesome care that you all provide……

I just wanted to take some time out of my afternoon to let you know how much I appreciate the awesome care that you all provide. School for Amazing Kids, Calera staff is the best in my family’s eyes.  B***** has been enrolled for 3 years since we moved to Calera, and we have always had a positive experience.  He has learned so much! He enjoys school, which is the best feeling for a mother who has to work outside of the home.  Both he and M******* have formed bonds that can never be broken!

I just wanted you to know that we greatly appreciate the care and attention our children have received over the years, and I am so pleased that my child is enrolled at a facility that prioritizes excellence! Thank you for the work you do every day!

— The Arnold Family
Thank you to his awesome teachers and such a fun learning facility for my son!…

I absolutely LOVE this child care facility or should I say SCHOOL? I bounced my son around for a while from daycare to daycare and the “teachers” weren’t taking time with him, he wasn’t learning what he needed, wasn’t getting the attention he needed and I was about to throw my hands up until I found School for Amazing Kids, Calera. It is perfect, he gets up in the mornings ready to go see his friends and teachers ( which he never ever use to do ) and he actually had a struggle with his colors for a while and once he got into a classroom at the School for Amazing Kids with his amazing teachers he just stared coming home each day, learning something new and he was so excited and I am so proud of him he now comes home and knows his colors! So thank you to his awesome teachers and such a fun learning facility for my son!

— Katie Allen
My husband and I both feel like this is definitely the right choice……


I just wanted to thank you. Your staff was more than accommodating to our needs and questions during the tour. You have a very sweet staff here. We will be dropping off our application and deposit this afternoon. I am looking forward to our daughter starting, and the transition to your facility. As a mother, it is a hard decision to trust someone with your children, but my husband and I both feel like this is definitely the right choice for ****. I would love to meet you sometime. Please do not hesitate to call.  

Thank you, again

— Laura W